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  1. Its all about the park, the ownership and the neighbors. Some parks you will find have a bit of an "old boys club" going... A bit cliquey and if your not in the club, you won't last lol... I am in a park in Bruce county currently but prior to that was in Durham, Goderich/Kincadine area, and on Belwood lake as well. I've been around and seen a few... Some parks are more or less retirement homes lol... No kids anywhere and super strict on noise, fires out at 11pm kinda deal... If that's your thing ,more power to you. Also I think those are pretty easy to find... Some are just plain ridiculously expensive and just keep increasing/changing the rules.... The park I left 3 years ago (won't name names) was $2600 when I started + $80 for a seasonal launching fee and I was on a waiting list for a dock that would have cost me $120 more, and dogs were allowed. When I left that park after 4 years they wanted $4200 + $150 launching fee and $600 for a dock and dogs were only allowed on your site. We left on good terms but so did 25% of the park. Anyway, My challenge was finding a park that allowed dogs, had lots of kids for my children to play with, and i needed to find a park that had a "GOOD" sense of community with active ownership that understood and hung out with their neighbors. I was looking for owners and park residents who have a good sense of fun and humor whom understand its not only their park...its "ours"....so to speak. (Luckily there are still a few good ones out there) My suggestion is take some time and look around...not all parks are created equal, and what I like...you may not etc... I highly suggest you visit a few parks and stay for weekend or two to see what the place is like. Trailers can always be moved but its a pain, so do your research. I found a park adjacent to many fishing opportunities, docking available, sandy beaches, swimming pool, but more importantly...neighbors and owners I like and whom like me Good easy going ownership is not easy to find but it makes a big difference in how comfortable a place can be. Community is SOOO important...horseshoe tourneys, pot luck BBQ's, Fishing tournaments, and activities for the kids really breeds a sense of community and great neighbors. Nuff said
  2. I'd agree, I like perch pattern as well. At ice out I exlusively fish the top 10' of water, and seem to do well. It might just be my thoughts on the matter but I tend to find the active fish will come up for the bait.
  3. I made it home alive and with my Truck Snow depth was over a 16" in some area's but in the bush it was pretty consistant at about 12" I did make it there and back but not with out some adversity though lol... The Guy at princess auto sold me the wrong sized chains, and me being a dumb ass took him at his word and Didn' test them prior to leaving....so I got there, and attempted to put them on and realized I'd be going in without them. I did have a come along and a 40' tow strap but I didn't need them luckily. The Strait aways and small inclines were no problem, but I had to take a few runs at a several hills and one in particular that proved a bit hairy.... I had to come down a hill make a quick left then a quick right and then hammer down to get up a steep and "thin" incline...I didn't make it and the spinnign tires had my butt end slideing out. Which was a problem considering I had frozen swamp on either side of the hill. I made 4 runs before finally pulling over the top, but what a ride....I didn't have more then 10yards of strait road to gain enough speed to climb a steep 30 yard hill... I'm really glad I made it because there was no room to turn around and I don't think backing out up the hill I had just come down was an option Anyway, Long story made short...I have proper sized v-bar chains on the way for the next trip. Hopefully the snow pack stays light up there.
  4. This! Believe it or not, it works. Best way to warm your hands is to start off by getting them really cold. That gets the blood pumping to your digits, and they stay warm. BillM, on 08 Jan 2015 - 08:27 AM, said: I agree with this 100%... When I was a kid my dad used to say make a snow ball, or dip them in the water. All of the above works for me. But in truth I find if I tough it out...they come just "come back." its like and adjustment period or somthing??? Now that being said, I don't recommend just toughing it out if you're going numb. Thats a bad sign.
  5. Good to know So far I'm still planning to give her a whirl, with some chains, and a jack....I can use the jack regardless, so thats the plan.
  6. That come along is a great idea...I had been thinking about a winch but at $800 when its all said and done...I was not a fan. Lots of trees to pull off of, its 6kms of mature bush...mainly pine and Oak
  7. Thats helpful to see as I also have all seasons on my Silverado. I think my nervousness is there is not much room for error lol....no tow truck is comming to get me back there. The strait flat parts should be good, its the inclines that make me nervous. How much snow is that Wayne? Foot and half??
  8. I'm just looking for some feed back on tire chains. So my dilema is this... I have a camp, its remote and I have an easy 6km drive along an old logging road which we maintain reasonably well. Its a hard packed road with a lot of crushed stone and gravel... To put it bluntly in the summer if you drive slow you can take a 2 wheel drive car back there and you "might" bottom out or spin in a muddy spot on a bad day, but most times you'd get in unscathed. Most of the road is flat, and a bit windy but only 2 spots have much of an incline that would concern me. However I am most certainly NOT an off road junkie, and have ZERO experience with tire chains. So I am oblivious to how much or how little advantage they add to your traction in a 100% untouched snow on gravel situation. Right now with this mild winter, I know there is currently maybe 5cm of snow (if any) on the ground but between now and Saturday there may be 10-15cm on the bush road. I was thinking of making a trip in to the camp to drop off some supplies this saturday for an up comming Ice fishing trip I have planned at the end of January (assuming the ice comes lol...) I have no snow mobiles, and no ATV so we'll be walking back to the camp. I just thought while I have some free time next weekend...if its possible...it might not be a bad idea to run up next weekend and drop off all our gear so that when we hump it back in 3 weeks we're just walking our selves in with some bait, and grub....nice and light. Anyway... Its a long winded back story and the only real question I have is How much snow would you say is "to much snow" for full sized 4x4 truck with tire chains. My gut says 6" would be my comfort zone but then again I am a rookie here. Has anyone here ever done something like this? Can anyone enlighten me a bit Thanks!
