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  1. Nope......no manipulation of the media whatsoever !! Storming the food shelter for the homeless and demanding food TRUE STORY !! Storming the rideau center refusing to wear masks TRUE STORY !! Honking their horns at all hours of the night without any care whatsoever of parents with babies or young childern trying to sleep TRUE STORY !! Causing traffic choas for ppl trying to get to work or drop their kids off at daycare etc TRUE STORY!! Harrassing downtown residents who are wearing masks TRUE STORY !! Restaurants doing amazing buisness ?????? Are you kidding ??? From who ??? The truckers who refuse to wear a mask = They can't enter !! Most of the restaurants are CLOSED !!
  2. Stepped on a Shimano curado 200 ......a couple of years ago Paid 229.00 for the reel, new handle was $ 95.00 plus Tax 😂😂😂
  3. Is there some kind of policy that says you can't bring up old threads ?? 🤔
  4. Seems like its kinda ....... Getting Revenge for some reason. No other explanation for it
  5. Nice clean Portrait....... Lucky you 🏅
  6. Talk about a BUCKETFEST.....serious Largies if i've ever seen some !!😀😀😀
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