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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hear that picked up and left the GTA madness almost 3 years ago now and headed to the bottom of Nova Scotia took a hit on money and the ease of access to things but its all relative. I have a fantastic crew of guys in the shop that will walk through fire to get the job done I have no stress well not like at the airport that's for sure Traffic. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha none! I do miss you guys though, you know who you are ive been off social media except for news living low key and smelling the dasies I will post some updates shortly. Cheers Peter
  2. just sitting here closing up work orders and being assaulted I remember it like it was yesterday it broke me out of the old and led me down a path of enlightenment that's better
  3. just heading in on a beautiful east coast morning to fire the boiler up then home to pour some concrete you guys are all great I will have some cool reports coming Cheers peter MOTORHEAD RULES??
  4. 30 with 2 guys and gear
  5. Sorry I will write more later my Nephiew is selling my old boat this is a good deal for someone tell him Peter sent you https://www.kijiji.ca/v-powerboat-motorboat/hamilton/bass-boat/1348469621?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. Well just laid the the bird to rest And decided to keep a tally of significant events going forward ????? cheers peter
  7. Thanks Lew appreciate the response no natural gas here and propane could be an option would need to get a tank hooked up we will be looking at it this week and have been eyeballing generacs If you don’t mind can you message me what it cost you just the generator and the panel propane may be the way to go as a back up On another note Lew I hope all is well for you and your wife and that you are enjoying a well deserved retirement I wish you great health and happiness. Merry Christmas Lew!!! cheers peter
  8. Keep in mind guys I want to keep this around the $5000 mark just basics water pump water heater fridge possibly the heat pump and some lights as a way out the washing machine thanks
  9. All good Brian certainly has us thinking of a generator back up I have a welder generator but it’s dirty power the fridge runs in waves leave it up long enough to cool down some more and not enough unf for the water pump having to hand bomb water all in all it could’ve worse so a good 5000+ watt Honda generator and switch will be going in very quickly to power necessaries http://outagemap.nspower.ca/external/default.html power is down across Nova Scotia looks like we will be down till Wednesday dinner time any body that wants to pipe in on generator back up feel free I’m way open to suggestions like I said I will be moving on this very quickly cheers peter brian if I put them on the line I’d be looking for them mid Atlantic someplace
  10. Evening all was going to post in what are you listening to but it’s a bit more then that to that end up until 1500 i was listening to Bruce Dickinson’s solo works for years I have tried to obtain the albums 6 in all I have heard all the music but trying to get the vinyl was difficult at best received all 6 albums in a rereleased box set they are all on 800 gram vynil and all their art glory just an outstanding catalogue of music anyway the power went out around 1500 mid stream on cooking the turkey looks like a late dinner they don’t expect it to be up by 2000 fire place is going I got the generator on standby for the fridge and water pump as I type this my partner is doing doodle art by oil lamp light and I type this it has been blowing a 100km all day Will send some picks soon as the router comes up Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! cheers peter AC22658A-D4AD-451E-AB61-03944822EA8A.MOV
  11. How dumb is it really to be using a important food source for fuel i have never had a problem burning alcohol based fuels ever so I’m not sure what the issue is aside from your using an important food source
  12. See the sticks by the bourbon ... for my clothes line my house is bright yellow blue shutters white and I have a red barn
  13. I forgot anyone that “knows” District 34 produces the finest cold water lobster on the planet bar none!!!!
  14. Well I guess I will answer it this way there is a lot of money involved in every way you can think of “ tourneys that’s cute “. ? The Atlantic is powerful body of water. This fishery is in the dirtiest time of year in very cold water. CCG is a very strong force on the water and are highly skilled in this neck of the woods and in my opinion across Canada.This fishery pumps multi millions of dollars worth of business locally provincially and federally. The fisherman need to know that they are being gaurded. And really bottom line it’s what the CCG are paid to do. TOWARF Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force They are a community owned CCGA Teir 1 rescue unit on the western end of Lake Ontario The pace is great and NO I do not miss the 400 driving Cheers Peter
  15. to make sure everyone is safe not to guide them out
  16. That by the way is from our bedroom window
  17. Goooooog mmmoooring OFC i wrote this to the guys and girls at TOWARF and as I sent it I realized it was a fishing thing and would be good for you guys as well All is well on the east coast reall enjoying a slower pace of life and people lots of work to do on the house over the winter to make it ours As my alarm goes off at 0545 I wake to see Orion’s Belt from my window and the Erie glow of lights bobbing in a usually star filled inky black sky . Today is dumping day the start of lobstering season in district 34 in Nova Scotia . At 0600 the bobbing lights begin to move in single file a herc flies the line and it starts> Support by CCG IS OUTSTANDING. A herc 2 cormorants 3 fast boats and a couple large surface vessels will stand guard for these hearty men and boys who will toil in the cold Atlantic till spring to bring you the tasty little crawlers that are loved by many the world over> So as you are enjoying the warmth of your home and the security of flat ground give a shout out to these men and boys doing what they love and live for>> Cheers Tight lines peter
  18. As a matter of fact I'm making a chowder now fresh scallops lobster and haddock cook it all in the potato water some onions salt and pepper and a good wollop of buter and let simmer 10 mins before serving some coffee cream and bobs your uncle should last me all week at work it's always way better after it gets a night in the fridge bought a nice oatmeal bread from a women on the side of the road very friendly And my partner is now 40 mins away Fire in the stove and one ready to go outside LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!
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