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  1. Do you mean Curve Lake Gas, which is a gas station on the water (with one road pump) or gas at Curve Lake, as in the Curve Lake Reserve area with the 3 roadside gas stations?
  2. Yamaha all the way! They don't call them "Sea Don'ts" for nothing. And if you're looking for a dealer with a great service department, Walsten Marine is awesome.
  3. I've been looking for a glass bowrider for the last 2 weeks. I would say that sellers are starting to get a little desperate. Just about every boat I've showed an interest in, I get a follow up asking if I'm still interested or I see a price drop of at least 10%. So I'm waiting till next month before I buy. Should be even better.
  4. We saw over 200 people in line at 12pm, and left! Good for the vendors though. Need a bigger venue for next year and maybe run over 2 days.
  5. It's why I only buy Shimano. Took some old reels there for service. They didn't have the part so the changed all the guts with new for $25!
  6. Ok, I've never heard of the weed blast method but I gotta try it!
  7. Zip, zero, nothin, nada! Very disappointing but it's been a weird start to the year
  8. Well you did better than me. I'm on Upper Buckhorn and caught nuttin! Caught nuttin today either! Water temp is only 52f. Hope it warms up soon. Care to say what lure you were using? I used white twister, black twister, deep diving perch and live target minnow.
  9. 2 Deka Series 27 12v Trolling Motor Batteries for Sale These batteries were used for one season. They are in excellent shape. Less than 2 years old $200 for both Located in Ennismore
  10. Like new marine/boat starter battery. Series 3600 with 1000 Cranking Amps and 800 Cold Cranking Amps. Located in Ennismore. Asking $75
  11. Has anyone ever updated their card? Is it worth it? Mine's about 10 years old and I'm on Upper Buckhorn Lake. Can't imagine it's changed that much.
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