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  1. sorry bud, no such thing, only launches are at the south end, any roads near the north end are all tagged with the good old "no motorized vehicle access to these lakes....". onaping being one of them. welcome to the new northern ontario
  2. i was having all knids of light issues last year with my '06, i ended up tracing it to the fuel pump relay being badly corroded and damagged. the main wiring harness came to a "T" at the relay and from there seperating to ur rear lights. about 230$ part and 1 minute fix. unplug old one, unbolt it, plug in new one and rebolt, on my truck having it placed directly above the spare tire ends up being a perfect place for road salt to accumulate and wreak havoc prolly not ur issue but good to know
  3. stocked lakes, ice will be iffy on those lakes with the mild temperatures, a few huts out on local lakes right now but I'd say they're a little nuts, i've fallen thru moon on new years day one year but was driving my truck on a bigger local lake the day before, be prudent and check the ice i have friends who've been fishing the watershed/gogama/timmins area for about 3 weeks now
  4. loon, moon, george alaska or jonhsons, all just off the highway within walking distance of each other just north of cartier, specks, rainbows and if ur lucky a brown, but make sure that one is hush hush
  5. very nice, never fished for muskie so may be a dumb question but bare with me. What is the purpose of having the rods in the water like that? I guess you know you have a fish when you hear the drag peeling? thx
  6. first time i've seen it, he's passionate of what he speaks, some dont like that, it's what he's paid for so be it. The fact that he ends most of his segments the way he did in this one shows me what kind of guy he really is. IMO we need more people/segments on tv like this.
  7. i would say BOQ, do not, i repeat DO NOT head to northen ontario
  8. back trolling is the way to go for me, 14 footer with a 30hp yamaha, and if need be I throw it in neutral every once n awhile
  9. i used to prefer one pieces, but I would eventually turn them into 2 pieces, the pain has now made me stick to buying 2 pieces
  10. it still amazes me how low some people will go, hope you recover it
  11. usually buy a ticket every year, never won. don't really expect to either,
  12. I've had the pleasure of listening to the same debate at a well known "southern Ontario" university. It came down to pretty much a somewhat racist approach to sports. "I'm Canadian, so I cheer for the leafs" how that makes any sense is beyond me, but it is interesting. I myself am Canadian, born and raised in northern Ontario, There are photos of me around 2-3 years old with an oilers jersey. Why? I have no idea. My mother says it was because it was in the early Gretzky era and the jerseys were abundant n cheap. A few years later i got my first habs jersey. Why? I have no idea. But I've been a proud habs fan ever since. What boggles my mind the most is my mother hates hockey, and my father is a leafs fan. To say all Canadians have to cheer for Toronto, or any Canadian team for that matter is narrow minded. Plain and simple. I guess that comes from a Toronto is the be all and end all of Canada state of mind. Have fun down there. It's a game, quit over analyzing it and enjoy it for what it is.... a game.
  13. Well..... Barely any fish anyways, but tOns of people, at that low price of entry u should be able to get plenty of them willing to pony up if for nothing else then a good cause, i'll be working unfortunately. Hope you get a good turnout and a few fish are caught.
  14. little skeptical but ill be trying it, i'm with irishfield, i've had open fires on lakes and been checked by mnr and they didnt say anything, once i had brought a barrel out with me and then a different CO said to make sure i pick up the ashes that fall out.
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