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Morning Commute


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Bumper to bumper out there I tell ya. :lol: School kids in one chopper going back and forth, hospital patients and employees in another. Air ambluance buzzing around too. Commercial planes Air Creebec and Thunder Air taking business folk, vacationers, and people south for Xmas shopping. De Beers privately flying their people and supplies back and forth from the Victor Project.


The skies can get hectic..... but at least were above the heavy Moosonee/Moose Factory smog. :lol:


How's the drive on the 401 these days. :D



Worked nights, so, pic is leaving Moosonee at 8am to head home to the island. Lots of ice down there.



Not soooo much ice in the main channel, collector lanes were jammed tight though.



Island ponds are solidifying. Scenery on the trip was OK I guess.



traffic was bad. Strangely, the sun on this trip was in my eyes no matter if I looked east, west or south. The ride was a nerve-racking, sky-raging, gonna-be-late push to get home that took about 5 minutes, and it really was wierd to me that the suns position was where it was in some of my photos. :huh:



Coming down to earth we managed to find a parking spot. Had to parallel park it between all the other vehicles. The pilot flipped some idiot the bird when the guy tried to cut into our spot. Even though I laughed about that, the morning commute can really be hard some days. :lol:

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:D :D :D


That's a great spin. Thanks for posting that. Spectacular shots.


Ohh and your 401 traffic report any time, any day:


"401 east lanes are barely moving from Pearson to beyond Yonge St, alternating core and collectors"

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Thanks Drew....needed some comic relief today!


My 20 foot commute to the shop was purdy dangerous this morning....ice on the back step and then damn near tripped over that darn bird that follows me around everyday. Thing has gotta be my dog reincarnated. :rolleyes:

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