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  1. Genie: What do you choose for your first wish? Joe: To be rich wish granted Genie: What do you choose for your second wish? Rich: To have a lot of money...
  2. Wild second generation "co-nook" (or is that Chin-Hos) have been found on Vancouver Island. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/hybrid-salmon-discovered-by-scientists-on-vancouver-island-1.5318092?fbclid=IwAR1HK_todgQUlq-7NCUCIlSPOTSQXXICCGzZhe0EJ-XlHwAfuLTyoXrBzrA
  3. Smaller tires will have to rotate a lot faster putting more wear and tear on the bearings. That may not be an issue if you don't tow it long distances. If you have overslung axles, then switching to underslung could drop the trailer up to five inches. The axle style can make a difference too. My old 2" square axle that didn't require perches, placed the centre line of the axle 1" above the springs. My new 2.5" diametre axle with perches places the centre line of the axle about 2" above the springs. So my new axle has dropped the boat about 1".
  4. She didn't actually say 500 scientists. It was "500 scientists and qualified commentators". That's a little vague. That could be five scientists and 495 "qualified commentators". She also didn't deny that man made global warming is happening. She only stated that is was not a climate emergency. I don't have any doubt that they can make an electric vehicle that can be safely submerged; the technology to do so definitely exists. The question is, did they? They may have cut a few corners to same money like Nissan did my not including liquid cooling for the battery in their car. And I wouldn't consider driving through a puddle to be the same as being submerged.
  5. Quite often when launching a boat, the tow vehicle will be partially submerged in the water. Are electric vehicles designed to be able to handle this partial submersion in water? This would be especially relevant to electric trucks which many people would use for towing.
  6. I think that climate change is one of the symptoms of overpopulation.
  7. Actually, it can be several years ahead. E.g. Nylander has already been paid 40% of his entire six year contract; and he hasn't even played a full season yet. https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/toronto-maple-leafs/william-nylander-15746/
  8. That is incorrect. If a player receives it up front, it can be invested and earn additional income over the year. And it's not just within the year. A player can receive money in year one instead of spread out over seven years. That could result in several million dollars in investment earnings over the life of the contract.
  9. But it did have Lucy Lawless. At least the one I am thinking of did. https://www.starz.com/series/spartacus/cast
  10. They should probably cover you for replacement cost; not what you paid. How many lures do you think the box held? If you used a $15/lure average, that's almost 700 lures. Unless you're counting jig heads, etc., I don't think there were 700 lures in the box.
  11. Actually, there is some logic to testing everybody. If an investigation revealed that a different person than they claimed was driving, it would be useful to know that person's blood alcohol level at the time of the incident.
  12. Has anybody tried the tree top trekking in Stouffville? How was it? Is there enough to do there to spend a few hours?
  13. Interesting. I wonder if he was betting on the Senators... https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/u-casino-sues-ottawa-senators-140748215.html
  14. Actually, I believe that there been more fatailities from black bears than from grizzlies? It would have more to do with the relative populations of each species rather than from black bears being the more dangerous animal.
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