  9. Very Jealous here...sitting on my hump waiting for ice sucks lol...
  10. zenon11, on 24 Dec 2014 - 10:22 AM, said: Ya,and a plane could fall on you out of the sky and kill you. Your point? Kids are losing out on everything we as young kids enjoyed. A kid could get hit by a car as well...lets just close the roads near any parks. Lets just blanket the city in bubble wrap while we're at it lol... So many things to protect our selves from, I think I might start sleeping with my helmet on
  11. I have been a volunteer with the city of Kitchener for 25 years, helping to maintain a community rink. I am still listed as a volunteer but I moved away from the neighborhood nearly 6 years ago but I still drop in from time to time when I visit my parents. See, my Father petitioned the city for the rights to do this rink when I was a kid and the neighborhood was just being built. It started as a patch of Grass in a feild next to a playground that My Dad (and I helped) flood with his own hose and water. He got his own boards and we'd put them up every November. A few years later the city gave us a shed with big high pressure hose and a heater. Then they tore up the grass and gave us a gravel lot, and they supplied the boards. Then a few years later they laid down an ashphault pad and a flood light. Thay even gave us nets make of welded pipes and chainlink fence. Then came an expense account...we got a snowblower, Shovels, and some newer larger flood lights, and Dad no longer had to pay for the gas and use his snowblower. Some basket ball nets went up for summer use and that park was the highlight of our neighborhood for many kids. My house was more like a community center lol... Between myself and my 4 brothers and our freinds I can safely say that at any given time there were enough skates, sticks and gloves stored in my basement to equip a full shinny game of 10-15 guys. Fast forward 20 years... A new neighbor 3 years ago complained about the Flood lights...it kept him up and he works mornings. (the light was timed to go off at 10:30pm but the city made us drop the light to go off at 8pm) Then it was another neighbor 2 years ago who complained the sound of pucks hitting the boards all day and it was an issue because this guy works nights....So the city removed the full size boards and left only the ankle breakers. We of course protested saying the boards keep the pucks in the rink, and removing them poses a danger to people walking by, including parked cars, and the full boards actully prevent falls and cushion impact....it fell on deaf ears and the next year a kid broke his leg on the small boards. There was also a passer by who got nailed with a puck in the leg as they walked by....just a bruise but there was a complaint. Several parked cars got dings from pucks gone astray...so the city installed Snow fencing near the road to stop stray pucks this year....if we ever get winter we'll see how that works. Bottom line, and the point I'm trying to make. all it takes is one or two bad apples to spoil the bunch. We had a successful rink that kids loved, and after a few changes the rink is hardly used as it used to be. It used to be like clock work. Young kids would play all day, and after dinner...the older kids and teens would be out plaing till 10:00-10:30....now its more of a recreational skate. No boards...no hockey, no hockey...less use. It is what it is. You would think the city might have their volunteers backs after 25 years. When a complaint like these come in maybe they could respond with... "its been here 20 years...you should have thought of that BEFORE you moved there." Or "We should punish the enitire community so you can sleep???...buy some ear plugs, and get a sun shade" Its Sad... Last year when the weather was perfect for almost 4 months of use...That rink was nearly empty every time I drove by. And for the record FreshTrax....my rink is on that list
  12. richyb, on 22 Dec 2014 - 10:33 PM, said: Yes. My impression is that there are less this year as well. You know I would have thought as well....they were reeeeeely skittish and I didn't see many early in the season. But that changed during my deer hunt this year. I could have clubbed a few lol... And the hares were out in force as well, I had to call my dogs off several times while driving for Bambi. We have fishers as well but what was noticably different this year...i saw next to no wolf and coyote sign. I'm not sure what drove them out, but I'm glad Great shot of your son though, the beginings of great family tradition right there
  13. The woman had stopped her car in the left-hand lane of a provincial highway in Candiac, south of Montreal, to help the ducks cross the road.... ya its dumb, but...the girl got out of the car, tried to catch the ducks...time passed...cars passed... Then wham the bike hit... Long story made short, she's at fault....but the guy riding the bike doing 129km on a 90km zone was also not paying attention. Had the car broken down and been there it would have had the same result. the only difference is she should not have stopped vs a break down which seh could not control
  14. if only the motor cycle had snow tires non of this would have happend
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