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  1. Must be nice! All I would catch at my local river is a shopping cart
  2. Bookmarked! Looking forward to all your future reports and re-reading the past ones.
  3. Nice! I always wanted to fish out of there in autumn. I spent a week in the summer fishing there and it was so busy I hated it. However, there were so many areas that looked amazing for pike fishing that I really wanted to head back in autumn. Good to see a report from there.
  4. Very cool! Maybe next trip it will be raccoon for lunch!
  5. Great video report Chris! Tell your wife she did a good job, lol.
  6. Ugh.......we really don't need more conglomeration.
  7. There are at least 12 outfitters on that lake. I am sure some are open with availability. I always thought this place looked interesting - http://white-pine-lodge.ca/- but never been. Here too http://www.mowatlandingcottages.ca/.
  8. Lac Kipawa is a beautiful lake. Challenging for us when we went, but I'd still go back for another crack. Good luck!
  9. If they had just fixed their website and pushed for a better online store option they might still be OK. It's too bad, I always liked Le Baron.
  10. Definitely take a look at the Raymarine Dragonfly series. If I was in the market, i'd give them some solid consideration. http://www.raymarine.com/view/?id=11198
  11. Nice looking camp! Sounds like you guys had a decent trip. Thanks for the report.
  12. Plano Box. It's a deep box with no internal compartments. Works great. A Tupperware-type container would be just as good, but the Plano has the right dimensions (identical to 3700 but just taller) to fit in my tackle bag. I also have a nice Browning bag that I use sometimes if needed. They are great bags.
  13. I wonder if someone is going to find a box of used clothes when they go to install their new trolling motor. Woops! Lol.
  14. Start a petition at www.change.org and I will sign it. Nestle isn't a very socially responsible corporation. Not that many are. http://o.canada.com/news/nestle-bottled-water-cost http://www.dailydot.com/via/nestle-california-bottled-water/ http://www.mintpressnews.com/nestle-continues-stealing-worlds-water-during-drought/203544/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nestl%C3%A9_boycott http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-kaas-boyle/10-reasons-to-boot-nestle_b_7347358.html goes on an on...... Of course, it's our own fault for buying bottled water in the first place. The biggest scam of the 20th century and just shows how incredibly naive people are.
  15. I saw this mentioned in a thread about barbless hooks. Guy suggested using a hole punch to punch out little plastic discs from a milk bottle to keep the bait on. Not sure if that would work in this situation or not though.
  16. The biggest issue is with the administration. Most of them are ineffective and unqualified for their jobs. There is absolutely no accountability which gives them free reign to do whatever they want with their "free" money. If this never gets addressed the province will continue to bleed money until it dies. Physician salaries are insignificant and appears to be becoming a scapegoat for our governments complete lack of corporate governance.
  17. Sounds like a great outing. Even without catching much fish it would have been something. Amazing how "remote" you can get without going too far.
  18. This article is informative. https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-anonymous-review-160220/ Make note of which VPNs operate their own servers and don't use third party companies. The VPN will have no control over what the third party companies do with the servers. The location country of the servers is also important. If you want complete privacy, use a burner email account and a Visa gift card to set it up.
  19. It is illegal to distribute copyright material, which includes TV shows. When you do so, the ISPs are obligated to send you warning letters. Eventually, you can get fined. Some people just ignore it all though saying it's not worth if for the copyright owners taking you to court and are counting on people to just pay the ~$500 fines. I haven't really been following any of it, so I am not sure of what the outcomes have been. It is currently "not illegal" to simply download things. However, when you share a file, it becomes illegal. All torrents work by sharing. There are ways to access streamed content, which just sends data to you without sharing, but if you're not technical, you will probably just get frustrated with it all. To protect yourself from disclosing your IP address and maintain your privacy, you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Which is basically a remote computer system you pass all the data through and makes it impossible to know what data is being sent/received to which IP address. There are free ones, but they are terrible. You have to pay for a reasonable VPN service. You can find some decent ones that cost $30 to $50US per year. It's probably better to just look into subscribing to Netflix than bothering with downloading and VPNs etc.. What's a TV box? A media centre like Apple TV or Roku?
  20. No worries. I know nothing about cars and don't even know what a headliner is. Just assumed it was something an auto repair shop could take care of
  21. These two shops that have been recommended to me and I've used both. No clue if they have what you need though. http://www.tommysmotors.com/ http://www.davecollverautocare.com/
  22. http://www.kawartha-luxury-properties.com/properties/bigbear/ http://www.kawartha-luxury-properties.com/properties/badmanors/
  23. Thanks for the great report. It's nice to see them coming from this side of the province. We don't see enough of them.
  24. Looks like a nice day on the water. Now you know that you should never listen to Brock!
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