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  1. So how do ya attach them to your waders? Mud
  2. OhioFisherman, thanks for the links but for some reason Chrome will not open them. Think i is the three dots in the middle (...) that does a change in the address. Can you put a plain text to the amazon link. That way I can just copy and paste it. Thanks, Mud
  3. This is the hook that I bought last year. They come as small as size 6. I had to look in my old ebay purchases ( I have a lot of them) to find the hooks I bought Copy and paste the following into ebay search...... (web link didn't work for me) Lot 100pcs Strengthened Wide Gap Worm Hook Jig Fishing Crank Hook Bass Hook Paxipa is the company. They cost about $3-$3.50 per 100, free shipping. It takes about 3-5 weeks to get here. I got the size 6,4 and 2 to cover all sizes of grubs from 21/2 inch to 4 inches. mud
  4. Looks something like this one except I pinch on a splitshot. Same idea. http://www.kevinwakeman.com/rigweedless.htm Looks like the top one with a splitshot in front. This also works but it takes me too long to rig in the boat and thehooks are too expensive for me. mud
  5. If you do a search for "39121 hook" on ebay there is a size 2(about 1.25 inches long) worm hook with free shipping from China for about $8 for a 100. That's the size that I use. The split shot (earless) I buy at Walmart in various sizes (depending on the depth and drop speed I want). The size 2 hook works real well on a 3 inch grub and size 0 splitshot is about 1/4 ounce or close to it. The other option is to find some Charlie Brewer slider jigs. They made for small 3-4 inch worms for crappie but are excellent weedless grub rigs too. I haven't bought them in years because I felt they were too expensive back then. That's when I switched to a worm hook and split shot....way cheaper. Good luck, Mud
  6. Now don't laugh, but I use a small worm hook(ebay) and Texas rig my grub to be weedless just like a plastic worm. Depending on how much weight I need I pinch on a round earless splitshot up against the nose of the grub. Swims through just about anything and easy to rig. Cheap too. Got a huge pile of sunken logs( like a couple of acres) on the Spanish river that I throw this rig into. I rarely get hung up, pull a lot of walleye out of there. mud
  7. Spot on. The areas that warm up the fastest (north shores) will hold the crappies first and longest . Just about any small bait will work some days. I use 1/16 ounce jig inside 1 1/2 inch tubes. 2 inch triple tails (Cabelas) . A light steelhead float or a small slip bobber will work. Fish about 3 feet off bottom ( they usually attack from the bottom) around wood or cover(docks, boat houses, trees etc). Gently lifting the float will attract attention if they are around. Colour is pretty important most of the time. There are days when one colour will out produce every other presentation one day and a totally different one the next. My personal favourites are red/white/,pink, chartreuse/yellow, white and blue/white. use 4lb test mono on a light rod and you're good to go. They don't chase bait a lot when the water is cold. Yes 55 degrees(someone mentioned that earlier) is the magic number for me. Cooler water than that and they will hold closer to a heat source. I have a couple of boat houses that I fish that have a corner facing due south. Crappies will school up there first. Try the other corner....nothing. Ideal depth is around 10 feet or less. I kid you not about colours. The Michigan anglers that come here just for spring crappie come loaded with hundreds of different coloured plastics just for crappie. NONE use minnows. Best tasting fish as far as I am concerned. Great for the kids to catch too. mud
  8. The Jays have every intention of being in the playoff hunt next year. Having another slugger signed is a real nice problem to have. I really hope that EE stays with the Jays. Man what a real potent batting line up that would be. Even with one or two of the top 6 batters in a slump it would still be formidable. Love it. The pitching is very good to good but not great. Can't sign great new pitching then sign more great hitting. A win is a win, if they win 1-0 because great pitching or 17-16 because of great hitting,it's still a win. I like what the Jays are doing, working to put the possible team on the field that they can, not the best team ever but the best possible team. Remember all the other teams are trying to do the same thing. I like our chances for 2017. The Jays just got a little better. MUD
  9. I often try a small 3 inch plastic pink worm (steelhead pinkie) on a small slipbobber and do nothing. Surprisingly it works for me very often. Mud
  10. Inhaling any kind of smoke CAN'T be good for anybody. It'snot nuclear science. Mud
  11. I have to agree with Jedi, I've read a lot of articles and research papers on THC, and its pure form it seems beneficial. So much so that I wonder why the pharmaceutical companies haven't synthesised it and sold it in pill form. It is the effects of smoking the weed that concerns me the most.Smoking is dangerous to your health, PERIOD, It took us almost a 100 years to figure out that smoking tobacco was deadly mostly because of the other deadly products in tobacco smoke. Other facts in the following article at https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuanaconcern me. my 2 cents......MUD
  12. Read your own posts. Thank a teacher that you can read. Like I said, quit and become a teacher if it's so easy.
  13. Sorry Terry, I've heard your type of argument many times from many people. If teaching is such a lucrative and easy job, quit what you are doing, go back to school and become a teacher. Same for a doctor. That would be and undergrad degree(3-4 years). Pre-med (4-6 years), then internship (2-3 years). Minimum 8 years and up to 13 years. No this isn't a watered down community college trade course that you can do in 2 years and be out earning $40 to $80+ an hour repairing plumbing. Don't get me started on lawyers and the legal system ($400 an hour minimum and the sky is the limit). 5 minute phone calls costs you at least $100 and a photocopy can be as much as $200. So Terry before you spout off on the people that hold jobs that are essential to our society (yes there many other not mentioned here) take a good look at what they really do and what it costs to get there. Just to put it in perspective, my 28 year old neighbour across the street is a high school drop out. Partied and spent every cent he got from his parents, part time work, EI, etc. 4 years ago he got a job in the paper mill as a labourer. He got his High school equivalency at a local college and officially he holds a HS diploma. He has matured and worked his way up, from one job to another. He is now 4th hand on the paper machines and earns just over $90,000 a year without overtime. He has made an extra $20,000 to $30,000 per year overtime so he can buy his expensive toys. Yup he makes more than most teachers with out any responsibility after he punches out. I DON"T HEAR ANYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIS EARNINGS! Good for him, he made it. I have grown weary of the complaints about teachers,doctors and other professionals. Don't blame them for working hard academically and getting ahead. Nobody forced you to do the work you do, you picked it. It didn't pick you. Don't like it, become a teacher, doctor, lawyer or what ever but don't begrudge them. 7-12 million a year to chase a hockey puck or 35 million to hit a baseball and nobody complains. Sometimes I think out perspective is just wrong. my 21/2 cents, MUD
  14. I don't give a rat's patewy who it is. Murder is murder. I've said it before, "OUR LEGAL SYSTEM SUCKS!" big time. There are too many psychos with a badge out there. They are the ones that ruin it for the decent cop that works hard and puts his/her life on the line to , "serve and protect" every day. We need regular psychiatric assessment before, during a cop's employment and especially after a traumatic service of duty. Lethal force MUST be the last resort in all situations not the first as it is in the US. Abuse of leathal force MUST result in a guilty verdict, and to heck with the legal mumbo jumbo. Murder is murder. Cops have a very dangerous job, no doubt about it, but they choose to be a cop, no one forced them to become one. My 2 cents .......Mud
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