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  1. I'm guessing basketball. Any prizes for the right answers??😀
  2. Nice fish---that's a good use for Coors lite1😀 i hope you found a real beer for drinking!! I hear there's some out around Creemore, fo example!😀
  3. my philosophy is shown on my hat--"Fishing. Cheaper than therapy! 😀
  4. How about you give me 1/2 your winnings and you can fish off my property all the time?? 😀😎
  5. Did they say it had electric starters, or do you have to pull the cords??😀😂
  6. It may have changed lately but we booked 1 a few years back and parking plus shuttle was incl in the room price. It was all just a bit more than we would have paid at park n fly. As I recall, you can get the places that offer a deal to show on Google maps. it was the Sandman we used.
  7. I grew up on the East coast. We got a lot of rain but it was a dry rain, y'know!!!😀😎
  8. I don't see a pic either. I think it's a conspiracy to keep old guys like you and me in the dark!!😀
  9. hmmm---I might be normal after all. Right hand, left retrieve.
  10. easy to fix a camera like that-----the wife, not so much!!😀
  11. And leave the body on the porch, Chevy Chase"Vacation" style??😀
  12. about 6" on the big Muskoka lakes within 1/km of shore. Less in main channels---beware and be cautious!
  13. not in the habit of drinking dishwater myself, but--hey---whatever turns your crank!!!😁😏😆
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