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  1. Regardless ofthe reason I am glad to see him go---long overdue. Sad to see and someone so senile and making so little sense ramble on. Down at the pub it might be Ok, but on national TV??
  2. Nothing to do with free speech.If someone comes to your house and starts using foul language----permitted by the constitution but unacceptable in your house------you are certainly entitled to kick him out. Rogers, TSN or whoever have that same right. Cherry can go down the street with his own soapbox.
  3. If I were you I wouldn't look down either!!😁😆😝
  4. Red Head Chest Waders View Advert These are my neighbour's-----5 years old but worn just 3 times. $150 REDHEAD SIZE 11 Advertiser SirCranksalot Date 11/06/2019 Price 150.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  5. Here's 1 reason why I distrust that site----might be a good bargain, but 6 grand?????????
  6. This is about as big as I have caught. I'd like to have a better pic but when I tried to hold it up it jumped out of the canoe ---T'was a big laugh.The story was better than a pic! No steel leader---per MNR there were no pike listed for that lake!😃
  7. thx guys---I don't think I have ever ordered from Ali. I have ordered a few cheap items from China with free shipping---e.g.a fish bite alarm for about $5 delivered!! May have been Ali
  8. I get promos from them for deals that seem too good to be true---also with 'orig price' unbelievably high.Has anybody at all used them or heard of them? thx
  9. I'd like to see a few of their asses dragged into court over these types of incidents. Per the CBC prog,many schools are not reporting it to the bd as they are req'd to do. e.g.some reported zero incidents!! yeah, right!!
  10. Looks like any action taken by the school was quite ineffective. There was a CBC prog on a nite or 2 ago about bullying incl a case in Collingwood in which a kid was badly beaten. Once again,the school didn't seem to do much. The VP,in particular, was quite unhelpful. Dereliction of duty.IMO.
  11. Why not just reg a reg rubber lined rain coat----the kind that commercial fishers use. That 'breathability' stuff is way overblown IMO(And get yerself a Sou'Wester to keep the rain off you neck!!
  12. Nothing like a quickie in the morning!!
  13. I think it's more a matter of genes than luck. But bear in mind that peers have a big influence. Maybe the good kids hung out with a good crowd and the other kids with 'punks in training'. Parental influence is quite big but is also limited. It has been my own first hand experience that easy going kids are more easily swayed by peer pressure whereas the 'strong-willed kids'(who parents often complain about) are less likely to do so
  14. wellies from Can Tire. m
  15. No canoeists here? The most portable boat of all!!
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