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  1. What Amazon invoices you is what you will pay. At least, that's been my experience for years of ordering. However, they do have that whole third party reseller component that's more like eBay. WIth eBay, I think I was charged duty/taxes once out of at least 50 purchases. I don't even remember what it was. Probably from an eBay retail store that did not put "Gift" on the package. They aren't really supposed to indicate "Gift", but most do. Other places like Bass Pro and Cabelas charge you the duty, taxes and brokerage upfront. So, you know what your order cost will be and there will be no surprise fees. Places like Tackle Warehouse use UPS and FedEx and along with your order you get a nice bill for brokerage, duty and taxes before you get your package. Don't discount ordering from the UK either. I've found great prices there and the shipping is fairly cheap through Royal Mail. Longest delivery time was 8 days, shortest 5 days. No extra duties or taxes charged so far either.
  2. Walleye will most likely be concentrated at that time of year as they are likely finishing up spawning and starting to move. Where they will be largely depends on how far north you go and how early spring comes. This will happen March to April if you are south enough, such as in the Detroit River. A few years ago I was on a lake north of NIpigon the first week of July and the walleye were late and just starting to migrate into the lake from spawning grounds. So, we had to travel across the lake to the in-flowing rivers from which they were migrating to get on the fish. My point is, if you just go to some random lake in May/June and the fish haven't migrated, you better know where they are spawning or you'll probably have a bad time. A camp that's a reasonable distance from an in-flowing river might be a good choice. Evelyn would be good, but I would guess a lot of the fish are coming from Sucker Gut which is at the very west end of the lake. Far from Ellen Island. Not that that's the only area where they migrate, but it's a big one. I'd imagine the big lakes like Nipissing, Temagami and Evelyn might be great if you know where to concentrate your fishing efforts. The French River might be really hot in places. Lac Kipawa might be worth a look too. Best of luck!
  3. Headed to Kaby Lake in July with Pine Portage Lodge. Will let you know how the fishing was.
  4. Maybe this article will be of some use to you. Hopefully not too overwhelming, lol. http://www.lineonfishing.com/index.php/component/content/article/18-feature-articles/30-how-to-pack
  5. I am the opposite. I have no superstitions whatsoever. As for spring cleaning my tackle. I am far too lazy. Although, I am currently practicing bending and twisting 1mm stainless steel wire to make rigs for my pike plastics. I am not very good at it, lol.
  6. You should be fine just taking the 403 to QEW to 427 to Dixon. The 407 is great, but a the time you're going, the QEW and 427 should be fine and out of rush hour. However, I don't know if there is any construction or anything atm though.
  7. July and August are usually only week long bookings, but always depends on how busy the places are. Lac Kipawa has a lot of camps. Beautiful lake, fishing can be poor to great. Might be worth a look. Otherwise, I would just hit a Kawartha Lake. Rice lake being my preference for nice cottages, Pigeon for fishing (well, walleye and musky - Rice has great bass and panfish).
  8. I just run mine on demo mode and pretend I know what I am doing.
  9. You're allowed 150lbs each. That's 50lbs more than most fly-ins. MLO operates their own air service and most places that don't have to charter are quite forgiving when it comes to weight. So, I wouldn't worry about weight too much, but you still have to be somewhat smart about it.
  10. Lol, I really did see that yesterday. I am in London though. I am sure the ice is fine in many places still.
  11. I'd recommend checking out Raymarine units too. That's probably what I'd buy if I was looking for a new sonar. Definitely a GPS/Chartplotter with that budget. Make sure you can get the maps you want. Radioworld is a great shop. Prices always seemed competitive, but I haven't been up there in a quite a few years now.
  12. All I know is that I saw Robins eating worms today and the Daffodils are starting to push up out of the soil.
  13. I am heading up to the Minden area for some ice fishing over the weekend. Not too sure what to expect at this point. Rain in the forecast all of tonight and tomorrow. Usually it's -40C when we go, so we chose a later date. Can't win! Not even sure we will get out onto the "ice".
  14. I will admit that I may not have a refined palette, but I did enjoy Collingwood Whiskey. I am drinking some cheap Evan Williams right now and I think it's pretty good for what I paid for it. I normally drink them neat. I liked the Four Roses I had (i don't know which one it was, but it was a more premium batch), but honestly, I preferred the Jim Beam Black Label more.
  15. Just got a bottle as a gift. Haven't opened it yet. I really like the Aberlour as well. Not fond of the 10 year, but the others were nice. Buying more Bourbons and Canadian Whiskey now though, cheaper and I enjoy them just as much.
  16. This is my recollection. When they first hit the market they were a big deal. Very light and sensitive. Then they started blowing up or something, lol. Maybe not literally blowing up, but breaking. I never heard a thing about them ever again. I thought they may have gone out of business. Anyway, it's all anecdotal, but that's what is in my head. For what it's worth.
  17. Very cool! Likely I'll be in Antigua in December. Never go fishing though, lol. Probably should.
  18. I can give you a few well known Lake Trout Lakes. Bernard, Lake of Bays, Rosseau, Boshkung, Mountain, 12 Mile, Halls, Gull, Maple, Paudash You should be able to just search the net and get that info pretty easily though. The MNR stocking lists are better sources of information for Brookies. Try some Splake lakes too. I've ice fished some Splake stocked lakes and caught them. Was never gangbusters, but they were in there. Brook Trout, well, good luck with getting that info from someone. Especially on a forum. Those lakes would get smashed and devasted in no time flat.
  19. Personally I'd hit Simcoe, Lake Of Bays, Rosseau, Gull, Boshkung, Mountain, 12 Mile.....heck even some panfish on Jack or another Kawartha Lake. You might have a hard time even booking anything this late, especially for a day. If you're flexible though, I am sure you'll find something. http://buttermilkfallsresort.com/rates.shtml http://www.loraleacountryinnresort.com/ratesicefish.html http://www.ogopogoresort.com/rates.php http://www.gulllakehutrentals.4t.com/ http://www.commandalakeresort.com/ http://www.algonquinmotel.ca/icefishing.php http://www.icefishingbungalows.com/ http://muskokarecreation.com/ice-fishing/ http://www.muskokashorescottages.com/Fishing/Ice-Fishing/ http://www.bondi-cottage-resort.com/ice-fishing-and-snowmobiling.htm http://www.loggingchainlodge.com/Winter.html http://www.redumbrellainn.com/activities.html plenty more...just keep calling around until you find an opening. Not saying the fishing will be spectacular at any of these places, but I think that goes without saying for most places. No surprise, but the best fishing I think will be on Simcoe or Nipissing though. Ideally, I think you want to be able to walk to the huts? Not sure if most huts on Nip are "walkable". A lot on Simcoe are the same. Good luck! My long weekender ice fishing trip is at Ogopogo on Mountain Lake in two weeks.
  20. I see. I am familiar with those jigs. Thanks. Was thinking you were rigging something more like this:
  21. What a tragic loss. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  22. The Ontario topo map website usually has more detailed aerial photo's than Google. To view them, go under "Map Layers", "Select Map Layers", "Ontario's Topographic Data and Imagery" and you can unselect the Topographic Data otherwise you need to zoom down to the 40m scale to view the Ontario Imagery data if you leave it selected. https://www.ontario.ca/page/topographic-maps Also, always check Bing as well because they use different map data and often they have aerial photos not found on Google maps. I find their GPS coordinates seem to be more accurate as well. https://www.bing.com/maps/
  23. I'd be interested in seeing how you're rigging up flipping jigs for pike.
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