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  1. If anyone else is still looking H Hardware in Angus usually has a few. The older guys on the saugeeen swear by the skunk pattern. I was there 1 Sun AM a few years back and caught a nice bow on the first cast!!! I have good luck with the Firetiger for splake. I thought I had a lot---maybe too many---but my numbers pale in comparison to Irish's Brian---If you had spent some time fishing with the old grumps in Angus you would have known that!!
  2. Thx, but no charts for Big east or Horn near P sound
  3. "In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Secrets Book"---- I have read some good reviews. Any of you have it? Any good? thx
  4. Rebel is not a credible news source
  5. This nay have been discussed on here before but I did not find it on my brief search. I am considering buying for my I-phone. Navionics seem to be missing lots of smaller inland lakes. I get the impression that i-Boating has more. Any comments on which is best both in terms of coverage and usability? thx
  6. At least in BC they are giving teachers and staff a week or so to plan and prepare before the students arrive. Otherwise Day 1 will be chaos!
  7. Nobody----but Noooobody---could paint a picture with a song like the late and great John Prine who died of CV19 Have a listen--
  8. Will you have it mounted?๐Ÿ˜„
  9. I don't see it as being an effective way to reduce numbers because they spook so easily it's hard to get close. I guess if you are an avid hunter you know of effective techniques.
  10. I hate steel leaders so I have not used them in years. I have landed quite a few pike w/o getting bitten off very often but I think my luck has run out----2 bitten off in the past week. This fishing is getting to be an expensive racket---taking my lucky 'killer'lures too.! I have seen some suggestions on here previously but cannot find that thread right now.My bud uses 15-20 # "super abrasion resistant" fluoro. What is you considered/expert opinion๐Ÿ˜ƒ----- TIA
  11. Excellent post! It's a PITA to social dist etc when we meet the family but to avoid them completely would be terrible for our mental well being. If I had to stay home all the time I would have been taken away in a straight jacket by now.
  12. Sorry---you know more than I do.
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