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  1. fishindevil

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    they are still actively looking for him I heard about it on the radio this morning they have also found several of his belongings but have not found him yet
  2. fishindevil

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    and he wasn't wearing a life jacket ...... again in this just keeps hapeneing
  3. a giant CROCK OF CRAP P3TA at it agin...... unreal eh
  4. fishindevil

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    been using seafom in all my boats and sleds for years never a problem.....and yes I only run premium fuel as well....
  5. fishindevil

    Camera found, looking for fisherman

    I heard they found him the owner of the camera.....
  6. fishindevil

    Well this isn't something you see every day ...

    problem is that its not a tiller.....lol
  7. fishindevil

    Yamaha Service recommendation please

    sorry they are in norland not kinmount
  8. fishindevil

    Yamaha Service recommendation please

    walsten marine in kinmount has serviced my Yamaha and they are great to deal with and I have never had a problem there...I recommend them for sure
  9. fishindevil

    Spring Walleyes....finally some open water fishing

    nice vid....and a great few hours on the water..... some nice eyes too......
  10. fishindevil

    Need help, Umbrella for the Boat

    wear the peoper UV clothing and its amazing ....the only way I can fish all those mega hot sunny days in the boat all day long....worth its weight in gold for sure...the umbrella option doesn't work very well and the clothing does
  11. fishindevil

    Sledding isn't over yet

    not too bad matt I just got back from Cochrane a few weeks ago so far this winter I have done 3,000km over 6,0000km in 2 winters...... lots of winter left yet just have to chase the snow
  12. fishindevil

    St. Petersburg Indy race

    yes there are also Canadian drivers in the pirlelli world challenge support race there like Daniel morad who got a pair of 3rd place finishes and a Canadian driver Hargrove as well....lots of awesome Canadian drivers doing great everywhere
  13. fishindevil

    BANG! That hurt.

    welcome back stranger.....hows things roy....
  14. fishindevil

    Catching big trout on small twigs

    nice vid man you had em dialed in for sure...for many years I used sticks and loved it.....congrats for putting that tank back.....cheers
  15. fishindevil

    Ice fishing yet on Chemong/Buckhorn/Pigeon lakes?

    lots of ice and lots of people already out fishing as well as snowmobiling on the various tri lakes just becareful of the usual bad areas like current