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  1. Hearst Air - it's a bit of drive for you but I've never been disappointed.
  2. 1981 Ford Escort. At one point it was leaking every fluid imaginable!
  3. Upper Buckhorn is pretty much frozen.
  4. Does anyone use one that has a live view?
  5. Hi all, headed to Yellowknife and will have some time to fish. Anyone have any experience with a charter operator there? Will probably have a morning or afternoon to fish.
  6. Try Walsten Marine. They are an hour away from me and I'll drive there anytime. Great folks to deal with.
  7. We moved from the city to the lake about 3 years ago and haven't looked back. Lots of great advice and the only thing I will add is have your septic, and home inspected top to bottom - and for septics just keep in mind, if it can go in you, it can go in a septic! Otherwise don't flush it down the toilet or drain. And CLR makes this blue septic treatment that works really well.
  8. I've been to Quantz a couple of time. Last time I had a wolf cub follow me up and down the shoreline when I was trolling. Pretty neat. There's also a family of beavers that come up by the dock to take raspberry bushes. Fun to watch. You should look at Napken next time. A little more expensive but fun, but for the ultimate in big pike, Pym is the best. Have fun!
  9. Can't go wrong with Hearst Air. What lake are you going to?
  10. New PB. This is absolutely the biggest fish I have every caught. Normally I fly way up north for this, but funny enough caught it right in front of my house. And yes, it was a musky!
  11. Butlers are great for making restaurant reservations and getting you beach chairs and such. Tipping is up to you but $10 isn't too bad of a tip.
  12. Hi all, I have the above unit. Started acting up a few weeks ago where no matter how deep I was it'd only read between 2.6' and 3.0'. I'd shut it off, restart it and it'd work for about 10 minutes and start again. Transducer and cable are good as is power supply and voltage. I've reduced the sensitivity as per the manual and still doesn't work for more than a few minutes. Lowrance is recommending a software update and a reset. Any thoughts from my learned fishermen?
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