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  1. We did in fact apologize despite the antagonistic approach. Buddy's approach wasn't exactly effective, and others might have just flipped him the bird. Wouldn't exactly describe our group as inconsiderate either - we went out of our way to help a couple groups during the week.
  2. I'm not a mechanic nor mechanically inclined... But could you (or someone) have hit a log or run into a rope at full speed? Neither would leave a mark. I ran into a rope before and the engine stopped immediately, thought I destroyed it.
  3. Maybe it's repowered? Wonder what kind of top end he gets Edit: I checked and that Lund is rated for it (figured as much since it's at the dealer)
  4. 2 of 4 times. The other times, someone was already there. Didn't cross my mind to get angry, we just used the end of the dock (which remains available), or offloaded on shore (pretty easy at this spot). I get where buddy was coming from, but would have handled it differently.
  5. Bang on. FED teasing 0.75% rate hikes... inflation STILL persisting. Housing market will flip within 2 years, toys even faster. Every producer on the planet is making efforts to crank production 110%... the pendulum is bound to swing eventually. Revisit this thread in 1-3 years, I bet we'll be in the following situation: High interest rates. Housing market down ~15-25%, owners stuck in sky-high mortgages. Used boats flooding the market. Raw material glut, supply chain issues resolved, new builds also flooding the market. Wouldn't buy ANY toys now, and in fact would consider selling my house if I didn't have hatchlings under its roof.
  6. Retaliation by crime isn't my style, but to each their own.
  7. Had an interesting encounter yesterday at Kokoko Lake, Northeast of Temagami. There's a short portage between Temagami and Kokoko, with a small dock that fits 2 boats. Typically we dock our boats there, portage gear across, and either take a canoe or use a boat stashed on the other side. A 2nd group arrived at Kokoko after us. They came to visit, but only to lambast us about being "totally inconsiderate" by leaving our boats docked, making it "impossible" to offload their gear at the dock. I see where they're coming from. But I've been in their position before, and it never occurred to me that the group ahead was being inconsiderate. I just go "darn, beat us to it" and beach my boat. In a well-traveled circuit, like Temagami, is it common etiquette to leave docks clear? I'll definitely do that next time, just thought it was strange for them to be so pissed about it.
  8. Now you won't catch another until the next 20,001st cast
  9. Is there an herb's dilly in there? If so, I know someone who would drag their bum through 100 miles of broken glass to get their hands on it.
  10. I bet this came straight off facebook? It's trash either way.
  11. Climbed right over the wall 😂😂
  12. Here in North Bay we say "there are three things you don't talk about: politics, religion, and netting on Lake nipissing". Bringing up any of those topics is pointless because as you correctly pointed out, most people are completely entrenched with their opinion and will never be swayed. Never been so true as it is with US politics right now. And I think the most interesting part is the psychology of it all. How can an entire country be split somewhat evenly with both sides being polar opposites on every issue? It's fascinating.
  13. Likely by their appearance and skin color. I was merely correcting previous posts claiming Don had said something about skin color.
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