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  1. I was at my mothers house the other day and spied a Crown Royal bag on a shelf and had a revelation, pulled it down and there was my old Mitchell 410 (high speed version of the 300) the grease was solid so i took it apart,cleaned and reassembled it is sitting on the shelf now, stil, using my Cardinals.
  2. I would not use it again, you lose a fish on it and you will be kicking your butt for the second time. It's a $10.00 lesson
  3. Trollers, I have a Panther T4 for sale. It connects to your kicker and can remotely steer your kicker....$250.00 I am in Kingston
  4. I have a bunch of the 1810 reels to, they worked great on my noodle rod.
  5. I only have a couple of the 3 and will be keeping them.
  6. I have a Motorguide Xi5 with gateway link,2 remotes,foot pedal and spare prop. Unit has the upgraded software. It was just rebuilt but now works as it should....$1600.00. Located in Kingston
  7. They are all green.....Zebco as far as I can recall, I have beige but am keeping those, they were newer. I have about 12 of them
  8. I have a number of cardinal 4 reels , some have rash but all work well. Selling the reel and 2 brand new spools for $200.00. I am in Kingston.
  9. Bill....i sold the glass rods and have the the 2 HMX Rigger sticks with the twists, brand new $300.00
  10. Selling 4 (unused) Fenwick Rigger sticks with the guide twists, 2-HMX XC 90 DRT and 2 Classic Glass KDR 275-T-9 (Brown with gold guides and made in Canada) $600.00 for the 4 and you pay shipping. Located in Kingston Low ballers won't be answered
  11. I worked in the industry...in a lot of cases the outdoor apparel is where the biv margins are,def not on fishing tackle
  12. Disappointing news, I'm not a price buyer,if they have what i need i buy. Always found the Sail fishing staff in a group hanging around the counter and rarley on the floor. Gagnons has the same issue sometimes, i have been a Gagnons customer for a whole lot of years and in fact was a competitor of theirs back in the 70s in Oshawa. It is a tough business.
  13. Again i have to say...buy used, you will save a bundle
  14. I have 2 brand new Tekkota 300LC i would trade for 2 500 LC if anyone is interested, don't have to be new but in good working condition. I am in Kingston
  15. I didn't see to much wrong with the article, written by someone who makes his living fishing. There are plenty of fishing related things we can do without endangering anyones health, take me for instance. ..last week i changed the line on all 34 of my reels 3 times, rewired my boat twice and sharpened the hooks on all 9342 of my crankbaits.
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