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  1. Sorry to hear that. Both mine are gone, 1st Mother's day without one...
  2. I agree Wayne! First vehicle I bought off a dealer there was some poor kid about to stick that plastic dealer sticker on the back...I told him not to, he said he had to, I told him he better not as it was now my truck! Poor lid looked like he was gonna cry...
  3. This is getting to me! I wanna go fishing! Getting to do a burnout in Wayne's roadrunner would help!
  4. Agreed! I quit smoking cigs at 21, started with Colts at around 33, quit them around age 38 the day my Mom was diagnosed with oral cancer. She beat that, went back to smoking a month after her surgery...Then last year 60 years of smoking got her....
  5. OI, I remember 'smoking dreams' after I quit, get used to them they last awhile. Keep up the fight, don't think about tomorrow just today don't give in! Its worth it to avoid an ugly painful premature death, what a dumb thing to pay for!!! I agree with you about a Cuomo in the White house, I didn't consider Chris, was thinking Andrew. He's a leader unlike the current guy...Sorry Art.
  6. I reiterate, using pseudo names for politicians is immature and stupid, shows a lack of intellect common in people who don't follow instructions well.
  7. Easy to sit on your computer chair and criticize these people....I don't envy any of them, tough time to be a 'Leader' And making up stupid names for people, pathetic, immature behavior!!!! Grow the F up!
  8. Thanks Art. I appreciate you reaching out. As I'm against political posts I shouldn't have contributed to it. My Bad. Everybody, stay healthy, wash your hands and Stay the Blazes home!
  9. And to the Trudeau bashers... Spending time with your immediate family that you live with is OK. That was his wife and 3 kids he was hanging out with!!!
  10. I am one of the people that pushed for a 'no politics' rule on here. That being said, pretty hard to discuss the current GLOBAL situation without politics coming into it. Art, I like you but I get a bit pissy about an American Moderator on a forum called ONTARIO fishing community coming down on Canadians that aren't happy with the leadership to our South. Frankly, since your current President took over, Canada (the best friend the US has ever had) has gotten treated like crap on numerous occasions!
  11. Compatibility! Gotta like the same kinda fishing, have stuff in common...
  12. 200 posts per day! Some people have too much time....That's ironic now...lol
  13. Sad news. I'm afraid we might lose more greats before this is over...
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