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  1. was on Joe yesterday and Ross last week. Both are pretty solid---at least near shore within walking dist. Saw a few machines buzzing around too.
  2. I have stayed away from dealers since my local GM dealer tried to rip me off for tranny repairs many years ago.
  3. OK---it's a new day so here's something new for you---That wasn't a 'sheep' you saw. That was a ram!!!😁😉
  4. Dunno---what do those letters stand for anyway?
  5. Days are getting longer. Nights are getting shorter. Some of us think there is a connection(Red Green)
  6. and people bragged about how their Commodore 64, with 64 Kb, had twice the power of the wimpy Vic 32's!! 😁😀
  7. Blue Mtn certainly has it's share of deaths and serious injuries.
  8. What's funny---that was a serious suggestion
  9. N0---just saying you could buy a folding one and use it with a piece of pipe
  10. I have a Fnbore 2 piece. I unbolted the bottom and used a piece of pipe in betwwen it an the Clam plate.
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