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  1. check the ones made by lucky strike...they work well too and they are in peterbourough
  2. its a fact they are in buckhorn lake as well as pigeon lake as well but as usual the ministry has to officially say it....some may remember about 10yrs ago i caught a pike in a haliburton lake where there was none i took pics and measurements and everything and because i did not keep the fish or take a scale sample they could not confirm...2yrs later they confirmed in a trap there was pike in the lake ....i said oh really i told you that years before...but yes they are in most kawartha lakes now and will keep spreading for sure and there have been confirmed catches of pike in sturgen lake as well as pigen too...
  3. thats awesome dave thanks for sharing ...if i do my navionics chip updates will that feature be there now?
  4. had a few beast cars...71 pontiac pariseiane as well as an 1988 oldsmobile broghm delta 88 big cars and they would pull just about anything also pulled a 16ft lund with a 1998 grand am...... lots of fun and got stuck at many boat ramps back in the day
  5. 2017 Lund 2075 pro v bass boat ... loaded with a 250pro xs merc
  6. awesome shootin man ...... some really big fish ......those buckets are tanks
  7. $1.16.9 in oakwood at the esso station just 7 min west of Lindsay got it for $1.06.9 yesterday
  8. I change mine at least once per year sometimes 2 times....imes
  9. gobies have been confirmed in chemong lake and sandy lake so you can bet they are pretty much everywhere in the trent by now or will be very shortly they are here to stay
  10. there is a nighttime ban on night time fishing in port hope on the ganny the police are strictly enforcing it and charging people also due to harbor contruction on the west pier its also closed signs are everywhere at the river stating all of this
  11. I found some good deals and got all new ned rig jigs and plastics plus some new xzone stuff...was also good to see people I have not seen for a while and for a while I was sitting with members of our bass club the Lindsay bassmaters also was chatting up with the guys from DT powersports about the new line of boats overall I thought it was a cool little show...
  12. on my bass boat I have the 112lb minn kota all linked up with both my front graphs helix 10's with DI and ipilot its insane and use it all the time I also have sidescan and what I can do with it and what I can see is amazing its a game changer for sure
  13. they are still actively looking for him I heard about it on the radio this morning they have also found several of his belongings but have not found him yet
  14. and he wasn't wearing a life jacket ...... again in this just keeps hapeneing
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