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  1. looks like a 2 day bass tourny there, you may want to stick with walleye fishing this weekend lol
  2. Beauty fish!! Was there any color or lure working best?
  3. got to a lake last week only to realize i removed a battery to charge on big charger and it never went back in...
  4. Buddy and daughter in the boat, as I'm backing down a long slanted ramp to the launch I hear my buddy shout "Keep her coming Flint, your backing her up straighter then the bangs on a Chinese haircut" well I actually had to hit the brakes "What?" i replied! "you never heard that one" he says "NOPE" lmao my poor daughter was in tears...
  5. I got 3 pedals out in garage all in various states of disassembly...I had the co-piolot on my old 40lbs and added the I-piolot to the 55lbs on my boat currently, not sure i could ever go back to a foot pedal lol
  6. I use an okuma reflexions RX-S-701M spinning rod for my wacky setup. It has been an awsome rod for me, not expensive and I got it a a swap years ago even cheaper than retail. Caught my PB largie last week on it
  7. on Rice friday seen a couple in a bass boat casting shorelines and a pontoon boat full of guys with stick worms, Some people don't know or don't care about regulations
  8. "I am the crap eater!" lmao Looks like you had fun, water temps so low they are still deep yesterday, only been out 2 times over a week apart and fish still staging waiting for the water to warm. Look for minnows busting the surface toss your float to them and you'll get bit, Rice is full of decent crappie. my daughter last week
  9. Not looking for spots, but how far of a run from a launch would it be to get onto the good ones?
  10. Cool video, what holds the crappie there?
  11. Canadian Tire currently has the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy heater on for $89.99 until Monday. But you can PM @ HomeDepot and get it for $80.99. i just sent this to my daughter hint hint. Great gift idea i figure
  12. Awesome... Looks like a very responsible rider!
  13. White bass spinner bait...get them all the time bass fishing. they will also take a jig/chunk and the last big one I lost on a ned rig.
  14. I wish someone would say YES they are invasive... Then I wouldn't feel so bad harvesting a freezer full every spring when they come in to spawn. I feel bad seeing the eggs when I fillet the 12-14 inch ones I keep, but that's the only time I can seem to find them
  15. 206


    on my 3rd pair of the original crocs skutes...Anyone have a pair of these in M13 or M14 I will pay more than top dollar for them!!! they quit making them years ago
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