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  1. Thanks Barry, I was looking for some time until I found this, looking forward to getting her in the water. All she needs is a good cleaning that's why I am asking what people recommend. FLEX - John
  2. Sorry having posting issues, I am looking for info on which products people use to clean the inside of the boat and what you use to clean the Hull and which wax do you recommend. Thank you, FLEX
  3. Well after a long time I finally found a boat that both the family and I agreed on, a 20.5 Glastron 5.0 volvo fish and ski model.
  4. Fantastic, thank you for your assistance. FLEX
  5. Thanks for your reply, I read that you can do 3 receipts, 1 for the boat 1 for the trailer and 1 for the motor so you only pay tax on boat and trailer? Any thoughts, Thanks FLEX
  6. Long time no post, just life being crazy. I finally found a boat that I like and the price was not totally crazy. 20'5 Glastron fish and ski with a Volvo 5.0 and a 70lbs electric. My question is about paying HST, the owner will give me a receipt do I have to pay the tax on the whole thing or can I ask him for 2 receipts and pay tax just on the trailer? Any advice on how to save some money here is greatly appreciated as I am spending $24k on the package. Thank you, FLEX
  7. Thank you Weeds, I can't seem to find it, must be gone. I looked for it last night because I would have bought that immediately. Many thanks, FLEX
  8. Thank you both, I was thinking around 750, so I hope to land somewhere in the middle. FLEX
  9. Thanks for the info porkpie, I have a 1 year old sportpal with a nice wide stern. You are correct that it should go like he'll, I may actually get a chance to see the whole lake finally after 5 years. It's not a big lake but I was using my minkota electric so speed was not really a option. Any clue what it's worth? FLEX
  10. So I found a mer 3.5hp 4 stroke , it's a 2007 what would be a fair price? I have a 18' square back is this a over kill? All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks FLEX
  11. This is why I love this board, fantastic info from great people. AKRISONER, fantastic feedback many thanks you have filled in a lot of points that I never would have thought about. I think that both of these last 2 posts have given me anough info to make my original gut feeling justified and go back to looking for a ski / fish boat so the whole family will get enjoyment from it, even though I will be the one using it about 90%. Many thanks, FLEX
  12. Great feedback, as I said I will see it tomorrow and see how I feel about it first off, if I don't have the right feel I will walk if it has potential then I will take it out and see how it goes from there. Many thanks for the great feedback, if I have to wait then I'll look again in the fall. FLEX
  13. How much do you think it should be?
  14. You raise a very interesting point Dara, a little bit of a over kill, I am hoping that it's a 18'. Will know better when I see it tomorrow.
  15. Thank you for the feedback, and for sure a test drive will happen. FLEX
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