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  1. 12 or 15 lb test Berkley Big Game. Works for me. I even used 20lb test. I also use Stren Heavy Cover that I picked up in a discount bin, but not sure they even make that anymore. It's stiff and doesn't have a ton of stretch so it's great for harnesses. It's also inexpensive. Leave fluoro for your leader. If you must use 8lb fluoro, just go with whatever Seaguar you can afford. I found the STS Steelhead series to be reasonably priced and have been using that for my leaders.
  2. An excellent read as usual and so many stunning photos as well. I am not sure I'll ever make it out there, so I truly appreciate the effort you put into these reports that enables us to share in your adventures. Thanks! I'd like to suggest something as well. Much like you, prior to my trips I go over the aerial view of the lakes, but I record all the various GPS coordinates of rocks and shoals etc in a spreadsheet. I then put the list of POI's into my Garmin using Garmin's free POI loader software. My last one had over 1,000 POI's, lol. It takes time to record all the coordinates, but it's easy to do and definitely worth it for a lake without a bathy map. As long as the aerial photo's are decent anyway. The accuracy has been spot on for me, so far, as well. Don't overlook Bing's aerial maps either, they are often better than Google's. The Ontario Imagery aerial photos in the Ontario Topographic Maps site are often even better. Here is an example from the Topo Site:
  3. You didn't mention where you're starting at, so I will assume somewhere in southern Ontario. Last minute isn't so bad in July, so I am sure you'll find something fun. Plenty of walleye, well, there is never a guarantee. Besides, that's fairly subjective anyway. One of my favorite lakes is Lady Evelyn. It's close by, but still offers a nice remote feeling. Check out Island10 and Garden Island Lodge. They only offer American Plan. The boats are excellent and there is plenty of lake to explore. There are no trails or beaches on these islands though. Good Walleye and Smallmouth fishing. Red Pine Lodge on Ivanhoe Lake has some nice cottages along a great beach. They sit right next to Ivanhoe PP. The camp is busy though, with numerous trailers in its trailer park. Boats are nothing special. You must stay at the cottages along the water, not the others - they aren't worth it. You can visit the nearby PP (I think it's still open to public?) and the dam flowing out of the lake. AIr Ivanhoe operates out of the lake too, so you will see planes as well. You can also stay at Air Ivanhoe, but I can't comment on how that is. It looks nice though. Ivanhoe lake has some decent Walleye and Pike as well as great Jumbo Perch fishing. Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake. Really nice cottages, even the "cheaper ones" (which I prefer) are amazing. Indoor/Outdoor pool, restaurants and plenty of family activities. Rice lake is great for kids because it is FULL of panfish - perch, bluegill, sunfish, crappie. The walleye fishing can be decent and the bass fishing is pretty good too. Fishing the various weed beds you can catch just about anything. There are over a dozen of camps on Rice lake, but this one is one of the nicest. We went to Elmhirst for our annual trip for years. Really, there are a ton of places throughout the Kawarthas that would be great. Viamede and Pine Vista are both nice.
  4. They charge so much for boat rentals the person probably just thought they purchased it.
  5. The rare occasion I tied braid directly to anything was with a palomar, improved clinch or Rapala knot. Not something I would normally do though, it's easier to work with a leader. Even if it's a piece of mono. I usually use a uni-uni to tie the leader to braid, but I've used the reverse albright as well.
  6. I would jig heavier spoons (including ones typical for ice fishing like Swedish Pimples, Kastmaster, Mr.Champ), larger blade baits, white tubes and white paddletails. I watched a video where someone had success drop-shotting with Gulp minnows. I plan on trying that on my upcoming trip myself. I don't think the Dipsy's, Pink Lady, Fishseeker etc.. are worth the effort unless you have a dedicated setup. Might be better to just get a lead core or similar setup. If you can figure out how to troll, a three-way setup is easy and works. I use it all the time with my spinning gear (or my pike baitcaster). I have also used a rubber band and DIY clip on weights (alligator clips). It all works and I use anywhere fom 3oz to 6oz weights. Flutter type spoons work great when trolling - Mooselooks, Sutton, Williams. One of my favorite is the Lucky Strike Half Wave spoon. F9 Rapalas are effective too.
