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  1. Those large charter boats allready cut a 300 foot swath through the pack.
  2. Same factory doesn't meen same quality.....Ranger makes Triton boats and there is a difference in how they are made.
  3. I fish Erie and will never fish more than 6 rods regardless of how many in the boat. I could see a big mess o lines
  4. Well... I can tell you some do. I bought a one year old Ranger 620 in 2011, had some issues (minor) in 2017 and called Ranger, they told me if i brought it down they would fix the issues as a courtesy. I like to drive so away i went. Took a tour of the factory and said good buy to my boat. Went back 5 months later (April) to get it ( and another tour of the factory) Put new bunks and fenders,new keel guard and did the brakes all FREE. You can't top that
  5. If you want your best bang for the buck buy a used boat....so many boats for sale, I bought my boat used and it still had warranty so i had no worries. There are a ton of good boats out there, the Princecraft,Crestliner and Kingfisher are good choices.
  6. Just buy the Simms, you wont regret it. Only money. I was on a $5000.00 fly in trip to the BC coast ( free trip) and in the dry room one of the other guests was raving about my Simms suit. I figured he could afford one but he kept going on about mine. Are the Simms waders not under warranty? I would shoot them a note before you buy new
  7. Around here in the fall lots of guys carry some environmentally friendly ice melt. Made it to Dec 18 last year.
  8. Sorry, but if it was me i would have said something and then gone to get an usher. You paid good money and have a reasonable expectation of enjoying your game. Anytime this happens to me i say something. I have a low threshold for people that ruin my time as i have so little of it.
  9. Here is the patch for the HDS Gen 2 non touch, its on their website. https://downloads.lowrance.com/software/index.html?r=1887 Try your unit first because both my Gen 2 units worked
  10. Just experiment with it, my videos are pretty lame...no edit and no sound (which is a good thing) camera rolls when we get a fish on...
  11. Try it first...my Gen 2 (non touch) still worked and my G3 worked .
  12. I have 3 on my boat and use them all the time, i take people out and post their catches. Also i have friends around the world that i fished with at one time and it's a way to still fish with them. I do look back on the catches . I could care less what others think about my channel.
  13. Trust me...get the APP with the lifetime membership ( more than $100.00 ) it"s a no brainier, I have had mine for years and get constant updates. If you are a serious fisherman its the way to go
  14. There is a time and place for both...some of my best buddies don't fish so we golf , if you dont think there is a place for golf come and spend a day with me on lake Ontario in 5 footers.
  15. Its been my experience that the better fishing is off shore, trolling the 30 foot and deeper depths are key, Fish the shorelines off Amherst and Wolfe islands. I could do a 2 boat trip no issue. As you know you can safely ( maybe not always comfortably ) fish in a smaller boat. This end of the lake is much windyer than the central part,
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