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  1. So did you get any tips from that son of yours??😁
  2. The flies are no good up your sleeve---you gotta tie them on the end of your line!!
  3. My first marriage lasted nearly 20 years but it felt a lot longer with the wind chill factor!!
  4. You mean as in "I showed him everything I know and he still don't know nuttin'" ?😀
  5. So if you had said "I got a boat for my wife" I'd say "Good deal"😀🤐
  6. Are you guys talking about reg lead or tungsten jigs used for walleye etc, or something special for bass. Also, what's a typical trailer? thx
  7. Great fish, Brian. Maybe he can give you a few tips!!
  8. Hmmm--I can see why you traded HER in!!😁
  9. We'll take that as GOOD news, Brian!!😃😄
  10. I have a jacket that is mostly fabric that I hardly ever wear. Too warm for most times. Just took my mesh hat to Algon--OK, but my neck and shoulders suffered badly. There are other jackets that are all mesh. I would recommend 1 of those. May buy 1 myself if we go back in the spring. When camping, standing the the smoke from the fire will give your clothes a good bug repelling aroma. also, they are attracted to carbon dioxide, so it's OK to inhale in but try not to exhale.😆
  11. Sorry--not gonna work for me---drat!
  12. I'm working on it---will let you know.
  13. Cheaper than Howard's on Stinger? Is that why you didn't go back there?😀 BTW---How's your friend, the Borgerman?
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