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  1. He chose to self isolate for several weeks longer than he had to.....hadn't seen his family in quite somtime, so nothinv wrong with visiting his OWN FAMILY
  2. Driving out to slash someones tires would fall under..... " NON ESSENTIAL TRAVELING "
  3. If i remember correctly, at one point he was somewhat harrased for being on this site so often.
  4. Are you friggin kidding me...??????? Thats sick !!!
  5. I didn't know that it was STUPID to go for a drive in Algonquin Park ...
  6. Now im hungry and want to start flyfishing....
  7. I was listening to his show on saturday......LIVE and sure he said if your " laid off " directly related to the coronavirus pandemic........you cannot consider this a dismisal or qualify for severance
  8. Lior samfiru........the umemployment lawyer. Google his name and check him out
  9. Under normal circumstances yes they would owe her severance, but under the situation were in now.....Employers are exempt..,
  10. Looks photoshopped...
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