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  1. Tohatsu makes/made small Evinrudes, Mercury, Nissan (I'm not sure they're still available), as well as their own brand. I believe that Honda, Yamaha, & Suzuki make their own.
  2. Thanks for the offer. I don't think it will be required though. They make the axles to order; and they request the centre to centre spring measurement. So, I am expecting it to have the perches already welded in the correct location.
  3. I ordered from Cerka. I reached out to Eastons; but they didn't bother getting back to me.
  4. Thanks, I'm replacing the axle due to the bearing issues anyway. So, there really isn't much effort involved. But thanks for the technical input. I am towing with a fairly low vehicle; so it sounds like I would be better off stay with an under slung axle.
  5. I'm planning to order a new axle for my trailer. My current axle is under slung (axle on top of spring). I am contemplating switching to over slung to gain a couple more inches of clearance. Would there be any negative effects to making the switch?
  6. Isn't Blue-Green algae toxic? If that is what it is; you may not want to fish there.
  7. Thanks, but Cerka has a 3,500 lb axle assembly for $155. I don't think it would make ecomomic sense to have the axle serviced and the bearing replaced it I can get an axle assembly for $155 http://www.cerka.ca/20a39sa-3500-lb-single-straight-trailer-axle-idler-hubs Yeah, I think that's what I will endup doing. I took a more thorough set of measurements. There seem to be some ridges with increased diameter along with sections that have been gouged and have a smaller diameter. The smallest diameter is towards the end where the outer bearing would sit. The largest diameter is towards the middle That could be sanded down to allow the inner bearing to fit on. But then the outer bearing is going to have a bit of a sloppy fit. The inner bearing would be sitting partly on an undamaged section, and partly on a gouged section. I don't think I would ever trust that on a long trip.
  8. Thanks, but what about the parts of the axle that have a reduced diameter? The bearing races will be sitting on the narrow parts of the axle. Your method will allow me to get the bearings on; but I would be concerned about how long they will last if the fit is a bit sloppy. Regardless, I may need to do this if I want to tow it somewhere where it can be serviced.
  9. Thanks, I will give them a call. There is definite damage to the axle. So, a proper fix would be a new axle. I certainly wouldn't take any long trips with the damaged axle.
  10. So, an axle would have a mileage rating as well as a weight rating? Or, am I reading that wrong.
  11. Thanks, I will look into a new axle. For the prices mentioned; it's probably worth it for the peace of mind. People seem to think highly of Eastons. Are there any places trailer places closer to Scarborough or Barrie that I should consider? I live in Scarborough and currently commute to a client in Barrie. If not, I will have to find some time for a trip to Eastons.
  12. Thanks for all of your input. Does anyone have any knowledge of standard axle sizes? It does seem strange that mine is just a few thousands of an inch larger than what I assume are standard bearing sizes. I wouldn't mind having an expert do it; but getting there is an issue. All of the specialty places are all closed this weekend. It sucks that this happens just when we get some nice conditions on Lake Ontario. Does anyone have any suggestions for a bearing supplier in Barrie?
  13. Buying a hub doesn't really solve the problem. It still has to be forced onto the axle. But thanks for the tip about Oshawa Bearing. I hope that they are open today.
  14. Are axle sizes pretty standard for trailers? Last month I had to replace the bearings on one wheel. I purchased bearings from Princess Auto that were supposed to be for axles up to 1.06" in diameter. I was able to get the bearings on to my axle; but it took a lot of force. When I see other people changing bearings, they just slide them on without any significant resistance. I measured my axle with a micrometer; and it showed a diameter of 1.0668". The micrometer came with a supposedly one inch block; which I assume is for testing purposes. When I measure that, I get 1.0006". If I apply the same error to the axle; it gives me 1.0662"; which is slightly larger than the 1.06" that the bearing is designed for. The original bearings did fail on my; so I ended up driving with no bearings for some time. Would the larger size of my axle to due to damage? Or, are there bearings designed for a 1.0662" axle? I need to re-replace the bearing after about three trips. I suspect that it's due to damaging the bearings by forcing them onto the axle. I am sure I can do that again; but I am hoping to find a solution that lasts more than three trips. Does anyone have any advice? Are they any places that you recommend to buy bearings?
  15. Tungsten is much denser than steel. So tungsten weights will be heavier than steels waits of the same size.
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