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  1. Im pounding salt water here on the coast with my ontario gear just rinse it off going on 4 years now no issues i just spooled a muskie real for pollock fishing
  2. My Personel choice although i like the morning is couple hours before dusk when the sun is going down and it looks like the buildings are on fire in toronto (that of course is from a bronte perspective i use to go right to 75 feet and 45 down badda bing badda boom
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hear that picked up and left the GTA madness almost 3 years ago now and headed to the bottom of Nova Scotia took a hit on money and the ease of access to things but its all relative. I have a fantastic crew of guys in the shop that will walk through fire to get the job done I have no stress well not like at the airport that's for sure Traffic. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha none! I do miss you guys though, you know who you are ive been off social media except for news living low key and smelling the dasies I will post some updates shortly. Cheers Peter
  4. just sitting here closing up work orders and being assaulted I remember it like it was yesterday it broke me out of the old and led me down a path of enlightenment that's better
  5. just heading in on a beautiful east coast morning to fire the boiler up then home to pour some concrete you guys are all great I will have some cool reports coming Cheers peter MOTORHEAD RULES??
  6. 30 with 2 guys and gear
  7. Sorry I will write more later my Nephiew is selling my old boat this is a good deal for someone tell him Peter sent you https://www.kijiji.ca/v-powerboat-motorboat/hamilton/bass-boat/1348469621?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  8. 9EED075C-B185-4D62-8E3A-6FDAB3640DAF.jpeg
    Well just laid the the bird to rest And decided to keep a tally of significant events going forward ????? cheers peter
  9. Thanks Lew appreciate the response no natural gas here and propane could be an option would need to get a tank hooked up we will be looking at it this week and have been eyeballing generacs If you don’t mind can you message me what it cost you just the generator and the panel propane may be the way to go as a back up On another note Lew I hope all is well for you and your wife and that you are enjoying a well deserved retirement I wish you great health and happiness. Merry Christmas Lew!!! cheers peter
  10. Keep in mind guys I want to keep this around the $5000 mark just basics water pump water heater fridge possibly the heat pump and some lights as a way out the washing machine thanks
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