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  1. I didn't think that idea had any credibility except among the hard core conspiracy theorists. They would not be convinced by scientific evidence anyway. The only cure for those people is to have the Martians scoop them up and take them away.
  2. The chances of this petition succeeding is so close to zero that you'd need a microscope to tell the diff!!
  3. An alternative solution is to make a mask at home that can be washed. Nobody knows how effective the various N95 masks are but,IMO, anything is better than nothing as long as you still follow the other saftey measures. A well made mask will fit quite securely. There are many patterns and instruction on-line
  4. The Notty passes our house but is muddy. Could someone on here pls clean that up ASAP??
  5. Lock down coming really soon if you guys keep it up!!(On this thread and in reallife)
  6. 2 wrongs don't make a right---just made that one up
  7. I think we are 1 small step away form the Emerg Measures Act(nee War Measures). We have been asked-maybe we will need to be told.
  8. You might want to but a bowl from me. Only $300 plus shipping while supplies last!! Re the petition---thanks but no thanks. Over 100 names WOW!! 😁
  9. OK--if others think it's offensive I will take it down.(BTW--I understand that 3M explained to him that some materials for the mask come from Canada)
  10. I got a good laugh of the ad in the paper on the first Sat of March offering great deals on cruises. This was after Japan had turned a ship into a floating incubator.
  11. I thought all cruises were cancelled. If not, only the foolhardy would go---buy 1 week, get 2 weeks free.
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