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  1. Those are some real piggies. What time of year was that? When I fished for them in May, we targeted them in deep water. I've only seen them surface like that for Mayflies. Not sure about pickling them though ;P
  2. Thumbs up! Corn Husker's Lotion and Udder Balm are also really popular.
  3. Definitely check out Henry's, but if you want to order online from the USA B & H photo video is a good place. I've had a good experience with them and they are quite popular.
  4. Maybe there's a temporary fix until you get one from a salvage yard?
  5. I drop them off at the city run Enviro Depot. Take my batteries, smoke alarms, electronics, construction waste, leaves etc... there. As mentioned, some stores accept batteries and bulbs for recycling.
  6. Portrait of a killer right there, lol.
  7. I spent some time researching this a while back and here is what I've concluded. For a good quality knife you have to think more along the lines of a chef, not a sportsman. Wusthof, Henckels, Global, Shun are all good companies. http://www.wusthof.com/usa/Products/Global-Product-Detail-Page.jsp?/classic+ikon/fish+fillet+knives/7+inch+fillet+knife+4626/id-7510/ http://www.cutleryandmore.com/wusthof-ikon-blackwood/flexible-fillet-knife-p115832 http://www.wusthof.com/usa/Products/Global-Product-Detail-Page.jsp?/classic/fish+fillet+knives/fillet+knife+w/leather+sheath+4622/id-7866/ http://www.wusthof.com/usa/Products/Global-Product-Detail-Page.jsp?/grand+prix+ii/fish+fillet+knives/fillet+knife+w/leather+sheath+4625ws/id-7863/ http://www.wusthof.com/usa/Products/Global-Product-Detail-Page.jsp?/gourmet/fish+fillet+knives/fillet+knife+w/leather+sheath+4628ws/id-7868/ https://www.zwilling.ca/zwilling/knives-and-accessories/zwilling-kolorid/33103-201-zwilling-kolorid-filleting-knife-8-200-mm https://www.zwilling.ca/zwilling/knives-and-accessories/30723-183-twin-signature-filleting-knife-7-180-mm https://www.zwilling.ca/zwilling/knives-and-accessories/33013-181-twin-profection-filleting-knife-7-180-mm https://shun.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/classic-flexible-fillet-knife https://shun.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/classic-boning-fillet-knife Global G-30 and G-41 If you want a knife more geared towards the sportsman, there are still a lot of options. I suggest you just educate yourself on the various types of materials used and the measurements for quality - such as hardness, toughness and corrosion resistance. That will help out a lot in deciding whether a knife is of good quality or not. This site has some really good info and tables showing the qualities of various types of steel. Cutco is very popular, but if you do some research you'll find that a lot of people consider them inferior for the price they charge. Dexter makes some less expensive knives that also seem popular. I think the Dexters are popular because they are cheap and highly functional knives (sharp and easy to sharpen). So, they are widely used commercially. Mora (Sandvik 12C27 or 14C28N steel) is an inexpensive alternative. Grohmann looks good too as does Knives of Alaska and North Arm. The North Arm knife actually looks like a great choice (it's made with CPM S35VN steel, which is primo stuff). Found another decent knife made with CPM S35SVN steel, the Bark River Kalahari Sportsman. You can also get a model made with Bohler N661 steel, which they claim is better but I can't get much information about it. Cabela's also makes two really nice fillets knives. The Cabela's Alaskan Guide (CPM S30V steel) and the Cabela's Silver Stag D-2 Fillet Elk Stick Knife (D-2 steel). Those are both good quality knives. There are a lot of great custom solutions as well. You can find some excellent knife makers all over Canada and the USA. Beebe Knives Custom Cutlery Dozier Knives
  8. At least you caught some fish! The accuracy of all the MNR maps is questionable. That map might even be in metres. Half the time they don't note if the contour lines are in feet or metres.
  9. I am wondering what speed you need to hit to get those big #6,7,8 Colorado blades to spin. I suppose they do make Gang Trolls/Christmas Trees with similar sized blades, although I think they are not nearly as heavy.
  10. Owner are probably my favorite hook brand. I can't say that I've replaced any hooks on my musky baits though. They only make one larger treble that I am aware of, the Stinger 68 Trebles. They aren't cheap. I read that some guys use the double hooks as well. Not sure about single hooks, but there would be a lot more options if it worked.
  11. For $180 I will never know
  12. I used to go to the big Spring sale all the time. Some great door crasher items (and why I have a lot of crap I don't need!). I recall there was always a line up at the electronics counter. One year, the model advertised wasn't available and they replaced it with a model a tier above for the same price. It's not likely to happen again, but you never know. Personally, I'd call again because who knows if you talked to the correct person the first time. Not that I am defending BPS, but this happens all over these days.
  13. I fished Little Esson last year. We caught very few, but the ones I caught I used a small williams spoon as a flasher (no hook) and added a 12" or so leader with a small hook. I baited the hook with Berkley Gulp Nymphs or Alive Fry (can't remember sorry). You can also try slip floats with similar baits, that worked for me with Splake. We didn't move around as much as we should have and primarily fished the narrows leading into the western bay near the shore. Not saying that's a good spot though, because we didn't do that well. I'd probably try near the western side of the islands near the deeper water. There's also a nice looking hump in the middle of where all the cottages are on the north side that looks interesting. I'd like to hear how you do and how the ice is. We wanted to go back this year, but I wasn't sure about the ice conditions. I haven't gone out on the ice at all this season. Depth Map of Little Esson Lake
  14. I know some of you don't use Facebook, so I thought I'd share this slob of a Laker Frontier Lodge has posted. WOW!
  15. My natural gas went up $20/month just over a year ago too. Taxing on the carbon tax is a Bull move too, I hope they don't do that. At least they increased spending for healthcare.
  16. Looks like Bass Pro jumped the gun. Assuming they posted the correct images. Deep Version
  17. I have to find that cereal! I have had Ezekiel bread (good if you're on low carb), but never seen a cereal. Trip looks amazing! I LIKED and sent it off to all two of my friends to LIKE as well.
  18. What knot and how many turns? This type of wire doesn't need as many turns for knots like the clinch. I've only used the stuff from Tyger, which worked for me with a clinch knot. Although, I can't say I caught a trophy northern when I used it.
  19. I also wear the black ballet suit under my clothes, lol. Fleece pants, long sleeve shirt and and a fleece top over that. Most important are two pairs of socks. I wear one polyester pair and a really good quality Merino wool sock over that. Rarely have issues, and even if my feet get cold, I just walk around a bit and I am fine. I am rarely in a hut.
  20. For me, it's about access. I am not paying $15.00 for shipping. I was able to find X-Zone products all over, but the others...not so much. I'd buy them if I could find them and there are plenty out there being made. Although, looks like Anglers Choice products are in a lot of stores, I'll have to go and see if I can find them. I doubt it's too late at all if they maintained the same vendors. I even came across some Strike Zone slammers at the Boating show last weekend!
  21. Impaired after the accident == impaired before the accident. Probably covering their bases for whatever happens going forward.
  22. I am pretty sure it's a Chinese knock-off. Kastmasters are stamped with their name.
  23. Looks like an Acme Kastmaster or Luhr Jensen Mr.Champ with a flipper on it.
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