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  1. We fished from around 7pm until around 1am. We had three kayaks and a canoe out there and only three fish caught. My buddy caught a 19" and I got a 15" and a 17.5" (all released). A few were caught from shore nearby. Water was 50 degrees so still pretty cold. Overall I'd call it slow.
  2. Not sure if they carry what you're looking for but I've heard they're good to deal with: https://www.marineoutfitters.ca
  3. Don't know about an '01 but on my '17 Silverado when you put it in auto it engages the front differential but doesn't send power to the front wheels unless it detects slippage at the rears. So it's not really kicking in and out of four wheel.
  4. Just a thought for a few of you commenting about how the guy "only" leases the land. If any of you "only" lease your car or truck please let me know. I'll be by tonight to take it for a spin 😂😂😂
  5. A word of warning, don't trust dealers with tire pressure if you run LT tires. LT tires require higher pressure to match the factory load rating. BFG customer service will take your VIN and tell you what pressure to run. They told me 50 PSI cold. In my experience most mechanics will set them to what is on the door, and that's not always correct.
  6. That's a tank whitey congrats!
  7. I'm more of a buyer than a maker LOL Well, I did make my Smitty but the anchor adapter I got from Canadian Tire. The issue was I only had the one drill and it's bolted to my clam plate. I thought about trying a brace (hand) drill but they are apparently gargabe (Amazon) or expensive (and/or antique). I had a Milwaukee impact gun already but didn't know how to connect the adapter to the impact gun. I only recently discovered there is a drill chuck adapter for impact guns and had that AHA! moment. I haven't tested it on ice yet but it'll drive an anchor into a 2x4 😂
  8. 😂😂😂 This matters! I hate "bruised" sidewalls!
  9. I read a lot of reviews about noise so I was worried when I got my KO2's but they're not that loud to me. I realize everyone has a different tolerance for noise but at least for me no issues.
  10. I swear I had those pegs and threw them out, they were way worse imo 😂 I sometimes take too much stuff too but after last weekend I'm done with turning anchors by hand!
  11. I was losing my mind trying to start my anchors by hand last weekend, but my only drill is bolted to my clam plate. So I picked of a chuck for my impact gun and rigged this baby up!
  12. I use BFG AT KO2's year round on my Silverado and I love them. I'd never have any other tire on my truck again. That's just me, good luck whatever you choose
  13. Agreed. I catch em in balsam though so its only a matter of time til they move through the system.
  14. I certainly don't want to encourage additional pressure on Kawartha lakes, but If we're being honest Pike is also open in zone 17.
  15. Glen is my favorite on that show 👍
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