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  1. I have the same suit. I think it's great. Comfortable, warm and you have an internal zipper for when you have to relieve yourself. Used to be cheaper compared to Mustang (Salus wasn't really as common when I bought mine). I would just try them on and see what's more comfortable. They are all going to save you equally well. I believe both Mustang and Salus products are made in Canada too.
  2. I'd start with the stocking list. Don't discount Splake either, very fun to catch. http://files.ontario.ca/environment-and-energy/fishing/fmz-15-stocking-report-english-20140214.pdf I don't know if they put out the PDF docs any more, as the most recent ones I have found are from 2014 (for 2013). They may have switched over to Fish ON-Line instead.
  3. We have two HTC Ones, the first version. Good phone, but my mic (or the noise cancelling mic) is messed up and the camera pics are all purple in low light on the other one. It's over 2 years old though, but they should last longer. I'd probably still get another HTC, but I would never "pay extra" for a phone. I am due for an upgrade, but waiting for a decent "free" phone to re-commit.
  4. Maybe there is an easier way but that is how I do it. Yes. Just copy the URL link in your address bar and paste it in.
  5. I just bought some Baffins during the Black Friday sale too =\. I think they were only 20% off. Awesome boots for around $100. I have two pairs now.
  6. You could of at least put the UP in the up position.
  7. http://cantonbecker.com/work/musings/2014/how-to-directly-link-or-embed-dropbox-images/
  8. I can give you a map if you want it. The lake has two deep spots, both are 95 feet according to the map. Assuming this is the lake you're talking about: https://www.google.ca/maps/@44.9156705,-77.5451012,15z
  9. I assume you don't have a battery in your boat, so don't forget to include that in your budget.
  10. Check this out! I couldn't even imagine.
  11. I've never done it for a ticket from OPP, only metro. Not sure it makes a difference or not. If you can take the time off work, just go in to court. It won't make it worse, and may get you off completely. Basically you plead guilty and they most likely will give you a lesser charge. If the officer doesn't show up, you get off completely.
  12. Congratulations! I have to admit, I find most newborn babies kinda ugly looking, lol, but your son is quite adorable!
  13. There will be no episodes 6 because I ran Taro over with a train. Sorry, it had to be done.
  14. That can be any app really. The guy in the video is using fear mongering tactics to get you to use his company's, Snoopwall, "secure" flashlight app. That's all this is. Shameful really.
  15. I thought this show was interesting. Not exactly entertaining, but how she fished was interesting. Do any of you have FOUR Sonars on your boat?? I can see two maybe, but four!!?!?!
  16. Some great prices there! I'll have to check out the shipping costs.
  17. Watched them last night. Can't wait for the next episode! Lovin' it!
  18. Glad you're OK. Is it typical to ice fish a river? Never done it, I assumed it was too dangerous to fish anywhere with constant current. What are some of your typical ice fishing lures? I might have some extras lying around.
  19. That's just crazy! Why couldn't you wait it out? Were you an a tight schedule? Is that a story that involves the superior gender?
  20. Some real beasts you guys caught! I've always wanted to go back to Horwood. I still have nightmares about the flotilla of logs each morning though. That's a sight for sure.
  21. Lol, seems like my typical day ice fishing. I think my language would have been more colourful though.
  22. I went through this process a couple of years ago. I loved my 2009 RAV4, but really hated the newer model. My experience with Toyota products has been very positive, but I will never buy one again. Why? Because the dealerships are ridiculous. The same could be said for Honda. I just couldn't believe the bull I had to deal with at those places. Nissan and Kia looked like they hired a bunch of students as sales people. Ford just couldn't be bothered to help me. I felt like I was interrupting their day. My local Subaru dealership was great. I liked how they ran it. Hyundai and Mazda were alright. Of course, ultimately it came down to the quality of the vehicle and price. I ended up going to a dealership in Kitchener (I live in London) because they matched a quote I got from a salesperson in Toronto. I almost purchased the Subaru, but I liked the look of the Mazda better. The Subaru Forester was really boring and plain inside, but an awesome vehicle to drive. I highly recommend test driving a Hyundai Santa Fe and a Mazda CX-5 (mid or top model) as well. Hyundai's are noticeably more popular than Toyota and Honda's in my neighborhood, with good reason. Best bang for the buck by far. The new Tucson looks pretty slick too (my in-laws just bought one last November). I didn't purchase a Sante Fe because of the fuel mileage - it's a large class SUV with a mid class price. Ultimately, the best advice I can give you is shop around for a dealership. Don't be afraid to drive to a different city to find a good one either. It saved me $5000 doing so.
  23. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase an ASUS, HP or Lenovo (used to be IBM I believe) laptop. Dell has been hit and miss for me. I haven't dealt with Dell in a long time, but they did have great service. You might have to pay extra for it though, not sure. The HP and ASUS laptops I purchased are still going strong after many years. Batteries had issues, but that's a guarantee no matter what you get. My go to store is Canada Computers. I bought an HP from a big box store though. Costco is always a great choice because of the warranty. Also, what OS are you using now? Windows 8 and 10 are so different from previous versions. Personally, I don't like them at all. So, that might be a consideration. I'd recommend testing it out first. Macs are nice, but still over priced. You should still try one and see if it's your thing or not. Personally, I'd go with a desktop unless you're on the road a lot. I really dislike laptops. A desktop I can fix myself if something goes wrong (by fixing, it's really replace the part that broke), but a laptop is a whole other problem.
  24. Shark fishing is always so intense! I hate going into the ocean at night though, lol. Also interested in how you find cheap flights like that. Best I saw was $235 round trip from Windsor to Orlando with a new airline, National Air.
  25. I doubt this is the problem, but I discovered that sometimes when calling a government number using my computer they don't answer it. I assume the number doesn't show as a local number. Happened to me many times. Maybe it's similar with any VoIP. This where you're calling? 1-800-396-4233 (toll free) or 416-235-3579 (in Toronto) Info 1-800-387-3445 http://www.ontario.ca/page/renew-g-drivers-licence-80-years-and-over
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