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  1. I don't think it's fair to ask someone to leave money on the table like that. Rental cottages were in huge demand this year and as in all markets high demand raises prices. So if the going rate this summer is $2,000 a week why should someone ask only $1,000 a week "because 'Rona"? Unless you can provide examples where you sold stuff cheaper or took a pay cut, it's hard to tell @captpierre he should take a haircut no? (rhetorical question not trying to pick a fight)
  2. Does anyone on the board have a contact at the MNR we could forward the video to? The guy's face is visible, so if they can track him down he could (and should) be charged.
  3. Silent Lake is a no motor lake - including electric trolling motors. You're going to need your oars.
  4. I thought you guys might find this interesting - that's smoke from the West Coast wildfires over the lake.
  5. I saw someone post on FB this morning that they picked up the silver/chartreuse little Cleo at Grimsby Tackle, maybe give them a ring.
  6. I use the BPS Pro Qualifier Rain Suit and imo it's worth every penny. It's too warm for summer though, I use it in shoulder seasons.
  7. If you're on Facebook checkout Kawartha Kayak Fishing Club (Kawartha area), Hard Knox Kayak Fishing (Niagara/Southwestern Ontario) and KAAO - Kayak Anglers Association of the Outaouais (Eastern Ontario). Loads of great guys and gals to exhange tips and ideas, and all three groups have regular kayak fishing get togethers. Silent Lake Provincial Park is no motors allowed, there's loads but that's one just off the top of my head.
  8. It's certainly not user friendly, but it is a goldmine of information. There are YouTube videos that can help you, for example: https://youtu.be/5VHpMWmJ8uw
  9. 6 posts in and every post is asking for a good spot handout. Not a good start.
  10. I have the Platypus GravityWorks and I like it. Easy to use and I've never used one before. They make a 4L I think (I have a 2L). Bonus: when your first filter is up you can put a Sawyer filter inline with this system which is cheaper than the Platypus filter. I have no affiliation with Platypus and I haven't used any others to have much frame of reference.
  11. Hallam's - now that's a name I haven't heard in decades! I bought my first bow (a Hoyt-Easton compound) from their location on Gordon Baker road I think it was. That was back in '85, making me feel old too 😳
  12. The point of my example was not that you should be careful fishing in Brampton. It is POSSIBLE to be fined for failing to follow the various social distancing guidelines, so everyone should be mindful of those rules just to be on the safe side.
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