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  1. What if you get in an accident on the way to your 'essential' fishing trip? ICUs are almost full? What then? Its called a 'Stay at Home order' for a reason. Think of others, not yourself. Not an easy thing for us North Americans to do but its important. Fishing can wait a bit. The Lakes will still be there in a month. My boats back on axle stands till at least May 20th. I'm not happy about it but its the RIGHT THING TO DO. Try it.
  2. Bottom line, if you're in the queue, be ready to go! Get your boat ready OUT OF THE LINE, or if you're with a competent pardner then prepare in line. BUT don't make others wait! Oh, and learn to reverse your trailer SOMEWHERE ELSE besides the ramp!
  3. I bet hand cuffs and the back seat of an Niagara Regional Police cruiser would though!
  4. My 2005 Yamaha F90 has almost 2000 hours on it, runs great, always has. BUT, at about the 3 hour mark it was completely disassembled and rebuilt due to it pissing oil everywhere! What did I get for my trouble? $200 in Yama-bucks and a pissy attitude from the (owner) dealer! DON HYDE MARINE in Hagersville.
  5. I'm a Yamaha guy too but Mercury makes a great product as well. My main fishing buddy bought a Lund a few years ago with a 115 Merc and I love the exhaust sound....Much better than my 'sewing machine' Yamaha F90!
  6. Colour of bait least important part! Except maybe on LSC...lol
  7. 21-22 '' I wish people would just take a pic that doesn't show where their 'secret' spot is....(camera angle, boat direction...) I really hate those pics...
  8. Doctor Steven Cooke at Carlton U did a study on the pop on bleeding gills thing promoted by MCI member and Guide John Anderson. It showed no real benefits to doing it.
  9. A lot of people join Muskies Canada when they are new to Muskie fishing, not unlike myself 15 years ago. Its all part of the initial excitement of a new hobby! Many of them stay members, some of them don't...Just because you see an MCI sticker on a boat doesn't guarantee they are members...Or highly experienced. I HOPE any who are members for very long and actually interact with the club turn into good ambassadors and have all the right gear for safe handling/release, and promote these aspects of the sport in a friendly and courteous manner.
  10. I hate to see that as well. Especially with the sticker on the boat. What can you do though...'you can lead a horse to water...'
  11. So, Muskies Canada is a fishing club, they could not possibly make all people who join be excellent about their fishing handling...Its a 42 year old club that typically has 600-1000 members across 3 provinces...They try their best to educate, but there's no test to be a member. Pete has made comments on FB about the politics of Muskies Canada, based on very little real info. or experience, so be careful about inaccurate info.
  12. This place looks like they do great work, some good pics on their FB page. Unfortunately they are in Manitoba... www.allbrandsboatrepair.net
  13. Vent. Airflow is key, doesn't matter what kind of wood you use, if it can't dry it'll rot!
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