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  1. I have a 660 Can Am and it was perfect. I found I never really needed to go fast with all my stuff. If your pulling a big sled with all your gear, you cant really go that fast anyways. I mean my ATV will do 90kmh; but I never go past 30 on the lake just because it doesnt need to. Its easy to pull the sled, easy to go on and off the lake.
  2. ya not going until second saturday in April, its zone 16. Thanks, Thats one of the rivers I was looking at. Not the pine though.
  3. it may induce romance, be careful with taking ladies out on it.
  4. Ended up getting the electric. The cost difference was fairly substantial. New electric was $260, and new gas is $1200 for like a 5HP. Even used nothing was under $500, most were closer to the $1000 mark,
  5. Any thoughts can be given on something like this? I think something simple like this will serve me well. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-powerboat-motorboat/hamilton/misty-river-14/1180793899?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. This is something Id like, what are thoughts on boats like this? http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Champion+Boats/201DC/STONEY+CREEK/Ontario/19_9426120_/?ms=boats&showcpo=ShowCPO&orup=18_15_116 edit: or this http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Princecraft/Pro+164/CARP/Ontario/19_9377710_/?ms=boats&showcpo=ShowCPO&orup=45_15_281
  7. Thanks! Ya I tied a double uni for my braid to floro.
  8. I'm tying two of my rods both braid to swivels and I tied both with Palamor knots, just wondering if that's what most people prefer?
  9. Not from the area but in laws have a cottage there, looking to get some minnows for fishing. Any places in or around Lindsay?
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