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  1. Once again an excellent read. As soon as I see a new episode available it has my complete attention. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into your adventures.
  2. I have seen some similar to that used as decorative antiques. What Dave said is also my understanding of their use.
  3. I just returned from there Sept. 25. I've been going to Shining Tree Camp for the last 20 years; fishing there and different lakes in the area for specks, lakers, splake, rainbows and of course walleye. I'll send you a PM with more detailed info. Did you buy the place that was for sale beside the boat launch?
  4. Irish is 100% correct. I found out the hard way. Didn't have mine with me and the OPP checking gave no time to produce it, just wrote me a ticket for $300 plus the service fee.😡
  5. I always look forward to reading about your adventures. Once again you've provided a great read. For sure many of us think how great it would be to fish some of the places you do but just as sure very,very few would be willing to go through what you do so that you can fish these places. I applaud you not just for sharing your fishing adventures but also for the service you provide to the people in our northern communities.
  6. That was 4 fours well spent. Too bad about losing the big laker a couple days earlier.
  7. Selection in stores definitely varies. The Belleville (Quinte Mall location)store would have a larger selection than Napanee. Not sure about Kingston but it might be your best bet. Picton also has a fairly large store you could check out if your in that area. You could do some wine tasting while in that area too. If you go to lcbo.com you can search individual stores to see if they carry a particular product your interested in.
  8. Outstanding once again! I wonder how long the "Neutron Dance" will be echoing in my mind?😊 Already looking forward to you reporting on your next adventure.
  9. Another enjoyable read. It's not just your successes that make it interesting but how you face the challenges faced through the journey. Really appreciate you taking the time writing it and allowing us to feel like we were there too.
  10. I'm in Italy right now with my family and as "boombat" said they seem to be a lot more lenient. We arrived in Venice last Thursday and followed the exit signs after getting off the plane.We only saw one way out that said nothing to declare which is the what we had. We stepped through the door and there was no where but outside into Italy for us to go. Unsure we stopped to make sure we were doing right thing and a man came to us in civilian clothes asking what the problem was. We said we thought we should be going through customs and he said "I am customs, I am the law", as he showed us his badge and then added " you have nothing to declare enjoy your visit" Our first visit to Europe but if that's how customs operates in other Euro countries it's certainly less onerous than going into Canada or the U.S.
  11. I've gotten many of these calls and use several tactics to make things uncomfortable. My favourite is asking them to hold on a minute while I go to my computer, that's when I hold the phone to the smoke detector and press "test". I was messing with them so much my wife thought they were using our number for new trainees to call.?
  12. Thanks all for the input. This is just the type of info I was hoping to get.
  13. Hi all; I'm thinking of buying an ATV around 500 cc engine size or a side by side same sized engine or perhaps a bit larger. Looking for advice on brands to avoid and why I should avoid them. Feel free to recommend any particular brand as well. I don't need the fastest and flashiest machine available; just something to do a little trail riding and to travel into remote lakes. Thanks
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