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  1. Looks like the webcam from reach Harbour on my lake Lower Buckhorn is showing some ice around the shore and maybe out into the lake a bit I like watching this since I don't get up to the cottage much this time of year just click on webcam from the link to view it updates every few minutes http://reachharbour.com/ oh and by the way Santa has just arrived!! Kawartha Kev
  2. Not sure what you mean by non licensed fishing? Sorry didn't remember fathers day weekend was free .
  3. Does anyone here like to do work on water pumps for a cottage? I think my old pump died at the end of last season when I was closing down my cottage. The pump is a shallow well jet pump that is probably about 30 years old so repair may be not worth the trouble or the money. I am not very confident doing electrical work which is my main concern it is not an easy project its under the cottage in a crawl space and not going to be fun. I haven't had a chance to get to the cottage yet with all the pandemic problems going on but its something I am thinking about getting done so if anyone can help spread any info or are interested in maybe doing a job I would appreciate it. The cottage is located in the Buckhorn area on lower Buckhorn lake just for your information. Thanks Kawartha Kev
  4. I found this site online that carry's them including the perch version called Johnnyspond if you want to try an online site http://www.johnnyspond.com/blue-fox-vibrax-musky-buck-lures.html Good luck Kawartha Kev They are from the US so might be pretty pricey with shipping
  5. Yup thats it I have one. Nothing left of your buck tail LOL!! Can't remember where or when I got it probably at one of the fishing or Sportmens shows some years ago.
  6. I do have #6 blade with a kind of perch pattern on it with a gold color to the center part of the lure and a multi colored bucktail of yellow black and red perhaps the version you are talking about if you are talking pike/musky size lures Kawartha Kev
  7. Hmm not sure I have seen that version I use a lot of the super vibrax musky baits in the large silver blade with black
  8. Not sure which "perch in line spinner" you are talking about do you mean the fire tiger pattern perhaps check out Ebay here https://www.ebay.com/b/Blue-Fox-Perch-Fishing-Spinners/1493/bn_7215254 Kawartha Kev
  9. Lower Buckhorn looks clear from the Reach harbour webcam and the lake looks high here's a link to the webcam if you are interested http://reachharbour.com/webcam/ Kawartha Kev
  10. I am not a big country western fan either but a friend of mine showed me that clip years ago and I have remembered it as great piece of music glad you enjoyed it. Kawartha Kev
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xssnp7R51A Roy Clark playing Malaguena on the odd couple show simply amazing.
  12. Pretty ...awful if you ask me !!! LOL!! j/k but you can keep it up there. Kawartha Kev
  13. If you are out around north Scarborough there is Alpine Lawn and Garden they are a Stihl dealer http://alpinelawn.com/ Kawartha Kev
  14. I'd actually love to hook into one of these monsters just for the battle but I don't think I would ever cook one up for dinner I'm pretty much catch and release anything that I catch. Kawartha Kev
  15. So I went to the cottage today just to open it up for the season and make sure all was well which it was. I knew I wouldn't have time to do any fishing as I had to come home tonight for work early tomorrow. After cutting the grass getting the pump going etc. I found time to go for a short walk down the road to a place where a culvert large enough for a small tinny to go under crosses the road connecting the 2 sections of the lake. I look down and what do I see giant carp in the 10 to 15lb. range and maybe up to 20 lbs and me without a rod or a camera!! There were a lot of them probably 20 plus I could see about 8 at any one time as they swam around in the shallow bays I am guessing spawning it is a very shallow weedy area I fish musky on my lake and I am not sure my tackle would have held up to these beasts. I saw something like this maybe 20 years ago in my lake Lower Buckhorn where a back bay was completely full of these giant carp to the point of you could almost walk on their backs there was so many hundreds if not a thousand it was incredible. So I don't know if this a good thing or not but I might need some bigger tackle and a bigger boat!!! LOL!! Kawartha Kev
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