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  1. Wasn't it you who claimed that he was possibly the greatest player in the world; or something to that effect? I guess you don't like him so much now that he is no longer with Ottawa. 😉
  2. I remember the Ballard years. I don't recall the Leafs having to tarp over empty seats due to unsold tickets...
  3. Run three motors in forward, two in reverse, and turn one off. Should troll nicely. 😉
  4. Does this mean that you can move the winch from front to back as required?
  5. Pretty slim in my opinion. The chance of one or the other happening is not too low. But, the chance of both happening together is very unlikely.
  6. I don't think that there's much difference in weight. The 5hp Mercury (Tohatsu?) propane motor weighs 59.5 lbs vs. 57 lbs for the 5hp gas motor. I think that the gas & propane outboards are using the same 123cc Tohatsu engine block. 2.5 gallons of gas would weight about 15 pounds; the same as your estimate for a 5 pound propane tank. The gas version can run off either and internal or external gas tank.
  7. Yeah, it would be so much easier to be Sens fan and not have to worry about whether or not your team is going to make the playoffs...
  8. I don't think that you're allowed to fish there.
  9. A couple of rods for three kids. That could be a problem 😉
  10. Bombardier purchased OMC in 2001. BRP was spun off from Bombardier in 2003.
  11. Yes, not completely polution free. And it will produce CO too.
  12. Looks like a Tohatsu; they make small outboards for Mercury & Evinrude. It has the same displacement and styling as the 4 to 6 hp Tohatsu motors. There's a lot of misinformation in the video. Propane is not zero emissions. It's a hydro-carbon and will produce CO2. It's cleaner than gasoline; but completely polution free.
  13. How expensive is 5hp going to be on fuel even if you're paying a premium on the propane?
  14. Wasn't OMC long gone by 2008? I think the major problems with the Ficht motors was more in the 90s.
  15. I am not sure what holding tank pictures you are referring to; but are there any features in particular that would indicate that it is a tiger? The tail and fins look to be very pointed which is associated with pure strain musky.
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