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  1. Electric vs Propane Water Heater

    Most of the modern natural gas heaters are power vented and have electronic ignition; so they need electricity to run. I suspect that the propane ones are the same. However, a generator should be able to provide enough power for the ignition and venting.
  2. Such a terrible thing.

    Why should GoFundMe be run as a not for profit?
  3. Such a terrible thing.

    The truck driver had a stop sign and the bus driver didn't. They are still investigating, but unless the brakes failed on the truck, it seems unlikely that they could come to to any conclusion other than the truck driver being at fault.
  4. Rope Lure for gar

    Looking at the quotes from the regulations summary (see below). The rope lure would seem to fit the definition of angling rather than 'non-angling methods'. According to the regulations, angling require a line; it doesn't mention hook. Non-angling methods of capturing fish include: dip nets, seine nets, spears, and bow & arrow. The rope lure certainly doesn't fit any of those. Based on what I see on the summary of regulations, I would interpret the rope lure as 'angling' rather than a 'non-angling method of capturing fish' As per the regulations summary: Angling – Angling means fishing with a line that is held in the hand or attached to a rod that is held in the hand or closely attended. Residents and non-Canadian residents with a valid recreational fishing licence may fish with one dip net, one seine net, one spear or a bow and arrow for the species and during the periods outlined below. Dip nets may be no more than 183 cm (6 ft.) on each side if square, or 183 cm (6 ft.) in diameter, if circular. Seine nets may be no more than 10 m (32.8 ft.) long and 2 m (6.5 ft.) high. Spears cannot be possessed on or within 30 m (98 ft.) of the edge of any waterbody except when fishing for carp and white sucker as described on this page. Northern Pike spearing is not allowed. Bow and arrow: includes all longbows. Longbows are considered a firearm under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.
  5. Canoe Motor Mount

    If you're worried, just put some dowels or bolts through the top piece that will sit out side of the gunwales. You may need to loosen the bolts a little more to get it on; but it won't be sliding forward one once it's tightened up.
  6. Rope Lure for gar

    From Ontario? If not, it may have been legal in their location.
  7. NF - Roofing Company

    Thanks I have the original shingles on a house built in 2003; so there is no point in trying to repair it. I would consider doing a bungalow myself; but I don't want be up on a two story house.
  8. Boat cover support

    Are you planning to use this for towing or just storage? I use a frame made by Navigloo for winter storage. It works well; but it's not for towing and takes a little too long to setup for covering the boat between trips.
  9. NF - Roofing Company

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a good roofing company in the Scarborough area?

    It sounds like whatever you guys were getting just hit Scarborough now. No evening fishing on Lake Ontario tonight.
  11. Outboard question

    I think this is a traditional two stroke. They were made until at least 2008.
  12. Got Me A New Toy. :)

    I am no expert; but that sounds more like neutral than brakes...
  13. Boat Modzz

    My first choice would be to add a piece behind what is already there rather than replacing it altogether.
  14. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I was hoping for 5th. But 4th isn't too bad. But I am sure they'll win the first overall pick next year