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  1. It was great to finally connect in person and get some fish! I'l never forget those big muskies - thanks for making a dream come true, brother! I'll start growing the beard soon for next fall!
  2. @moosebunk, you have pretty much the same list as me! Maybe add Amazon (for arapaima), India (for mahseer), Australia (for GT from shore)
  3. I made it out yesterday and put in about 4 hours. Used almost every lure in the box including a bunch of different bucktails in all colours and saw no action. Switched to a glide bait (Magic Maker - Holoform Darter) and I missed a big one boatside within minutes as she hit right beside the canoe. I was in the right position for a figure eight sadly. Made a few more casts (same lure) at the boat launch before I left and hooked a small one, probably 32 inches but it came unbuttoned after a couple of headshakes. Don't forget to sharpen those hooks!
  4. here are a few more! Yesterday @ Stoco Lake, Tweed. There is usually a beach on the right side... Humber Bay Park West, Etobicoke boat launch late May Center Island, Toronto late May
  5. very cool! Which drone did you get?
  6. I use the Curado 301E regularly and love it. St Croix is always a safe bet, but if you want to keep the price low, Bass Pro musky rods are solid without breaking the bank. I've caught several tarpon my BPS musky rod and cast some fair size lures too. My go to musky rods are from Tackle Industries, but I'm not sure if they have a 2 piece.
  7. Nice report, man! I hope to do a Borger adventure one of these days!
  8. mepps

    Esox Soul

    Very impressive! Thats gotta be an extremely rare accomplishment!
  9. Mepps #5 FisherPete? Those lures lever catch anything!
  10. A beast for sure - I've read posts claiming it was from at least 5 different lakes. Many sources say its Lac Maggiore in Italy.
  11. I'm 35 I've spent the last 2 years really working hard on being healthy and trying to undo the damage caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. I've read a ton on the subject and found that everyone has their own ideas and someone elses solution wont always work for you. Spend a month at a time trying different things and see what works for your body and lifestyle. My biggest tip - drink as much water as you can! I aim for 3-4 litres a day and I feel more energetic and healthy than I ever have!
  12. Nicely done! I was hoping to hit LSC this year, but haven't been able to make it happen - good to see some solid muskie being caught!
  13. I hav ea few great muskie close-ups, will post soon! I can email hi-res if you are interested in any of these... close-up battle wounds little muskies are cool too
  14. I feel your pain brother, we had the same thing with the 2nd baby. WE tried all the 'tricks' here - but rum (dark) worked better than Scotch for some reason... Seriously though, as far as i'm concerned, there is no way to make a baby sleep (are boy is a savage) - I feel like those expensive sleep coaches 'work' because the child grows out of that habit - it will happen eventually with or without them. For us it was about 9 months of garbage sleep. the baby is now 1.5 and sleeps a solid 11-12 hours and gets himself back to sleep when he wakes up (90% of the time anyway). Wish I had a better answer!
  15. Nicely done! I've been dreaming of doing a trip like that for years!
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