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  1. Whitespinnerbait

    Owl season has started

    Should be more headed your way soon, theres a couple in the Ottawa area now......migration has begun
  2. Whitespinnerbait

    Owl season has started

    Saaaaweeeet !!!!!!!
  3. Whitespinnerbait

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    Question here, If there was water in the lower end would the oil not leak out and visible in lake or river?
  4. Whitespinnerbait

    NF. New Motor - E-TEC 135 HO

    E-tec motors are bulletproof !!!
  5. Whitespinnerbait

    Where is Big Cliff

    busy gardening...
  6. Whitespinnerbait

    Trip Report Father and Son Trip to Fernie BC

  7. Whitespinnerbait

    Cormorants Threatening inland lake fisheries?

    Rats with feathers!!!
  8. Whitespinnerbait

    Great Horned Owlets

  9. Whitespinnerbait


  10. Whitespinnerbait

    Great Horned Owls

  11. Whitespinnerbait

    Great Horned Owls

    0Q4A0249.CR2 0Q4A0414.CR2
  12. Whitespinnerbait

    Great Horned Owls

    0Q4A0055.CR20Q4A0055.CR20Q4A0055.CR20Q4A0055.CR20Q4A0055.CR20Q4A0249.CR20Q4A0055.CR2 0Q4A0071.CR2 0Q4A0142.CR2 0Q4A0249.CR2
  13. Whitespinnerbait

    Such a terrible thing.

    Exactly !!!.........enough said right there.
  14. Whitespinnerbait

    What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    Start looking the other way more often...