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  1. Dutch01

    Saturday on a lesser known Kawartha lake

    Thanks, I'm hooked on it. Sold my boat even.
  2. Dutch01

    Saturday on a lesser known Kawartha lake

    Nice! I didn't know they were that mobile. That's pretty impressive. I'll let you know about Saturday for sure, would love to fight a Laker on the yak!
  3. Dutch01

    Saturday on a lesser known Kawartha lake

    Thanks Heh...ummm.... About that... Lol How are those toons at covering miles??? We probably paddled 15km today..?.?? Isn't your spot 300 meters from shore 😂 A buddy of mine fishes for Lakers by your spot (beige kayak/white jacket in the pic above) and is taking about going there next Saturday. I'm thinking of joining in, I'll give you a heads up if I'm going.
  4. Dutch01

    Saturday on a lesser known Kawartha lake

    I can't wait to do it again next weekend, I'm hooked on the "yak life"!
  5. Me and a couple of friends got out yesterday on the kayaks. Despite the wind and some rain it was a great day. We had six yaks on the water and we caught lots of bass and pike, though nothing of any size. No walleye were caught. It was a great day and I was happy to be out paddling with a good group of like minded kayakers. Dutch
  6. Dutch01

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    This! (Please!)
  7. Dutch01

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    It's always nice when I check in to see what I've missed and find that some fine individual has already said what needed to be said. Thanks scuro2!
  8. Dutch01

    New 10% Tariff On US-made Boats

    A timely hint for anyone in the market for a new boat right now, thanks. Ironically, I just sold my used boat, they'll be going up in value too as people turn to the used market. I'm still happy with the price I got for mine, but timing is a funny thing.
  9. Anyone on the board used a Garmin Striker 4? I use a Humminbird 345c which I like but it's my ice fishing finder too. The Striker 4 is quite affordable, so if it's as good or better I may put it on the kayak and use the 345c strictly for ice. Would be nice to have GPS too....
  10. Dutch01

    Tough Opener on Rice

    Water was only 50 degrees on Balsam, couldn't find any weeds anywhere. 1 pike, 3 oos bass is all we could find. I'm off to Stoney Saturday for a kayak club meet up. Hopefully things will heat up by then.