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  1. Free speech means that he doesn't go to jail for saying it. It doesn't mean that he still gets to be a member of the caucus.
  2. Brand new in the box propellor for Mercury outboard 10.3" diameter by 13" pitch with 13 splines. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1544124108
  3. Locallized swelling has been reported for the Covid vaccines. 😉 Prior to Viagra, Upjohn sold Caverject, which was a locally injectable aid. Considering that vaccine requires two injections several weeks apart, I think I can wait for a slower release.
  4. We do have manufacturing facilities in Canada. What we don't have is government controlled facilities capable of producing the required quantities of vaccine. I know there was a facility in Quebec that could have been up and running by year end (if they had starting preparing several months ago). They would have been able to make about 125,000 doses per month. We need more than that to get this under control. The decision was to purchase from other countries instead of making too little of our own.
  5. Electric vehicles are heavier than gas powered ones. That is a bigger disadvantage in boats than it is for cars & trucks. Electric vehicles are also more expensive upfront, but are cheaper to run. But since most people don't put nearly as many miles on their boats as they do on their cars & trucks, there won't be nearly as many savings in operating costs to offset the initial purchase price. I think it will be a long time before fully electric boats are common.
  6. I guess I'd be too big to ride an electric Beaver then. 😉
  7. Have you looked at G3 boats? They're owned by Yamaha, so you should be able to get a package. But, yeah, most of the other boats seem to be either owned by, or otherwise associated with Mercury.
  8. To be clear, BRP is a completely different and independant company from Bombardier who make trains and planes. Even though the B in BRP stands for Bombardier, it's still a separate and independant company. Having said that. BRP will probably still have parts available for more than 10 years. But 20 or 30 years from now remains to be seen.
  9. I think that all four stroke Johnsons were made by Suzuki. I don't think the OMC/Bombardier/BRP every made a four stroke outboard of their own. The smaller Evinrudes were made by Tohatsu. They never made a small sized E-tec.
  10. I wouldn't exclude it outright. But, I would pay less for an Evinrude than other motors. If it's a current model, I would also wonder how long marine grade two stroke motor oil will be available. I don't think anyone is selling two stroke motors in North America anymore. I am sure oil will be available for the 15-20 years. After that, finding it may start to become difficult.
  11. Doesn't it have to less than five years old to qualify for free replacement?
  12. I think that depends on the age of the plate.
  13. So they can hate crime to dangerous boating and harassing people fishing.
  14. A name was posted on Facebook. So the OPP should know by now.
  15. I don't have any trouble bringing a 16 lb Torpedo up from over a 100'. But I am bigger than most guys. Electric would be nice so that I could get the weight up and out of the way while playing the fish. But I think I spent about $250 on a pair of brand new manuals. I wasn't prepared to spend the money for a pair of electrics.
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