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  1. never goes bad----'cause it's no good to start with!!!😁
  2. I have a couple of those but the latches are quite difficult to release.
  3. Thx Akri et al---I have decided on the CTC AGM battery. I just saw one model being offer for "Group35"for my Honda CRV
  4. Back in the 50’s a man walked into a Hollywood agent’s office. He told the agent that he wanted to be a big star and that he wanted the agent to represent him. The agent asked the man’s name, to which he proudly replied, “Penis Van Lesbian.” Taken aback, the agent said, “If you want to be a big star, you will have to change your name.” The man, somewhat offended, told the agent, “The Van Lesbian name goes back centuries and I am very proud of my name! I will never change my name! Ever!” “Then I won’t be able to represent you.” Said the agent. “Then good day to you, sir!” The man yelled as he stormed out of the office. Five years later, the agent received a letter along with a check for $50,000, written out to him. He wondered if it was sent to him by mistake until he read the letter. The letter said, Dear Sir, Five years ago, I came into your office wanting to become an actor in Hollywood and you told me I needed to change my name. Determined to make it with my God-given birth name, I refused. You told me I would never make it in Hollywood with a name like Penis Van Lesbian. After I left your office, I thought about what you said. I decided you were right. I had to change my name. I had too much pride to return to your office, so I signed with another agent. I would never have made it without changing my name, so the enclosed check is a token of my appreciation. Thank you for your advice. Sincerely, Dick Van Dyke
  5. OK---some follow up comments and questions: even the cheapest battery seems to have more than 440 CCA. The cheapest Motomaster has 55o The ratings seem to be given in minutes after a 25A drain that the batt will still re-start the car. (I guess i was expecting to see 'voltage after a 2hr drain at 25A listed.) the highest I saw listed at CTC was 100 min. I found many of the other sites very quirky so I did not find any ratings for a suitable battery that would be avail locally. Why are the Optima batts so much more expensive?
  6. Thx for that double D Dan! 😉 shall do a bit of research.
  7. Lot's of knowledgeable people on here.👍 Any reccomendations on a battery for a Honda CRV. The CTC Motomaster is significantly cheaper than the others but I am always a bit leery of CTC automotive products(mainly go there to 'invest' in lures and tackle.
  8. Words failme----at least the printable ones do! How the %%%$$$ do these scumbags sleep at night?
  9. Ha---gotta steal that one----or maybe rent it!!!😁
  10. I have no prob with those who bend the rules a little bit while taking reasonable measures----not everybody drives 100 km or below on the 401. Where I have a prob is with those who blatantly defy the rules, refuse to wear masks, have big parties etc. What really burns is when they get off with a slap on the wrists or nothing at all as happened at Trinity Bellwoods etc.
  11. I agree. IMO, if the old rules had been enforced we would not be in the state we are in now. We have seen Ford go on and on but not using his authority to see that the blatant violators were punished---Trinity Bellwoods etc etc. Brampton seemed to be an exception.
  12. This comment is not directed at anybody in particular and is directed to myself as much as anybody. I respectfully suggest that none of us confuse what is technically legal with what is right. Let's not set such a low bar. i.e. what we have a right to do vs. what is the right thing to do.
  13. You have the right to say many things but no right to expect your words to have no consequences.
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