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  1. Bill....i sold the glass rods and have the the 2 HMX Rigger sticks with the twists, brand new $300.00
  2. Selling 4 (unused) Fenwick Rigger sticks with the guide twists, 2-HMX XC 90 DRT and 2 Classic Glass KDR 275-T-9 (Brown with gold guides and made in Canada) $600.00 for the 4 and you pay shipping. Located in Kingston Low ballers won't be answered
  3. I worked in the industry...in a lot of cases the outdoor apparel is where the biv margins are,def not on fishing tackle
  4. Disappointing news, I'm not a price buyer,if they have what i need i buy. Always found the Sail fishing staff in a group hanging around the counter and rarley on the floor. Gagnons has the same issue sometimes, i have been a Gagnons customer for a whole lot of years and in fact was a competitor of theirs back in the 70s in Oshawa. It is a tough business.
  5. Again i have to say...buy used, you will save a bundle
  6. I have 2 brand new Tekkota 300LC i would trade for 2 500 LC if anyone is interested, don't have to be new but in good working condition. I am in Kingston
  7. I didn't see to much wrong with the article, written by someone who makes his living fishing. There are plenty of fishing related things we can do without endangering anyones health, take me for instance. ..last week i changed the line on all 34 of my reels 3 times, rewired my boat twice and sharpened the hooks on all 9342 of my crankbaits.
  8. Folks....while the ban may seem stupid to " local " anglers the shut down is to prevent anglers traveling. I was fishing on March 13 for Lakers out of Kingston and there has been a truck and trailer from Quebec here for 2 days in all likleyhood they stopped for gas/ food and maybe overnight. This is what they are trying to stop. Think about the "good fishing" areas like St Kitts where guys spend a week and show up by the dozens. YouTube. ..Jim Lyon Fishing
  9. Terry...It's not wrong for 24 volts. I do a bit of boat wiring and can't believe some of the things i see on boats, critical wires wrapped together then held together with 1/2 a roll of vinyl tape.
  10. I would seriously not consider anything other than a series 31.....is there such a thing as to much battery?
  11. So...its a starting battery.? And you want a group 24? What are you powering? I run a Trojan ST 1000 for the last 4 years and it has been a good battery, it starts a 250 and powers all my electronics ( 4 different units and downriggers ) now my kicker is a 15 with high power charging so it never really gets down. In the $400.00 range I would buy this battery again
  12. This didn't start out as a trolling motor discussion but here is my 2cents....DO NOT BUY THE MOTOR GUIDE worst money i have spent, i had so many issues with the first one i fought with them and got a new one, it is better but has a tendency to steer left while on course lock. I'm real close to havving another Terrova or an Ulterra. YouTube Jim Lyon Fishing
  13. Fished beside him many times at the Ganny, as a 16 year old i was amazed how many fish he caught. I used to "accidentally " hook his line so i could untangle it to see what magic bait he was using. He was Great before Gretzky was.RIP, Jim Lyon
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