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  1. Good luck with that, many have tried to change the world before......many have failed.
  2. The boston arena was booked for an event on Saturday since September
  3. Now i get it....white bucket dudes. Call for sure
  4. A couple of cents a liter here and there.......No biggie !
  5. 1. I didn't know that fishing 10..12 hours a day was a cause for concern . 2. Your neighbor watches them for 12 hours a day ???
  6. Mercury sells a 400 hp so you can go fast.!!! They bought a 400hp to go Fast !!
  7. Leafs playing good hockey again tonight...
  8. Leafs should be ashamed of themselves !!!!!!!
  9. When a driver gets a speeding ticket or runs a red light.........not to sure the passenger is to pay half the fine.
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