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  1. 16ft starcraft starfire owned it 13 years has been flawless 70hp johnson 4 stroke
  2. try around the Lavaigne area on nippissing,good pike ,bass and out farther walleye and lots of water to boat
  3. hand lines with my dad swinging them in the air to get them out with a float on them until he broke down and bought me and my brother a popeils pocket fisherman
  4. a friend use to have a cottage on the lake near McKellar and we did a couple trips every year. Always went for the opener in may and few other times throu june and july. This was in late 80s to mid 90s then property was sold . The walleye and pike fishing was excellent. We even did a few ice fishing trips. In the late 90s and early 2000s the lake was severely over fished and walleye fishing was eventally shut down. We have done a few trips in the last 10 years and the fishing was no where the same,even pike and bass numbers were way down. I do believe now the walleye fishing ban has been lifted to a limit of 1 fish now. I am not up to date on regs on the lake so it maybe different again. It was a great walleye and pike fishery especially in the north area around McKellar and hopefully it bounces back.
  5. might be underpowered fast forward to 4:10 to see it in action https://m.youtube.com/c/cbmedia404
  6. but your missing key facts,most may happen but some still dont and hospital workers are stressed to the max already they dont want to deal with people that are injured for unnecessary endevours,not to mention your potentially putting them at risk if you are asymtomatic something else they dont need. There is currently over 1000 healthcare workers that are infected plus many more that have been forced into self isolation,this cant continue especially with the increase of infected. Hospitalizations usually occur after 5 to 8 days after infected so the numbers will rise. The amount of extra care and time these patients need makes up for the lower percentage of vacantancy. The same amount care givers and time a covid patient needs is considerable more then the knee and hip replacements etc that have been postponed to create space. Those are the facts not propanda
  7. asymtomatic people are the biggest threat,thinking nothing is wrong with them so they carry on like normal around family. Plus non essential travel has the potential to put more stains on the healthcare because accidents and injuries still happen and who wants to go er department right now. I work in a hospital and was just informed one of my co-workers has tested positive and I worked on the weekend with them and they were asymtomatic,even though we never had close contact and we were both wearing our ppe occ. health says I must self isolate for 14 days.
  8. Also below the dam in Hastings near Peterborough have some of the biggest carp I have ever seen.
  9. when in London fish the thames in springbank park lots of big carp there. The westminister ponds also have lots of huge carp in them.
  10. .0 I have a port a bote it will fit on top of any car,and are great when going solo .....
  11. cheap rain suit View Advert an older wetskins comfort zone 2 piece rain suit,jackt and bibs. jacket has hood 2 large pockets,bibs have 2 large pockets and reinforced knees. good condition mens medium but runs large it fits me and i usually wear large.no rips tears zippers work. asking 30 bucks obo pics available throu text or email on request Advertiser bow slayer Date 06/18/2019 Price 30.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  12. st.clair is one of if not the best fisheries in all Ontario for musky pike walleye but if the wind is a blowing the lake gets rough quickly ......the more of that 4 hours you use for driving the lesser the crowds should be,the Ottawa river around mattawa and deep river is worth considering as are the French and pickerel rivers there a couple p.p. on the Ottawa river.
  13. the more stories i read like this the more i lose respect for the modern day peace officers
  14. mathews a no show again 9 playoff games vs. bruins 1 goal and what can you say about nylander that Kelly Hrudey didnt say,totally uselss
  15. i own 3 compres 2 spinning rods and 1 baitcaster rod ,good rods all in the 150 new price range.
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