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  1. The three greatest lies ever told: 1) I will respect you in the morning 2) The cheque is in the mail 3) I'm from Canada Post and I'm here to help you
  2. I did not ignore that part, it was included in my quote. Taking it out of context would have meant removing that part of the quote. Your point was heavy on a) this affects the old and b) why aren't we doing more about drug overdoses. a) It affects the old and the young. And the old aren't worth less than the young. b) It is not binary. We are doing a lot (and could do more) about drug overdoses. We can do two things at once. People dying of drug overdoses is not a reason to let COVID run rampant because lockdowns "DON'T work" according to you. (Again, your quote and your capitals) @scuro2has diligently and accurately argued that lockdowns do in fact work and I am in agreement. It is easy to say what we should do when we have no education in the matter (how many epidemiologists are members of this board?) and no data to drive good decision making. There are too many YouTube experts here. We have Public Health departments for a reason. You have already said you are moving to Florida because Ontario has gone insane, so you are right, "there is no point discussing this." But here we all are, arguing politics on a fishing board with a no political posts rule...
  3. Again - "only ever" is close enough to "ever just" to me. You don't like that, okay then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. "Almost every single..." was definitive enough for me, whether you appreciate me quoting you or not. I didn't put words in your mouth, I directly quoted you.
  5. You're barking up the wrong tree here, I have no interest in splitting hairs on this board. A question was asked and answered, if you don't like the answer given feel free to disregard it. Dutch
  6. I believe he is, but that was not the point of my post. You asked "Who said it was ever just taking older people?" and I answered.
  7. @Rizzo "Almost every single covid death I have seen has been in people 80 and over...and almost every one of those, the family told me the person was in very poor health as it was. In other words, they were already near the end of their life. I think I have only seen one under the age of 70 (that person was 69, and also in poor health)."
  8. I am in the Logistics business (including moving air freight). Most air freight flies on commercial passenger planes. It's generally not economically viable for an airline to fly without one or the other.
  9. That's pretty cool actually. I'm good for a truck for a long time but if that had been around when I was shopping it might have made a difference.
  10. Everyone in Canada obeys laws to one extent or another. Some people speed, some don't. Some people are obeying the stay at home order, some are not. I'm not sure how that puts you in any position to judge crappieperchhunter for making their own choice.
  11. While you guys are right that there is no curfew, tickets that are issued are not for "breaking curfew", they are specifically for "disobeying an order" under the declaration of emergency. I am not saying you will get ticketed if you sleep in your hut. I am saying it's possible and it's up to you if you take the risk or not. They may may have given you more info than thought in that reply: "If you do engage in fishing for a permitted purpose, you are encouraged to do so close to home, and only with other members of your household and you are there for the purpose of fishing. You are required to remain at your place of residence otherwise." The Italics are mine - I can see where if you get the wrong officer and they wanted to ticket you, they could interpret your purpose as sleeping and not fishing if you have a cot and sleeping bag setup, or are actually sleeping. It's enough ambiguity that I personally won't be attempting an ice camp until and unless they lift the stay at home order. Good luck whatever you all decide.
  12. I'm booked in with them for next week to take my Son out for a day. I was told on the phone that on arrival they will be requiring the names of everyone going in the hut, for contact tracing purposes. That is probably at least in part to alleviate some liability by showing they did their due diligence. They have staggered arrivals and departures, so everybody isn't there at the opening bell scrambling to be first (like it used to be!). I chose the latest of three windows (9-930am drive out, 5-530pm pickup) 'cause my Son is a teenager and doesn't like to get up early. I was also advised to check the home page of their website where they have all requirements listed. I've always found them to be a pretty professional operation, so I would expect the same from them where re-opening requirements are concerned. I guess I will find out next week!
  13. Capture.JPG
    Back on the thread topic (fishing and the stay at home order).....I have been staying off the ice so far due to a lack of clarity around ice fishing and also a few people around me starting testing positive so I kind of "hunkered down" for a few weeks. The general consensus I see online is that ice fishing is permitted, but travel is not, although there is plenty of dissent. This article seems to be saying you can travel to fish, you just have to travel back that day. Just FYI, don't shoot the messenger if you have strong opinions one way or another! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/thunder-bay-opp-ice-fishing-lockdown-rules-1.5887138
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