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  1. Maybe Bomber Long-A Saltwater or Smithwick Suspending Super Rogue? Even a Rapala X-Rap XR12 should be good. Look for jerkbaits that have an internal weight transfer system.
  2. I did see the Savage Gear 4Play Hard Baits at Sail a few years ago (the last time I was there). It's funny, because I actually had some in my basket and I ended up putting them back. As Brad mentioned, I ordered most of the Savage Gear stuff from the UK. The exchange rate was good at the time and the shipping is very cheap since they use standard post. Others I ordered through eBay from UK sellers that had an eBay store. Harris Sportsmail had the best prices at the time and they have regular sales on. My local shop sells them for $40 (although, I think they are all on clearance now for $25 or something)...which is crazy, since I paid something like $15-$20. The Live Target swimbaits look great. I haven't tried them yet, maybe in a couple of weeks.
  3. If you're interested in articulated swimbaits as well, the Savage Gear 4play line is awesome. The hard lures and the soft lures. The hard versions come in three models - lipless and two lipped for different depths. The line-thru trout is pretty wicked too, but I'd probably only be casting the smaller sizes (goes from 6" up to 16"). I also have some Westin "Mike the Pike" that are very popular in Europe, but haven't had the chance to use them too much. There are a lot of 5"-6" paddletail swimbaits (both hollow belly and solid) that all work well. Take your pick. As mentioned, the Shadzilla Jr (7") and Shadzilla (9.5") are a nice choice when you want something bigger. Personally, I only have the Jr.'s which I use for pike fishing. I really like the Svartzonker line of swimbaits, but you can't beat the price of the Shadzilla's. Two rigged Jr.s for ~$20 is pretty decent IMO. Savage Gear Hard 4-Play Savage Gear Soft 4-Play Savage Gear Line-Thru Trout Westin Mike the Pike
  4. Not sure what you're ordering, but I've ordered tackle from the UK many times. They ship standard post, so the shipping was always reasonable. Maybe you can find what you're looking for there. Harris Sportsmail was always fairly decent. Most of my orders were from them. Although, the last time I ordered the exchange on the British pound was relatively good (1.60 CDN = 1 pound; now it's about 1.77).
  5. Was looking at the wrong Dog Lake. The Dog Lake in Missanabie is available with the Navionics webapp. MNR map also available. Was mistakenly looking at Dog Lake near Thunder Bay.
  6. I paid $15 for that app!! I had to buy it again when I got my new phone too. I guess they changed that. Free is always good. If you have your own boat with a nice big battery etc. it's definitely more viable to use a smartphone. I always come from the perspective of flying into a camp and using camp boats. I still prefer my handheld, but I wouldn't go drop $100 to $200 on a GPS if it was for a single trip though if the smartphone was viable(who am I kidding,, I probably would). I checked my MNR maps for Dog Lake and it's been partially mapped like you mentioned. Probably about 50% of it was mapped. So, it's likely Navionics didn't want to include a partial map.
  7. A lot of good advice. Similar to others, i suggest things: 1) If you already own a smartphone, get the Navionics app. It's cheap and the maps are included. It's a nice little app to play around with. Go to the Navioncs Webapp in your Browser to get an idea of what it's like. However, I wouldn't use that as my soul source. Why? Battery life. I don't know about everyone else, but my phone battery doesn't last long enough, especially with GPS on. It's even worse i the cold. You can get portable power pack rechargers though. Not all maps are included either. I checked Dog Lake and it was strange, not sure if that's included or not. Looks like it, but I didn't see contours. Not sure what is up with that. 2) A handheld unit. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend (OLD) and am about to upgrade to the GPSMAP64s or the eTrex 20x. My reason for Garmin is I already have maps on chips, so I want to be able to use them. That's another very important point. Maps. They aren't cheap. I have two chips and both cost me $100+ each. Not sure if that's changed or not, as it's been quite some time. That's another reason the Navionics Phone App is so appealing. The maps are included. The big benefit of a handheld is the battery life. Mine uses 2 AA and I can leave it on 14hours straight for a couple of days. Just pop in new batters once or twice during the week. Normal Duracell or Energizers are just fine. I'd stay away from most rechargables because they operate at a lower voltage. Although, the Eneloops batteries mentioned are some of the best. Unnecessary though. Lithium batteries may last a bit longer than alkalines, but they are generally not worth the extra cost unless your device needs surges of power. The Costco Kirkland brand of alkalines always gets high ratings if you're looking for something inexpensive. I usually just buy Duracell on sale. If your main concerns is not getting lost, a handheld is a better choice IMO. As mentioned, it's easy to record ant trails/bread crumbs to get home. Batteries will last all day and its very easy to bring a couple spare AA's with you to replace them if you need to. Sure, you can probably do the same with a smartphone, but with poor battery life and the fact they are just not as rugged or water resistant makes me go with the handheld GPS. A third option is a "portable" Sonar with GPS. You can get some cheaper than a handheld GPS. Again, you have to buy maps (most likely) and you would be using a 12V battery. If it's just for waypoints and ant trails, it's a good cheap option but battery life may be an issue depending on the situation.
  8. No offense, but that could have easily been a young kid and the results far worse. Maybe she shouldn't be driving at all? Not saying that's the case, but it's definitely concerning.
  9. Not sure, but maybe you can use GPS Visualizer? Copy the correct files from your GPS onto the computer and you should be able to view the waypoints using that program. Not sure if that helps much though. I've only done that in the other direction - coordinates to txt file and put that onto my Garmin eTrex using Garmin's free POI loader software.
