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  1. Who do you think you're kidding. That's the reason you bought it in the first place. 😉
  2. There was one on Woodbine north of #7. Prior to that, they were located on Yonge north of Finch. I don't ever recall a LeBaron's in Richmond Hill.
  3. I have the Marinco plug. I believe that they make the Minn Kota plug too. I agree with them being crap. I am planning to replace mine.
  4. I don't really shop there for clothes, but I find their fishing gear to be reasonably priced. I also find their staff to be quite knowable, especially for a large chain store. I hope that they manage to pull through.
  5. What are the chances of it making it through the locks? 😉
  6. You're mixing two different companies up. BRP is separate from Bombardier.
  7. It seems strange to me too. I thought that one of reasons for acquiring the boat brands was to boost outboard sales by packaging their boats with Evinrudes. I think that Mercury has had a big advantage over Evinrude in the last couple of decades because they owned several boat brands and could package their boats and motors.
  8. Well, it took me three tries to find a place that would fix a tire with an inner tube. When I picked it up, he told me it there was not inner tube, he justed needed to replace the valve... I have no idea why the guys at Canadian Tire thought it had an inner tube.
  9. That's interesting, you gained speed with a four bladed prop.
  10. Appearently I have inner tubes in my tires. That's what the guy at Canadian Tire told me. He said that they cannot fix it because they don't service wheels with inner tubes. I am hoping my local guy is open on Monday so I can get it taken car of soon.
  11. Has anyone else had trailer tire valves break over the winter? This is the third time that I have had a flat tire in the spring. In all three cases, it was due to a broken valve stem.
  12. I was checking out the forecast and it showed 128km/h winds with gusts up to 192 km/h on Thursday. Fortunately, they updated it before I could post and it nows shows a more manageable 16km/h out of the south. But was an interesting few minutes while I pictured the wave action resulting from those winds.
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