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  1. The mask I got from Trebor was about $15, which is much less expensive than the ones you mentioned. I don't tend to talk much, if at all, in the groc store or liq store so difficulty being understood with a mask is not much of an issue. The masks that I see being worn don't look very effective to me(esp when the nose is exposed 😁)
  2. I guess I should have added a disclaimer---"These masks are not for everybody in all situations". They are perfectly fine, IMO, for the uses I described e.g. a short trip into a store Yes, the cloth masks are more comfortable, but they do not work as well. BTW---I have no $$ stake in this product..
  3. A company in Collingwood has started to make a special type of masks that meets the N95 std. Online ordering is not available as yet but you can order by e-mail. IMO, if you just use it for short periods such as grocery shopping the filters will last for a very long time.. I have shown a link to their website. I am quite impressed by the design. They are better than the normal masks, including the regular N95's for a couple of reasons (a) The fairly firm mask material combined with the sturdy straps lets the user get a good seal against the face. (b) The 2 circular filters lets the user check the effectiveness of the seal. I have a normal N95 'dust mask' but I don't really know how well it seals. I have used mine for a couple of short shopping trips and felt a lot safer in it than in other masks given the number of people scooting around with masks down over their noses etc. It costs a few bux more than cloth masks but I, for one, don't pinch pennies on safety equipment. The straps are not as shown in the pix but are as shown in the video. https://treborrx.com/
  4. I agree----I didn't want to list all the essential workers. And good for you for drawing the line on that maskless guy. As a side note, my garage seems to be as busy as ever.
  5. Thx---should have read further. I wonder if 'essential services' such as peeler bars and nail salons will be open. Each of those was responsible for at least 1 outbreak a few mo ago------meanwhile people die a miserable death and medical staff are stretched to their limit and beyond!!
  6. True, but it can be burnt off quite easily---stand well back. I made a wood burning camp stove out of galvanized metal but gave it a good burn before using. I could see the yellow smoke rise. I let it burn well after the fumes stopped. Yeah I know--I dumped a few toxic fumes into the atmosphere.
  7. Now---don't be slaggin' Hamilton again!!
  8. Things are pretty bad here but we need a big bag of popcorn and a good stiff drink to look South---OMG!!
  9. Just bought the one I posted above---slight discount at CTC. I was wondering---since it's a 12V output could it be used to power a FF?
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