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  1. Thank you Weeds, I can't seem to find it, must be gone. I looked for it last night because I would have bought that immediately. Many thanks, FLEX
  2. Thank you both, I was thinking around 750, so I hope to land somewhere in the middle. FLEX
  3. Thanks for the info porkpie, I have a 1 year old sportpal with a nice wide stern. You are correct that it should go like he'll, I may actually get a chance to see the whole lake finally after 5 years. It's not a big lake but I was using my minkota electric so speed was not really a option. Any clue what it's worth? FLEX
  4. So I found a mer 3.5hp 4 stroke , it's a 2007 what would be a fair price? I have a 18' square back is this a over kill? All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks FLEX
  5. This is why I love this board, fantastic info from great people. AKRISONER, fantastic feedback many thanks you have filled in a lot of points that I never would have thought about. I think that both of these last 2 posts have given me anough info to make my original gut feeling justified and go back to looking for a ski / fish boat so the whole family will get enjoyment from it, even though I will be the one using it about 90%. Many thanks, FLEX
  6. Great feedback, as I said I will see it tomorrow and see how I feel about it first off, if I don't have the right feel I will walk if it has potential then I will take it out and see how it goes from there. Many thanks for the great feedback, if I have to wait then I'll look again in the fall. FLEX
  7. How much do you think it should be?
  8. You raise a very interesting point Dara, a little bit of a over kill, I am hoping that it's a 18'. Will know better when I see it tomorrow.
  9. Thank you for the feedback, and for sure a test drive will happen. FLEX
  10. Hi folks, still looking for a used boat and I found this: 2000 Smokercraft 16' with 115 evenrude, ipilot, 2 Lowrance fish finders, 2 walkers downriggers , new seats and trailer. The motor is newer 2006 , he is asking $16,000 it's not exactly what I am looking for but I can make it work. I appreciate any feedback is appreciated as I have doubts about spending $16k on a 20 year old boat. Going to see it tomorrow so any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. FLEX
  11. Thanks to all for the feedback, I am going to let this one sail away. John
  12. Thanks for the reply, as I start to think more about it I am having a hard time due to the age alone. Thanks Flex
  13. Thanks for the feedback. From a quick first look, it looks good I just don't know a thing about Stingray boats. Flex
  14. Hello folks, been a long time since I have been here just been too busy Building the house. I just saw a 1990 Stringray 596zp bow rider it's 19'5 with a merc 4.3l and a Glastron trailer with surge brakes . I don't know anything about Stingray boats and the seller is asking 12,900 any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. The boat is second owner and appears to be very well maintained. Any feedback is welcomed Thanks in advance Flex
  15. Once again I am reaching out to this great group of knowledge, as some may remember I am building a house in the Eugenia area and its time to finish my plumbing. As I have no knowledge of propane vs electricity water heaters I am looking for some feedback, I was surprised that propane tanks are special order at all stores, even the ones out side of the city, but also the fact that a propane one is about 3 times the cost. Does going with a propane unit justify itself in the long run? The basement in the house has been designed to be a rental property so it will have a separate water heater so the cost difference is quite large approximately 3 times per unit, which is a fair bit so any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, FLEX
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