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  1. SirCranksalot

    Well that was fun

    And leave the body on the porch, Chevy Chase"Vacation" style??😀
  2. SirCranksalot


    about 6" on the big Muskoka lakes within 1/km of shore. Less in main channels---beware and be cautious!
  3. SirCranksalot

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    not in the habit of drinking dishwater myself, but--hey---whatever turns your crank!!!😁😏😆
  4. SirCranksalot

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    a lot more hassle than going thru Timmies drive thru!!!
  5. SirCranksalot

    I aint rushing out just yet. K BAY ice report

    too much ice for the toon??😀
  6. SirCranksalot

    Chum can

    thx guys. Brian- why a 'thing of the past'? that funnel looks interesting. What's the purpose of the bolt on the lid---just to add weight/ I assume you need a friction fit between the lid and the funnel?
  7. SirCranksalot

    Chum can

    i have heard of folks making a very simple chum can somehow out of a normal 'soup' can. Anyone done this? How is it made? thx
  8. SirCranksalot

    Wheres the report

    Hey---don't be using 4 letter words like that on here!!
  9. SirCranksalot

    Cordless drill for 8" Auger set up?

    Many recommend at least 700 in-lb for a 6" so more, of course, for an 8". Milwaukee have 1200 in-lb drills---fairly expensive though. There are often pkg deals with drill plus batts posted online. Google is your friend!
  10. SirCranksalot

    What is the word Im looking for ?

    And, like a good wine or a big fish story, it will get better with age!!😀 I think you had a Zen moment, which are a lot better than a seniors' moment!!
  11. SirCranksalot

    Wheres the report

    Just cut a hole in the bottom so you can use your ice rod !!😀😜
  12. SirCranksalot

    Wheres the report

    oooops!! 😀😩
  13. SirCranksalot

    Reluctant PSA

    I was just funnin ya, D1!! It's too bad that this thread somehow became controversial!!!
  14. SirCranksalot


    A belated merry Xmas to all, esp the mods who try to keep this place civil!!
  15. SirCranksalot

    Reluctant PSA

    You trying to stir up trouble again D1 posting that PSA!!!??? 😀😂😉