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  1. Very nice! Love fishing Lady E!
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Strike-King-Bodies-Pearl-5-Inch/dp/B000EZ0BUK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497806528&sr=8-1&keywords=strike%2Bking%2Bzulu&th=1&psc=1 https://www.fishusa.com/product/Strike-King-Redfish-Magic-Zulu-Baits http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Strike-King-ElazTech-Redfish-Magic-Zulu-Soft-Plastic-Jerkbait-Select-Color-s-/111963157995?var=&hash=item1a118635eb:m:mClAb68wxTla4e-_W-WrrXA
  3. X 10 If you troll, any flutter spoon should work. I like the Sutton Silver spoon, Lucky Strike Half Wave and Williams Wabler/Whitefish. I always wanted to try some drop shotting with Gulp. I am sure it will work.
  4. Throw them in the garbage, stop buying Gulp Alive and just buy regular Gulp !! That's what I did. I hate that stuff. I tried teflon tape on my Gulp Alive bottles, kinda worked for a while, but some leaked after time. Probably would have been a wise idea to redo the tape after the day of use. I didn't do that.
  5. Sure. A lot has to do with fishing style. I find that thin stuff knots easily and wraps around my rod tip way too often on spinning gear. Besides, 20lb braid is the same as 6lb mono in diameter. It's not like it's rope like 100lb braid!
  6. Personally, I don't like any braid <15lb test. Most of my spinning reels have 20lb test Powerpro on them. Anything else, especially the 8 stranded braids, is just too thin for me. I wouldn't use 20lb test on a size 1000 reel though. I was just at two CT's today and they had Powerpro at $18 to $19 for 150yards and PowerPro Superslick at $24 - 10lb to 50lb test. Grabbed a spool as a backup.
  7. For the hard lures, about $14CDN each total for the 19cm/7.5" ones shipped to my door. Exchange rate has been getting worse though, so probably about $15 now. Still cheaper than the $20+tax retail.
  8. For $20 a month I can buy several things that I know will work in colors that I like. If anything, those things are best as gifts or entertainment.
  9. Have a bunch I plan on trying very soon. Mostly the soft plastic ones, but have some hard lures too. Best prices for me were from the UK.
  10. http://wired2fish.scout.com/story/1623268-spinning-reel-line-management
  11. Somewhat related, but has anyone else been noticing a lot of promotion for Kast King braided line? I never used it, but I am thinking it is all shill promotion and the stuff is garbage. However, I don't actually know if that's true. Anyone know any different?
  12. Raven tackle is sold everywhere there are Steelheaders. Shouldn't be too hard to find locally. Otherwise, American Fishing Wire makes the Mighty Mini crane swivel. The smallest are the #14 and are 78lb test rating. I have some #12 and they are small, but not as small as the Ravens. P-Line makes some really tiny swivels too. The size 14 are tiny.
  13. Good stuff. I think there is definitely a gap that needs to be filled in that price range. Will have to check them out!
  14. Double-Uni. May switch to the FG knot once I get it to work, lol. Micro-swivel is good too, but I don't find it any easier or better than the double-uni.
  15. Fluorocarbon as a main line is horrible. Not worth the cost and headache - at least, that's my experience. There is nothing wrong with mono at all. Floating and stretching are important for a lot of fishing styles and not that much of disadvantage for most others. The advantage of a superline is no stretch = more sensitivity. If you fish jigs, shaky head, drop shot or other finesse methods, it might be an improvement for you. It also lasts longer. So, the up front added cost balances out and might end up being cheaper in the long run. That being said, the really thin diameter lines are a PITA if you ask me. I don't go below 15lb test braid on spinning gear. All braid I run to a fluorocarbon leader. That maintains the no stretch aspect and if I need to, I can break it. I've also use hybrid lines as leaders. Also, as someone else mentioned, if you need some stretch it's not a bad choice to stick with mono, which some do for trolling. It's mainly for the shock absorption, which allows a better hook set. I suppose you could use braid with a long mono leader as well. Mono to fluorocarbon. leader I don't really see any advantage. The whole "invisible under water" claim is bogus from the "research" articles I've read. Hybrid (fluoro coated mono) lines are not too bad. I like them, but they vary a lot and you'd have to experiment to find which one you like. The P-Line Floroclear wasn't too bad, but I didn't like the 5lb test. Yo-Zuri was decent too, but had some memory issues.
  16. I've fished the outflow from Van Poele into Kag in 2014 and it was some of the best fishing I've ever had. I caught a 40" pike there as well. It was the first week of July and the walleye were still migrating into the lake. That may not be the case when you go, as ice out was quite late in 2014 - third week of May. This year, it will be at first week of May Don't know much about Van Poele itself though, sorry.
  17. adempsey


    Don't know those lakes, but if they have splake or brookies, a slip bobber and worm near some brush works great.
  18. http://muskiebayricelake.com/ http://www.southviewcottages.com/ Don't know about rates any longer. It's been a while. Rates have gone stupid though. http://lovesicklakepark.ca/ - havent been but lots of kids and near the falls. they have some cottages
  19. It's exactly what you think it is.
  20. Try Dexter-Russell. They have all sorts of knives. http://www.dexterrussellcutlery.com/dexter-russell-sani-safe-3-1-4-clip-point-deboning-poultry-knife-11193-ep152hg/
  21. These ones are very popular for the big bucktails: Shimano Tranx Revo Toro Beast But they ain't cheap!! However, there are some more budget friendly options Daiwa Lexa 400 Okuma Komodo I am planning on either a Curado or the Komodo [maybe even the Lexa] for a big bait pike/light musky setup. Most likely the Curado, but the Komodo is a definite consideration. Just hate to shy away from Shimano. Price will guide me!
  22. Where did you score that? Good deal. Looking for a Curado 301E myself. Best price I've come across so far without too much digging is $279 including tax.
  23. Ya, well, that's definitely not the norm. It's more like the CEO driving up in his Porsche and telling the staff the profits are down so they have to have some forced days off and no pay raise this year. Good for you though. Nice to hear a positive story for once.
  24. I'd also suggest you check out Mike's Youtube channel. He has put up numerous outpost cabin tours. https://www.youtube.com/user/solopaddler4/search?query=tour In particular, the Slate Falls Outposts camps and the private cabin at North Caribou Camps are really nice. If you don't want to travel that far west, you can look into White River Air's Pickle and Shekak camps and the Marmac Lodge outpost. Other than that, you'll have to travel to Armstrong, Pickle Lake or further into western Ontario.
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