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  1. SirCranksalot

    lake infested with goldfish

    Thx----I just thought they were tropical fish
  2. SirCranksalot

    lake infested with goldfish

    won't they just die over the winter?
  3. A very boooring thread apart from Oi's contributions! 😀 Here's another 'Jehovah" alternative. When they come to the door your first response should be "I'm busy now, could you come back later?" To which they will inevitably ask "When is a good time?" You answer that question with another question "Do you believe in the afterlife?" To which they are sure to respond"Yes". So you say :"Come back then" ----works every time!!😀
  4. SirCranksalot

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    Thx, guys. How do you know your troll/bait is at the right depth i.e. the right temp?
  5. SirCranksalot

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    Hi Kurt, I am amazed that you could catch under those conds. What were the water temps like, surface or at trolling depth The only success I have had in the summer was quite late in the evening, near dusk.
  6. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

  7. SirCranksalot

    NFLD bound

    Great report. Glad you had a nice trip. I highly recommend Fogo if you go again, as well as Twillingate and Trinity. The E side is better for some great seascapes rather than mountains. To me, the whole island is quite different from the Maritimes. BTW--If anyone is interested in buying a bldg lot for about $20K with an ocean view just PM me. It's not mine but I can get you some details.
  8. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    It looks likethey are gradually getting it under control. Must be brutally hot out there on a day like today. They must hose each other down occasionally!😀 https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/fighting-hard-excellent-progress-made-on-parry-sound-33-fire-even-on-a-hot-weekend-1006747
  9. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    What's not to like?? Sounds pretty easy compared to portaging in to a 'back lake' to find trout. Just ask your friend the Bogerman!! 😀😀
  10. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    The fire has not crossed 69 so I don't think any farms have been burnt out. I think all the farms are E of 69. That area was evacuated as a precaution though. The latest reports seem to say that the crews are gradually getting it under control
  11. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    We were in the Otter Bay & Five Finger area last week and we could see and smell the smoke at times but, IMO, was quite tolerable.---blue haze in the dist and intermittent smell depending on wind direction. Today would not be one of the better days though
  12. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    What area of the French were you in? We were a bit W of Woseley Bay(Gee, I wish they'd give those area lake names--they really are lakes!!i pic from yesterday https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=h&page=1&template=sub&image=a1.18210.1843.LakeHuron.143.250m.jpg
  13. SirCranksalot

    Ontario fires

    We were up near Dokis last week and it got quite smoky at times. Could smell it and see it
  14. SirCranksalot

    Z man jigs and NED rigs---anyone tried these?

    thx, guys-I'll need to do a bit more watching and reading. I think it was the the screws I saw used with Senkos.
  15. These seem to be all over the net. Why so popular? I see anything too special about the jigs apart from the barbs. Does the shape of the jighead---more or less spherical like a normal jig, or more like a hemisphere as these are---really make much diff? I can see the point of the NED rig in letting one end of a Senko worm, or similar, sit in the bottom. The other similar rig I've seen has a special screw(no doubt at a special price if you'll excuse my cynicism) inserted into one end of a Senko, again to let one end sit on the bottom. Have any of you tried these? Comments? https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/z-man-finesse-shroomz-jigheadz