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  1. I am selling one of my kayaks. This package is ready to fish! Kayak, fish finder, paddle, PFD, kayak crate, custom battery box, safety kit. Perception Pescador Pro 120 kayak -12' long, 64 pounds -very stable -comfortable raised frame seat -cost $1,120 plus tax new Humminbird 345c Color Fish finder (installed) -not the latest model but VERY good. I use it on ice and can see my minnow and split shot 50' down -scupper mounted transducer is removable Pelican case -custom crush proof, waterproof battery box with waterproof polarized plug (for a second circuit if you want) -7.2 amp hour SLA battery included -$100 + tax new for parts H2O paddle -fibreglass shaft -adjustable offset -240 cm -$120 plus tax new Mustang PFD Yakattack HD anchor trolley with full backing plates throughout (extra strength) -$90 new Kayak crate with tool and rod holders, waterproof ($80 + tax new) Safety Kit Offering for $1,350 firm
  2. Dutch01

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    For people that want an inflatable it's your life, your choice. I fish from a kayak, often at night and occasionally alone. I use a foam PFD as knowing that an inflatable is statistically unlikely to fail will be no comfort to me while I drown if it does. Besides, my PFD is all day comfortable. Most good ones are.
  3. Dutch01

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    I still have my OF "N" hand towel and use it every time out. That thing will never die 😂
  4. Dutch01

    Nice teeth on this eye

    Pike teeth are like a blade, walleye teeth are like a spear tip.
  5. Dutch01

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    I don't really understand why everyone is struggling to understand this point. So you're cheap and want to spend less? Great, have at 'er. Why care that we find a few extra dollars for convenience works for us????
  6. Great report and some beautiful pics. Thanks for posting.
  7. Dutch01

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    Who's scared? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm talking about the convenience factor....
  8. Dutch01

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    I'm with you. I live in an apartment. A can lasts me all season and this stuff never goes bad. Its also not just premixed gas. It's better and cleaner. It won't gum up carbs. I can understand not wanting the cost if you're using liters per trip but it's perfect for me.
  9. Dutch01

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    I doubt my auger even uses a whole can per season so $10 a liter is not really an issue for me.
  10. Dutch01

    Interesting product TRUFUEL. NF

    I've been using this stuff in my gas auger for years, it's great 👍
  11. Dutch01

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    I stored my boat outdoors for four winters. Three shrink wrapped (with a dessicant bag to absorb any moisture). The last year before I sold it I made a frame myself and put an industrial strength tarp over it. It worked too, but it was at my Dad's place so he could clear the snow off of it. If you can afford the shrink wrap, it is better than the tarp.