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  1. That could be misleading. Covid patients have specfic needs such as an ICU & respirator. Even if half there are a lot of empty beds, they may still be near capacity for the specific needs of Covid patients.
  2. I don't think it's either feasible nor reasonable to open launches for just fisherman.
  3. No amount of expertise is better than an actual on water test. If I was thinking of buying a prop, I would seek advise. If I already had the other prop I would just try it out and get actual results.
  4. It's not that hard to switch props. Why not just switch it out and see how each one performs and then go with the one that you prefer.
  5. Thanks, I am sure the fishing is good; but that's a little further than I am prepared to travel for early season solo fishing.
  6. Thanks, I will check back in mid-April then. I was hoping to use Ashbridges; but I assume that it is closed.
  7. Canada too. I read that one of the Atlantic provinces as delayed sport fishing this year. It hasn't been closed in Ontario yet; but some of the launches have been closed.
  8. I think a lot of the boat launches are closed. The driveway is gated at Whitby. I understand that the bluffers launches are closed. I'd like to get out, but that may not be feasible.
  9. Someone that always stays at least six feet away from you...
  10. It's a remote area in the bush. I can't think of a reason for it not to there.
  11. How many of you have been using these?
  12. Glad to have you back. Hope that you can stay for a while 😉
  13. Thanks, we picked up the computer today. $80 for labour and $10 for a fan hub. And there is a gap between the mother board and the case 😉 Learned a little; and it all worked out in the end. The guy at Canada Computers was a great guy to deal with. It doesn't look quite the same as yours though. That's an impressive unit.
  14. Thanks for all of your input. We dropped it off at Canada Computers. They will rebuild for $80. And we do need standoffs for the mother board. The board would have been fried if he had powered up with it screwed directly to the case.
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