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  1. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I assume that it's the same water that you've been drinking for quite some time now. And the same water the Senators management drinks. Toronto water seems fine.
  2. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Are you counting periods; or games? They haven't even played the Stars twice this season; let alone beat them twice.
  3. John Bacon

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    I guess you would need to plug some chambers to hunt in shot gun mode.
  4. John Bacon

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Are these legal? Something to consider if you plan to do this a lot. http://www.blaser-usa.com/index.php?id=56&L=1
  5. John Bacon

    Lund problems 😳

    Good point.
  6. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    How far back are you going to claim that Ottawa beat the Stars twice? It wasn't this season. Never the less, I am surprised by their performance so far. If they keep it up, there may be some good deals on tarps; maybe even in time to winterize some boats.
  7. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

  8. John Bacon

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    No, flossing is specifically getting the fishing line in the fish's mouth. Think of flossing your teeth. The floss goes in one side of your mouth and out the other. That's where the name comes from. If the fish swims into your line and ends up with the line going in one side of its mouth and out the other, then the fish has been flossed. Any attempt to hook a fish somewhere other than their mouth is snagging regardless of actual technique.
  9. John Bacon

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    Actually, a flossed fish is legal as long as its hooked in the mouth. Although, flossins is frowned on, it would be too difficult to enforce a law that attempted to separate fish that were flossed versus fish that bit a lure or bait. But, hooking it in the body is called snagging; not flossing.
  10. John Bacon

    All Weather Tires

    Studded tires are not legal in southern Ontario; and would be overkill for the Toronto area.
  11. https://globalnews.ca/news/4531549/west-wall-of-port-hope-harbour-collapses/
  12. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    If Sundin had wanted to leave Toronto, he would have signed in the offseason, not half way thorugh the season in mid-December. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but it seems a bit funny to blame someone for refusing to waive a no-trade clause. What's the point in having a no-trade clause if the player shouldn't be able to use it? I would have liked to see the Leafs get something for him; but I just don't see why a player would be obligated to not use a clause in his contract.
  13. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    That's 100% on the Leafs; he wanted to finish his career with Leafs. The Leafs chose not to resign him. He eventually ended up signing with Vancouver (he actually missed a good chunk of the season because if signed later in the year) It doesn't make sense to blame Sundin for the Leaf's decision to not bother re-signing someone who wants to play for them.
  14. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I guess they knew that they couldn't reach the top bar, so they decided to go for the bottom one. 😉
  15. John Bacon

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Senators' management drops the ball once more... https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/senators-drop-ball-home-opener-035524257.html