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  1. The point of my example was not that you should be careful fishing in Brampton. It is POSSIBLE to be fined for failing to follow the various social distancing guidelines, so everyone should be mindful of those rules just to be on the safe side.
  2. Don't they say "there's no such thing as bad publicity"? 😂
  3. It's not a Provincial law, but it's not just a suggestion either. The requierent for social distancing is managed via Municipal By-law. If you are not sure whether the Municipality that you are in has a By-law (not all do) then best to play it safe and stay 2m apart. Example:
  4. I think it's a great series myself 👍
  5. This was kinda funny. Jokes people, don't shoot the messenger 😁
  6. Thanks for the follow-up. This is what I was referring to in my posts above.
  7. My point was do your due diligence up front and you likely won't have a problem.
  8. Like I said it was a guess. *If* the GRCA authority controls the river they would likely be able to restrict access. I called and spoke to people at three different Government agencies to make sure I could fish where I was intending to fish on opener.
  9. I don't know exactly where Mike's Son was fishing but I'll hazard a guess this was the issue. The Cop should have been able to explain that pretty easily if so, not sure why he didn't. April 16, 2020: GRCA conservation areas and properties to remain closed, camping season delayed until further notice "The GRCA continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, follow governmental direction and actively take steps to help prevent the spread of infection. With the extension of the province’s Declaration of Emergency until May 12, it is certain that GRCA conservation areas and properties will remain closed, until further notice" https://www.grandriver.ca/en/who-we-are/covid-19.aspx
  10. I'm really lucky to have a creek behind me (literally 75m from my back door) and a river 90 seconds drive. Opener was busy this year I'm not use to seeing many people there. I still managed to keep a good distance from everyone and get into some fish.
  11. I'm a die hard walleye fisherman and I am meticulous about complying with seasons and slots. I don't fish with people who aren't. I think walleye are a popular target for poachers, but that doesn't mean walleye fishermen are more likely to BE poachers imo.
  12. I just watched Vice - Christian Bale did a great job.
  13. Okay so you do know the circus lol As far as I know the local municipality has now restricted all public access now, if so it will be private property only. I don't even go there for the opener on a non-COVID year!
  14. So COVID-19 is a bullet and is hitting every country differently. We are faring reasonably well so far hence the expression "dodged a bullet so far" which fits fine for me. Fishing isn't banned here and I'm not paranoid. I simply said I was fishing locally where there will be no other anglers. If you're from Ohio you have really have no idea about the Ganny. Fishing shoulder to shoulder is not an exaggeration.
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