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  1. That feels like forever ago now - I don't even recognize myself in that pic! (I'm standing left of you lol)
  2. You can download the maps for offline use.
  3. Foxes are awesome. I had my minnows on the patio yesterday as I was getting ready to go fishing. Caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and there was a fox snooping around my minnows. He wasn't scared, just kept a safe distance from me, so I had to take a few minutes to walk him off properly ☺️
  4. I would personally agree with @singingdog and not recommend an inflatable. Partly my personal bias - I don't use one myself when on my kayak, I need 0% chance of failure. And partly because as a parent I want max safety for my child, meaning a lifejacket (not a pfd). That's just me, every parent has to decide for themselves.
  5. If anyone is looking and wears a Medium, it looks like they have a few left on sale https://thefishinhole.com/index.cfm?action=product&kw=/STRIKER/PREDATOR-JACKET/&se=31441
  6. Dodge is obviously aware of these issues and still pushes this scam through their dealer network. Time to vote with your wallet and never buy another of their products. You might love your RAM truck, but you are supporting scammers. You'll love your Chevy or Ford too after you adjust to the difference.
  7. I had the Mustang MS-195 "Atlantic Class" one piece and still have the Salus 1400 "Endurance Class" two piece. Out of the two, I way prefer the Salus fit, features and comfort. That's not just because it's a two piece either. My buddy has the same Salus in a one piece and I still think it's better than the Mustang.
  8. I have had a Mustang (one piece) and Salus (two piece) suits. Both were great, bulky but warm. I now use a Striker Ice Predator Suit and it's ten times better to be honest. The striker suit is so much more soft and comfortable, and I've even had to change up my base layering because the Predator suit is so warm. I highly recommend it. *Full disclosure I have never had any of them in the water!
  9. You're a better man than most then. 99% who want to know what to sell something for look at comparables on Kijiji and set their price accordingly. I don't know anyone (other than you) who then discounts their ask because of hard times. If you do, and that makes you happy, good for you (sincerely). I'm with captpierre on this one. Asking market value, whatever that market is right now, is reasonable and logical.
  10. Personally I like the new look.
  11. I don't think it's fair to ask someone to leave money on the table like that. Rental cottages were in huge demand this year and as in all markets high demand raises prices. So if the going rate this summer is $2,000 a week why should someone ask only $1,000 a week "because 'Rona"? Unless you can provide examples where you sold stuff cheaper or took a pay cut, it's hard to tell @captpierre he should take a haircut no? (rhetorical question not trying to pick a fight)
  12. Does anyone on the board have a contact at the MNR we could forward the video to? The guy's face is visible, so if they can track him down he could (and should) be charged.
  13. Silent Lake is a no motor lake - including electric trolling motors. You're going to need your oars.
  14. I thought you guys might find this interesting - that's smoke from the West Coast wildfires over the lake.
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