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  1. A wonderful read. Looking at the pictures of those beautifully coloured fish I feel envious. However as you explain so well, you make sacrifices to have the opportunity of catching them. I selfishly hope you aren't demoralized to the point of giving up your northern adventures. The patients you see while there surely feel that way too, even if lots of them act like jerks. Thank you again for your time and effort to share with us.
  2. akaShag - is there's any specific info you'd like me too try to get while I'm there?
  3. Thanks Steve and CrowMan. I really appreciate the info. Hope to be able to give a report on my success when I get back.
  4. Hi Everyone, Looking for fishing info while on family vacation. We'll be staying in Nipigon Aug 8-12 doing mostly touristy things like Terry Fox memorial, amethyst mines, Kakabeka Falls, Sleeping Giant,etc. Just curious if anyone knows if it would be worthwhile dropping a line in the river while there? Of course I'd love to have the opportunity to get into some specs but would be satisfied with other species. Would trout or salmon be in there that time of year or is that just wishful thinking? Might even take a charter if one was available and seemed promising. August 12-20 we'll be staying with my brother at his cottage on Nagagamisis Lake. It's supposed to have walleye and pike in it. Does anyone have any info on what we can expect as this will be my chance to spend more time fishing. While at my brother's I will have access to a boat however no boat available while in Nipigon. Happy to get PM's if you prefer. Thanks Bernie
  5. That sure looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sorry to hear about your purchase falling through. I'm sure besides being painful financially you were extremely disappointed. Unfortunately I can't help with fishing info around Temagami. There are others on the board who I think are familiar with that area and hopefully they see your post and help you out.
  7. Once again an excellent read. As soon as I see a new episode available it has my complete attention. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into your adventures.
  8. I have seen some similar to that used as decorative antiques. What Dave said is also my understanding of their use.
  9. I just returned from there Sept. 25. I've been going to Shining Tree Camp for the last 20 years; fishing there and different lakes in the area for specks, lakers, splake, rainbows and of course walleye. I'll send you a PM with more detailed info. Did you buy the place that was for sale beside the boat launch?
  10. Irish is 100% correct. I found out the hard way. Didn't have mine with me and the OPP checking gave no time to produce it, just wrote me a ticket for $300 plus the service fee.😡
  11. I always look forward to reading about your adventures. Once again you've provided a great read. For sure many of us think how great it would be to fish some of the places you do but just as sure very,very few would be willing to go through what you do so that you can fish these places. I applaud you not just for sharing your fishing adventures but also for the service you provide to the people in our northern communities.
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