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  1. Once again I am reaching out to this great group of knowledge, as some may remember I am building a house in the Eugenia area and its time to finish my plumbing. As I have no knowledge of propane vs electricity water heaters I am looking for some feedback, I was surprised that propane tanks are special order at all stores, even the ones out side of the city, but also the fact that a propane one is about 3 times the cost. Does going with a propane unit justify itself in the long run? The basement in the house has been designed to be a rental property so it will have a separate water heater so the cost difference is quite large approximately 3 times per unit, which is a fair bit so any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, FLEX
  2. Wow, great information folks and thanks old ironmaker I will look at iboats.com Craig, you sir are a wealth of knowledge, thank you for sharing it. FLEX
  3. Thank you for the reply, the skeg looks to be perfect and as far as the hours he is not sure but he said its between 100 to 150 so low hours for the age. Any other feed back welcomed and appreciated. FLEX
  4. Hi folks, a friend of mine is selling his 2003 Doral 192BR , it comes with a Meltrail trailer and spare tire a Bimini top swim ladder used 3 to 4 times a summer full records shrinked wrapped and stored at the marina. Not sure if it is a 3.7 or 3.9 Volvo, the boat looks like it is mint, I am in the market for a boat what do you think the boat is worth? He told me that the marina was offering him around 12k, what would be a fair price, I need to get back to give him an answer quickly. Thanks for any info that you can provide. FLEX
  5. Hi Folks, have not been on the site in ages, like the new look. It has been crazy year for me, broke ground on the new house construction first week in July, and having to deal with mother nature all summer and all fall with the rain has really been a challenge, any way, anybody on the site or anybody on know some one who does septic systems? I have some quotes but the numbers a crazy hence the reason for the plea of help, I really would still like to get the septic this year so that I can then get rid of the porta potty and continue with my internal finishing. We are building up around Flesherton area, any info would be greatly appriciated as this is really holding me back right now. Thanks in advance, FLEX - John
  6. Looks like you had fun Brian. Thanks for sharing. FLEX - John
  7. Brian, with how long its been since I have even had a fishing rod in my hands, that would have still put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing, FLEX - John
  8. Sorry to hear about your accident, as others have said, the truck can be replaced your health can not as I am still suffering from my accident 23 years ago. Yes settle the truck portion of your claim but in the past you had up to 2 years to make a claim for personal injury so take your time to see how you feel. FLEX
  9. Once again - this board is the BEST. Thank you both Misfish and grimsbylander. FLEX - John
  10. Hi all, as I always like to do is give board members a first chance, I am doing a new build home in the Flesherton / Eugenia area and will require a roof. The house size will be around 2,600sqf but the roof / main floor foot print is is around 1,650sqf and attached garage is about 650sqf. If you are a roofer, or know of a good one I would love to speak with you. Thanks, FLEX - John
  11. Thank you for the info Brian ,PM sent. FLEX - John
  12. Good morning folks, Last year we bought some property in Eugenia, and I have been trying to use the local trades but I really need help. What I need, is a foundation guy and also a framer, is any one here on the board that is in that line OR willing to do the work in Eugenia? I am just waiting for the Town to revue the HVAC report and once the do I really want to break ground ASAP as I have heard that they will be lifting the half load restriction tomorrow Any help please and thank you in advance , Thank you, FLEX - John
  13. I just want to give a big shout out to Smokercrafty, he brought over his dog Bear yesterday. First off, it was a pleasure to meet you and your son, and you really opened my eyes on a breed of dog that I was not familiar with many thanks. Watching Bear interact with my dog was great as it showed me how our dog will probably behave when we get another dog. Thank you very much. FLEX - John
  14. Well we have found common ground, it seems that we share the same passion about cats. FLEX - John
  15. Thanks for the feedback Old Ironmaker, as a responsible dog owner, I can tell you that none of my dogs have ever been responsible for adding to the pounds population. Once I have made my choice, I will most definitely look into seeing if I can either find what I am looking for at the pound or a rescue dog. Thanks, FLEX - John
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