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  1. 'You people' all need a hobby. Ever heard of fishing?
  2. Looks like a Tiger to me, but the tail fins aren't round... Biologists will not id them just by the markings, but will count the pores on the under side of the jaw.
  3. Buffalo Harbor was a real hot spot in the 90s due to a warm water discharge that's no longer a factor, and I'm guessing some real good year classes. Googling Buffalo Harbor Musky will show you some incredible specimens with 50'' lengths and huge girths. Long Point Bay gets mentioned more and more...Anywhere there's good spawning water will attract Muskies, they usually arrive in fall and winter over, make love come spring time and then head out to the blue water to eat all summer long...
  4. Tape is a great trick, so is soapy water! Get a spray bottle, sunlight dish soap and water, don't spray where you want to caulk, AFTER laying the bead, spray it and your finger and tool it!
  5. Good thread, mine is OLD...Time to get a new one!
  6. Its an even longer drive from St. Catharines!
  7. I like to hold the smaller ones out sometimes for effect!
  8. Once or twice...Going Sat for first time this year!
  9. Great report, thanks for sharing. One of my favourite areas!
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