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  1. Tiger muskies tend to have rounded fins like a pike. The fins in the first picture look more pointed like a muskie. I agree with those saying it's pure muskie.
  2. It's not has convenient as the old cable drives with a pull rope (Well, until the rope breaks). But I don't find it to be too much of an issue. Perhaps using a rope with a loop on the end will help lift it.
  3. It has to be vertical to turn on. I have an Xi5. When I lift it out of the water, all the lights turn off.
  4. It would have been fun catching that from your pontoon boat.
  5. Maybe, but hatchery fish doesn't mean that it's a triploid.
  6. I think the official world record bow from lake Diefenbacker is a triploid. However, I haven't seen any evidence that this brown is a triploid.
  7. Well that's impressive. https://www.facebook.com/chris.brookins.9461/videos/166029168901030
  8. Viking was an Eaton's brand motor. It was probably made by OMC (Johnson/Evinrude).
  9. Well, if he's still driving the same truck, he's probably due for another one. 😉
  10. I believe that Force are in fact the old Chrysler motors. Chrysler was forced to sell their outboard motor business as part of the early 80s bailout. The new owners called them Force.
  11. From my understanding, in NHL history, the winner of a Habs/Leafs payoff series has always gone on to win the Stanely Cup. We'll see if it holds this year.
  12. Anybody have recommendations for an HVAC person? My hope A/C is not cooling the house. I need to get it repaired or replaced. Thanks
  13. I guess mounting these is probably not a one person job. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=836635507196229&set=a.109297263263394
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