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  1. Found yesterday near Pt Carling. Pls pass the word along
  2. My intent in making my comment wasn't to to offer legal advice but to suggest, as you have done, that he see a lawyer.
  3. The sound on those Youtube videos is just great. The strong friendship and respect between those 2 is quite obvious and prob what makes this such a great show. They are obviously enjoying themselves. DL's clothes seem to be a long standing in joke between the 2----it shows up in the movie made much earlier. I also watched a video made 4-5 later in which DL is the lead singer for Mercury and JB, Bonnie R and Shawn Colvin are doing backup----a much bluesier version. And JB seems to be wearing the same drab grey shirt!!๐Ÿ˜
  4. Is the DVD sound quality as this? I don't normally buy bootleg as I see it as short-changing the artist. In this case though, I have bought most of his CDs and most vinyl before that so I kind of 'paid my dues". Love that song----it came our around the time I was going thru my divorce and I played it a lot!!.
  5. Thx for posting I have been a JB fan for decades but just recently heard of Lindley. There is a movie called going home that has quite a bit of footage of the 2 togeter. I have also recently discovered a high quality Youtube video of a solo concert done a few years ago and have been enjoying that. BTW---Leland has his own podcast. Any idea why DL is not on the current tour?
  6. I went on a site called 7digital that seems to be quite legit. It offers individual tracks as MP3 and M4A. I was looking at some of the earlier Dylan. Some of it is for sale with the reg album titles but then there are a whole lot with strange titles and cartoons on the covers. e.g Frog Concert,Twin,Tandem. Anyone know what that is about? Are they legit? They offer more possibilities for buying individual tracks
  7. So sorry to hear about your case. Too many horror stories out there. It infuriates me to see some out there denying the whole thing, downplaying it-----'just another flu"---and/or ignoring the rules. The lack of enforcement for blatant flouting of the rules e.g. allowing anti-mask protests is. IMO. inexcusable.
  8. I thought that was his rationale for re-opening----so the Leafs could play golf!!
  9. Yeah, OK Brian, but is tonite the nite?(or was it? can you even remember?
  10. I have canoed in the French delta area. Your best bet is to launch in the key and follow the small craft channel. There are some campsites directly accessible from that channel. PM me for details if you'd like. Some great fishing out there.
  11. This is supposed to be 'the lighter side'.๐Ÿคจ
  12. OK, guys. I'll say it before somebody else does----First world problems!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†
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