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  1. John Bacon

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    I have always put moth balls in my boat. I have only ever had one issue where something chewed on my gas line near the back of the boat. I store mine outdoors under a tarp. I use a Navigloo frame which is tall enough to eliminate any issues with snow. I have been saving the clear plastic containers that berries are sold in. They are well ventilated and should be a good place to put the moth balls in the boat for the winter.
  2. John Bacon

    50 Point Conservation Area + Kelson Beach

    Thanks, the outing is on hold for now. But I appreciate the ideas.
  3. I am going to be in the 50 Point Conservation Area tomorrow with a friend and her eight year old daughter. Is anybody here familiar with the Consveration Area and Kelson beach? It doesn't look like much from Google Earth; but the pictures from the web site look better. I was just wondering if it was worth visiting. Also, does anyone know if there are change rooms for the beach? Is there anything else in the area that is good for a family visit?
  4. John Bacon

    Seattle Plane Crash

    Sounds like it was more a joy ride than an act of terror. https://www.dailywire.com/news/34375/hijacked-plane-seattle-crashes-after-f15s-engage-ryan-saavedra https://q13fox.com/2018/08/10/plane-hijacked-from-sea-tac-international-airport-fighter-jets-said-to-be-in-pursuit/
  5. John Bacon

    29,000 year old fishing equipment found

    Who found that carbon dating isn't all that accurate? And when did the find that out? I don't see any holes in the ones on the picture. But we only see them from one angle; so I guess they could have holes.
  6. John Bacon

    Salmon in the river...

    Did it start building a dam above the ladder?
  7. John Bacon

    Salmon in the river...

    Not just salmon and trout 😉
  8. John Bacon

    Nice goldfish

    A little big for the acquarium; but it makes a nice picture.
  9. John Bacon

    Simple 2" square tubing for trailer extension?

    Wouldn't that cause the trailer tongue to sit on the ground? I think that he needs a rigid bar to hold the tongue off the ground. If he added a pivot then I think he would also need to add a wheel to suppor the tongue. The trailer jack may work, but their wheels are usually pretty small.
  10. I think the 45" should work. I ran a 42" shaft on an Alumacraft Lunker V16 Ltd for several years. That was a little short; but you'd have a 3" longer shaft on a boat that is a bit shallower. That should keep the prop in the water in rough water. With a 45" shaft on a 29" deep boat, you should be able to put the prop shaft 16" below the bottom of the boat. That should keep the prop in the water in a pretty good chop. If you fish shallows with a 60" shaft your going to have to have the motor about three feet above the bow deck to keep it off the bottom.
  11. I think the 60" shaft is over kill for that boat. Even a 54" inch shaft is on the long side for that boat. I have a 54" inch shaft on my Princecraft Holiday DLX; there are times when I wished I had gone with the 48" shaft. I wouldn't recommend the 60" even if you do go with 24v. The 55lb will be adequate for most situations; but more power is never a bad thing. Is there battery storage for 24v system? I when with a 12v system for my boat because the battery compartment was designed for a single battery. If you have room for an extra battery, then I would go with 24v. If not, the 12v will be fine for most fishing conditions.
  12. John Bacon


    Overall, I think our gun laws are pretty good here. I think we have a good balance that allows people to own guns without allowing people to legally walk around the city with loaded handguns. Perhaps some stricter sentencing for those who have used guns is crime.
  13. John Bacon

    Can't complain about mileage

    But the C comes from hydro carbons; not pure carbon. The properties of compound are not like the properties of the individual atoms. The properties of NaCl (aka table salt) are not the properties of either chlorine gas nor sodium. Water has more oxygen than the air we breath; but I wouldn't recommend trying to breath it. Carbon combined with hydrogen is used for fuel. Carbon combined with oxygen is used to extinguish fires. Carbon and hydro carbons are very different. A piece of carbon is not easy to burn.
  14. John Bacon

    Can't complain about mileage

    Fe + O2 = FeO or Fe2O3. But try lighting a piece of iron or steel on fire. Carbon is certainly not at the top of the list of things in an engine that might start on fire.
  15. John Bacon

    Can't complain about mileage

    Carbon isn't going to start a fire. Carbon is what's left over when the fire is done. Did you mean hydro-carbons (i.e. the fuel?)