  7. Get the CI4. You want it and will always second guess yourself even if you don't need. Otherwise, you wouldn't have even posted this ;P
  8. Oh, to reminisce! Good job on the report Chris.
  9. All the info is on their website. I don't think anyone will just swap the rod out for you, but I could be wrong. Especially if it's not a manufacturing defect. The Gold Star plan offers a good rate for a new rod though. I was considering this since I have two busted rods that are no longer under warranty (5 year warranty only), but I didn't think it was worth it for a $100 rod. There is also a Canadian shipping address: To save freight costs, Canadian Customers may ship rods to the address below. Please place all paperwork inside the shipping carton because customs officials will remove paperwork on the outside of the carton. All packages must be shipped to this location. FedEx Trade Networks will not accept packages in person at this location. St. Croix Rods c/o FedEx Trade Networks 7075 Ordan Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1K6 Canada
  10. Sounds like you guys put together a pretty great trip. Thanks for the report!
  11. Very nice! Always enjoy your gar exploits. Love the boat build. I vote for "Headstone" or "Gravestone" given the "death" of WarCanoe.
  12. Here's my master list: http://www.lineonfishing.com/images/Fishing_Outpost_Packing_List.pdf
  13. Very cool Give them fish some AMURICAN FREEDOM!!!!!
  14. Doesn't bother me one bit. It's just cooked ground meat with spices. Sure they add some corn syrup, but whatever. There are far worse things to eat.
  15. I stayed there for a week maybe 5 years ago at the start of summer. Nice camp, great boats. I suggest traveling down the bay where you start to hit the 20-40 FOW mark, basically the area near all the cottages: 48.033159, -82.228793. There are a bunch of spots in that general area you can try - shoals, island points etc. There are some spots closer to camp. One spot that had some water flowing into the lake was a good producer. I think it was here: 48.047075, -82.205115 The area called "The Barrel" should be good as well: 47.977815, -82.291814 Although, I just realized you are going much earlier in the season than I did. You may have to travel a bit if the Walleye are still coming in from their spawning grounds, which could be in the south end of the lake where all the rivers are coming in and/or the north end where the dam is [wherever the sanctuary is, is a good bet!]. Hopefully they have moved in already, which I have a feeling will be the case given the warm temps we are seeing.
  16. Please help me find my expensive sunglasses, lol. I'd laugh in that persons face.
  17. Not really. I go to the two TSC stores in London occasionally and they never have much of what is in the flyer, unless you hit them at the right time. All fishing tackle in my local stores is now gone. Still have hunting stuff though.
  18. What about BPS? It's not that far from Orillia. They have a bunch of pre-tied flies in the fly shop. Although, I haven't been there in a couple of years. There also a lot of tackle shops near Orillia, like Epps and Trombly's, but I don't know if they sell flies. Even Canadian Tire sells flies. You can get a package of six for $7.
  19. I don't plan on upgrading to 10 until I absolutely must. Nothing from a giant corporation like Microsoft is truly free. It's already pre-installed itself on one of my computers and I have to go through a lot of trouble to remove it. There is no option to NOT install, only to pick a date when to install it. It's ridiculous.
  20. Here's a few that I subscribe to: The Wild North - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9H_aTKgGVsuqqBdWsXhTg TAF Fishing - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtElDjbNvNG9UkhC-T54HJA Survival HT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvM8PmmGslBxZUngEAyXAg Primitive Technology - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA In The Riffle - https://www.youtube.com/user/InTheRiffle/featured Fly Fishing the Ozarks - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH9Ra827nueyjCl3h7aLwvA The Handmade Fisherman - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsVmxfbTN79r80FC9qeOYQ
  21. You sure it's not Air Ivanhoe flying into Biggs? Besides Air Ivanhoe, Canadian Airventures also flies into that area from Chapleau. Those would be the first two Air Services I'd call to find out if they are servicing those cabins.
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