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  1. I was looking to replace a couple of std fixtures in the house when I noticed these. I was quite puzzled at first on the "how" of installing these. I think I've figured that out but my question is 'why'? Seems like 1 type fits inside a pot light housing with a wire and a fitting that screws into the socket where a bulb is normally installed. Given that one can buy LED floodlight bulbs, what's the advantage of using these? I am guessing long life---supposedly 45 years. I'm a senior and don't expect to live that long. For the younger folks, do you really expect to be in that house for 45 yrs? The second type that I saw seemed to be a replacement for normal ceiling fixtures. It looks like I would need to remove the junction box so I can push the housing fixture into the ceiling so that it is flush mounted. I guess I can see where that would be a sleer look so that it's similar to a pot light with no fixture hanging down. Otherwise, I don't see any advantage. Comments? TIA
  2. I am not big on the monarchy but I had lots of respect for the queen. Those who have a tendency to criticize her will have lots of time later. For now, give it a rest! I really liked the bit she did with Paddington bear. By all accounts she was quite kind with a great sense of humor.
  3. Sometimes that's the only way to get an intelligent conversation going!πŸ˜„
  4. The 300 is the only one I had. It broke but I bought 2 more at a garage sale a few years back. Finally got around to using one last winter. I like their simplicity---easy to maintain--but big advantage was that I had 4 spools to fit the same reel!
  5. If you dig deep enough I think you'll find some ref to sizes. I didn't----just took a stab at it and they fit most of mine.
  6. I have never seen the hoods with a little ring on them for sale locally. That ring, IMO, makes all the diff for safe and easy removal. Here is the link Balleo/lightweight And Durable Treble Hooks Sheath Case Safety Protector Holders Case Bonnets Hook Sheath Cover - Fishhooks - AliExpress
  7. sorry, I think you misunderstood my post. I am talking about getting them tangled in the tackle boxes.
  8. Finally found a solution to stop treble hooks from becoming entangled. Like most(all?) fishermen I carry too many lures, too many for each to have its own little compartment. So I put 2 or 3 in the same comp and they inevitably become entangled. I have tried various 'solutions' over the years incl a few DIY ones such as wrapping the hooks in foil. I have also bought hoods similar to those shown but w/o the little ring for removal. The ring makes all the diff. Those w/o it were hard to remove to the point of becoming a hazard. These are from aliexpress. I have never bought anything from them until very recently. I know many have an aversion to Chinese gear, though.
  9. Have you tried to buy any lately? I am looking for a different size treble now and having trouble finding any apart from Amazon. Like I said, my pkg from Sail got lost so I'm a bit leery of trying again. I took a few weeks to establish that they were lost in the mail. CTC has some on line but cannot tell how many I am getting for $14!! grrr)
  10. I prob bought what was, in a sense. 'stolen goods' but did not do it knowingly. The pic shown above was my Sail order. When I could not get them from Sail. Cabelas or Can Tire I naturally looked elsewhere on the net. I had never heard of Aliexpress before. Now I get at least 2 e-mails a day from them!!😁Need to adjust my spam settings.
  11. I agree in principle with what some of you say on costs but costs was not the only issue and maybe not the most important. Availability was. Limited choice in Barrie and I was having trouble getting there anyway. I ordered online from Sail but they got lost in the mail.😟 Part of my order is shown below --not cheap!
  12. Good suggestion. I did a destructive test on one last nite. I bent it with the needle nose and broke it off near the point. It took so much force though that it would be hard to see any fish smaller than a bluefin breaking it. Surely the line would go first!
  13. Thx, guys. It looks like I am out $2-3---almost enough for a small Starbux!! (BTW--I just noticed the little blue circles. It rates me as 'all knowing angler"---what a laff!! Best chuckle in a while. Wait until I tell my buds!!😁 )
  14. A month or 2 ago I ordered some trebles from Aliexpress for a fraction of the price elsewhere. They arrived yesterday and they look like the real deal. Gam logo, Made in Japan etc. It seems too good to be true. Is it? Should I be suspicious. If they are no good I have only blown $2-3. Comments? TIA
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