  10. Magz makes really good spreaders. http://www.magzmfg.com/product.html Hard to find though. At least, for me it is. The thing about spreaders is they work fantastic on a lot of lakes, but I prefer using other things on lakes like Simcoe. Lake Bernard or Lake of Bays, most definitely.
  11. Anyone use Cabela's or BPS gift cards at the opposite location? I believe I read online that you can, just wondering if any has actually been through that. I really liked going to LeBaron. They had items I could only get there and the prices were always decent. Although, I moved from Toronto years ago and never returned after that. I think Sail is decent enough though.
  12. Both are probably good options. Could consider Kag (lodge or outpost - TwinLakes probably better location, but it's all very accessible) and Onaman as well. Although, Onaman is probably better known for Walleye. I'd suggest looking into Hearst Air camps on the Attawapiskat also. Napken had some interesting variety as well - river, current, bays etc.. Was an interesting lake. Should be a plenty of weed beds to fish in the summer. Don't overlook Kesagami out of Cochrane either. They also have outpost camps on lakes where you can easily portage into Kesagami if you don't want to stay at the lodge. Bushland Adventures on Lac Evans is similar. You should read Mike B's report from this lake. Another interesting option is North Caribou Camps. You fly out of Thunder Bay airport to a jumping point and then to the camp. Flights to Thunder Bay are very reasonable if the drive is too long. North Caribou Lake is amazing.
  13. Oh nice, he is still selling them? Ask if he makes a copper/orange version. Mine are all brass/gold and orange.
  14. Gibbs made something similar called the Tempter (spoon 1 in image from left). I have a couple that were made in the USA that are labeled as K-2 and K3 Wrinkle (spoon 2, 3). I also have a couple similar to the one you have (spoon 4, 5). They aren't labelled at all though. They are both curved, but the image doesn't show it very well. Bass Pro Shops used to make spoons that have similar curvatures as well. No clue on the name, XPS something I am sure. I couldn't find them. Far right spoon in the second image.
  15. http://business.financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/how-to-register-to-receive-25-loblaw-card-after-bread-price-fixing-arrangement-admission https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/how-to-register-for-25-loblaw-card-after-bread-price-fixing-admission-1.3728826 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/loblaw-parent-company-alerted-competition-watchdog-to-bread-price-fixing/article37387816/ http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/weston-loblaw-bread-price-fixing-1.4457061 All the details are in the link. They price fixed the bread and will give away $25 gift card. Offer expires May 8, 2018 https://loblawcard.ca
  16. Drive to Brook Trout will be a challenge. Totomenai Lodge might be worth looking into. You'd have to hit some of the back lakes for Splake or Brook Trout though. The same could probably be said for other lodges in the area. http://www.canadafishingguide.net/a-tale-of-four-fishes-a-trip-to-air-dale-lodge/
  17. Mike Borger did a report on Lac Evans. Looks like it could be a good choice. You should check out all Mikes reports. Hearst Air Camps - Pym, Canada Outpost Kesagami Lake from either the lodge or the outposts that have portages into the lake. As Bill mentioned, North Caribou Camps flies out of Thunder Bay. Place is pretty awesome. Go in the spring.
  18. Either would work just fine, especially if you use braid. If you're primarily fishing wacky without weights, I'd probably go extra fast, but fast would still be good.
  19. St. Croix makes rods specific for bass fishing and tossing Senko's. I'd check them out. The Mojo line is reasonably priced if the Legend Tournament's are too pricey. http://stcroixrods.com/products/freshwater/legend-tournament-bass http://stcroixrods.com/products/freshwater/mojo-bass
  20. Only ice-fished there. Beautiful cottages and great owners. Not sure I can help you with the fishing at all though. Troll flutter spoons?
  21. They bought that camp from True North Air Service a few years back. Maybe you'll have some luck searching with that. Otherwise, they just reopened that camp under Air Cochrane last year. So, won't be much information around under them. I believe it's a shallow very weedy lake. Take a look at the bing.com aerial map of the lake. https://binged.it/2vbZ7JG
  22. You need to figure out who your clientele are going to be before you should even bother asking any of those questions. There is a big difference catering to dedicated fisherman and hunters versus the MD that goes on a fishing trip once a year or the young family that wants a reasonably priced cottage vacation. I highly recommend going to a few trade shows (e.g., the two big ones in Michigan) and talking to all the various lodge owners. Even better, go work as a manager or other staff at one for a summer. Getting and retaining staff is a huge struggle for many lodges in Ontario so I am sure you could find something.
  23. As mentioned, it really comes down to what your throwing. It makes a huge difference if it's double 10's bladed bucktails or bulldawgs. I'd say, save your mioney and buy a Shimano Tranx 300/400, Abu Revo Toro Beast, Daiwa Lexa 400 or a Shimano Calcutta D. Buy used if you have to. These reels should last a long time. The new Abu Ambassadeur Beast looks awesome too. That being said, a lot of people do start out with the Ambassadeur reels. It's probably not a bad idea if you aren't going to be targeting musky all the time. The nice thing about the 6500 is that it has a clicker for trolling, but the 5500 does not. I don't know about the newer ones. Still, if you look around you might be bale to get a much better used reel for not much more money. Even if you go with the Ambassadeur, I got mine used from eBay for a good price.
  24. 20lb Floroclear isn't very large diameter. Any of the standard knots will work. I just use a Palomar knot at the business end, but an improved clinch knot, Berkley knot, Rapala knot etc. should all work fine. To connect to the braid, use a micro-swivel, uni-to-uni, reverse albright or that FG knot. I use uni-to-uni as it's easy to do. The reverse albright is good too though. I still can't tie the FG knot, need some practice. Looks easy, but just hasn't worked for me.
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