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  1. John Bacon

    ipilot questions

    Do you have a preferrance for Lowrance vs. Humminbird? MG Xi5s can be controlled via Lowrance HDS graphs. Minn Kota iPilots can be controlled via certain Humminbird units. You can use the build in transducers with either brand, but you get additional integration (for more $) with the correct pairing. When considering the voltage, think if how many batteries you want to carry. 24v is probably fine; but 36v may come in handy if you have room for three batteries. For big water trolling, I wouldn't consider anything other than iPilot or Xi5 if you go with MG; but you probably don't Link.
  2. John Bacon

    Well that was fun

    Thanks, the north side will probably be safe by the time I can get out.
  3. John Bacon

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    Did you mean pharmaceuticals? Are they somehow involved in a second wife?
  4. John Bacon

    multiple hooks

    Looks like a spreader. It is common to use them with minnows when ice fishing.
  5. John Bacon

    multiple hooks

    The artificial lure requirement has been removed from the regulation. Now all trebles count as a single hook regardless of whether or not they are attached to an artifical lure. These should be perfectly legal.
  6. John Bacon

    Well that was fun

    I was working in Barrie today. I noticed that the huts all seemed to be on the south side of the bay. Is that because the ice is safer; or, because the fishing is better there? I am hoping to get out on the bay after work a few times. I am working on the north side of the bay.
  7. John Bacon

    Spruced up an old ranger tiller

    Looks great. It's hard to believe that boat from 1991 can still look that good.
  8. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    More importantly, he is inferior to Curtis McElhinney Yee haw. Leafs tied it up with 8 seconds to go.
  9. John Bacon

    Maybe Wrong Bear to Shoot

    That was my initial thought too when I first read the article. But, as akaShag stated, it's not really clear whether the "remains" included the meat.
  10. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Slip of the tongue; or not?
  11. I can't reply to your post about the Frenchman's Bay boat launch.

    From what I understand, they do plan to eventually re-open the boat launch for small craft.  Unfortunately, there are no plans for any dedicated parking for vehicles with trailers, so it will be of limited use for people with power boats.  Since contruction has already befgun on the site; I doubt that there is any chance of changing things now.  

    1. JMFJMF


      Thank you for the reply John. The parking spaces for vehicles and trailers already exists and requires no additional construction or maintenance expenses. It has always been sufficient to accommodate all users. The problem is that they closed the access with a gate. Removing the gate would be very small job (or locking it in the open position, even easier) which can be done in a few minutes by a friendly volunteer at no cost. 

    2. John Bacon

      John Bacon

      Those spots will be gone when contruction is completed (at least according to the plans that I have seen).  There will be parallel parking along the side of the road.  Perhaps you'll get lucky and there will be a spot long enough for a vehicle with trailer.

      My brother-in-law attended some of the meetings for the project.  He did say that most people preferred to just leave the area the way it was.  Unfortunately, that's not what the politicians chose to do.


    3. JMFJMF


      Parallel parking is acceptable. But it's the gate that is forbidding access to the launching beach. 

      What I saw recently is that they urbanized the place, completely stripping it of its semi rural charm. It now looks like an ordinary downtown city park, quite an ugly one too, which is a pity. It will take many centuries for nature to heal this ... if it is left to do it.  I understand why most people who were fortunate to be invited to the meetings preferred to leave it the way it was. For me it was a place I much enjoyed going to for a relaxing walk, especially in the winter. I won't be going there any more for that. It's sad to see another good thing that is taken away from us.

      But the boat launching beach was the last place for us to access Lake Ontario in this region. The (very few) other launches in the city core are totally affordable to people like us. That is why I would like to have as much help as possible to fight this and have this access restored (ie. the gate removed.)

  12. John Bacon

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    If I remember correctly, studies indicated that there was no difference in accident rates between holding a cell phone or using hands free to speak. They were both equally distracting. Texting would be another matter though.
  13. John Bacon

    Boat Speed .

    So the angle of the dangle determines how much action you'll be getting?
  14. John Bacon

    NF - Undersized lower end ports

    Well, the issue is that my tool was too large for the hole. I had to find someone with a smaller tool... 😉