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  1. I have to agree with you here. I was probably part of some of the more contentious threads that got the "No political threads" rule implemented in the first place. Since then I have dutifully avoided commenting in the political threads while watching everyone else carry on as usual. What is the point of a "no political threads" rule if in actual practice it's a "post Politics all you want and it will be locked after everyone is divided about the subject" rule? Either allow political threads or don't, but the half measure is doing just as much damage as not having the rule at all imo. I'm going back to not posting in these threads this is just food for thought for the mods.
  2. Another vote for Anglers Haven, solid operator.
  3. Thanks - believe it or not I get quite a few that size every year at this spot. I cant seem to catch a damn thing there during the day though so it's a good thing I like the night shift!
  4. You still taking the toon out on the Simcoe or are you done for the season? I've got about another month to go. Starting to mix in the river already though.....
  5. Thanks Gordy. I'll still be going out for about another month or so. After that I hit the rivers until the ice comes.
  6. Gotta be Oshawa.....I still fish there but only in groups. Lots of junkies down there that want to rob you for a fix.
  7. Thanks for the report - I love seeing kayak fishing reports! I enjoy kayak fishing so much that I realized I wasn't using my boat anymore so I sold it. Was just out on Saturday and picked up this hawg (sorry night pics are hard) Check out Kawartha Kayak Fishing Club on Facebook if you want to link up with an active community.
  8. Calling all Kayak Anglers! The Kawartha Kayak Fishing Club (aka KKFC) is having a fishing get together tomorrow (Saturday, June 22) on Lower Buckhorn. If anyone would like to join us please see the link at the bottom of this post. Lower Buckhorn is a gorgeous lake, with great fishing. Unfortunately there are no public launches so there is a $10 fee per vehicle (car/truck not kayak) to launch and park at the private resort we're meeting at. Please consider this an open invite to join us. There is no club cost, we only ask that you join our FB group and complete a liability waiver (this can be done on site on Saturday). I hope to see some new faces there! If you can't make it and/or you're fishing somewhere else, good luck and tight lines! Dutch https://www.facebook.com/events/2254357191470926/?ti=icl
  9. Chris I was on Balsam last night it was 59 degrees.
  10. We fished from around 7pm until around 1am. We had three kayaks and a canoe out there and only three fish caught. My buddy caught a 19" and I got a 15" and a 17.5" (all released). A few were caught from shore nearby. Water was 50 degrees so still pretty cold. Overall I'd call it slow.
  11. Not sure if they carry what you're looking for but I've heard they're good to deal with: https://www.marineoutfitters.ca
  12. Don't know about an '01 but on my '17 Silverado when you put it in auto it engages the front differential but doesn't send power to the front wheels unless it detects slippage at the rears. So it's not really kicking in and out of four wheel.
  13. Just a thought for a few of you commenting about how the guy "only" leases the land. If any of you "only" lease your car or truck please let me know. I'll be by tonight to take it for a spin ???
  14. A word of warning, don't trust dealers with tire pressure if you run LT tires. LT tires require higher pressure to match the factory load rating. BFG customer service will take your VIN and tell you what pressure to run. They told me 50 PSI cold. In my experience most mechanics will set them to what is on the door, and that's not always correct.
  15. That's a tank whitey congrats!
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