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  1. Hi all, haven't been around in a while, But I still feel this is the best place to talk fishing!!!! I have a friend with a small plane. We'd like to find a remote airport with a nearby awesome lake, where there existed an outfitter or marina who could rent us a boat and give us a ride back and forth???.... We're happy to pay even a premium! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks Sheldon
  2. Got the frabill thats 620 at Cabelas. Very light and I bolted skiis right to it! Happy so far!!!!
  3. Been a while since Ive been on the site! But this is where to cone when I need the facts!! Ifound a boat I just love, but its got an 2006 115hp etec. So, from what Ive found on line, none said great motor. Anyone know if they are good or bad? Thanks in advance Sheldon
  4. I just did 28 loose rivets on my boat, a couple need to be redone but it was very easy.Spae nar in kitchener ships the rivets and can tell you what thickness to order and I used the 5200 from CDN tire. Worked like a charm! took 2/3 hours S
  5. Call my broker he rocks!!! Brian Davidson 416 510 1177 I pay 360/year for a replacement value of 10k, plus the liability coverage....
  6. Sounds to me like reason enough to get a new one....
  7. Hate to bring it up now, but look who is featured in this months feature article.....My only other advice is, you get what you pay for! Try to avoid handymen as well, would you let a guy who dabbles in medicine do heart surgery on you? There are many nuances that a hack would not know, proper vapor barrier is one that the crappy guys often get wrong and it causes mold and drafts, bad electrical can cause a fire, bad plumbing can cause a flood. Especially if you cant stay and be on top of the trades, get a good guy as you will need to trust him. http://torontostoreys.com/
  8. Was thinking of heading up, but have only been once before and can use some intel!
  9. Ok i dont even know. As its all a blown surprise..... but i will try to find out!
  10. You cab sure say that again! This weekend im trying some more! Hope the ice cooperates!
  11. I don't know who the captain is but i do know its about $500/day for the 3 of us
  12. Misfish did you really just say this? "Best part is, they dont get stiff in the cold." It took all the restraint I had in me.... maybe a little too much time alone in the hut?
  13. Ive been watching videos, looks insane. Cant wait!. Plus the guide is booked for the optimum time that month. Got a couple great friends coming with! Should be epic!!!!
  14. Hey same here on the starting to ice fishI I got lucky and got a like new survival suit for a song, but check the Rapala website they have some crazy deals from time to time! Plus most places will start clearing stuff any time now.... Two piece is the way to go too BTW. mine is one piece and I overheat, then its not very comfortable sitting around with the upper part off in back of me....
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