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  1. Thanks for the tip. Haven't been out that way this year but will check it out soon for sure.
  2. Thanks for all the wonderful advice. Went out early this morning and had a hit and miss on moonshine white and orange glow spoon. After 15 mins switched to a size 1 Len Thompson 5 of diamonds glow spoon and was rewarded with this nice 20 lb buck. Josh, Your advice on a slow retrieve worked. Basically casted it out,let it sink for 6-7 seconds and slow retrieve. Glad my 2 year salmonless drought is over . Also my first ever Bronte Salmon
  3. I do have the J13. Unfortunately broke the lip on it, hopefully some glue would fix it. J13 would work at night as good as a glow spoon?
  4. Thanks for your reply Bill. In a pinch, do you think some split shots would work? How far up from the spoon do you tie the sinker?
  5. I have some nice (proven) trolling spoons that glow nicely. Was thinking of using those for night casting off the pier. They obviously don't have the weight of a normal spoon but thought I would try with some split shots before the spoon. I have tried all the usual glow spoons (cleos, moonshine, len thompson) which I have caught on before, but for some reason have no luck with them. Want to change it up. thanks
  6. I have gone out with my friend a few times and from my limited experience, I would say buy 2 good quality downriggers (manual is fine) and have line counters on the reels. Keep it simple. once you get the hang of 2, then add one line down the middle with an inline weight which will take the lure down 15-20 feet. you will get some rainbows on that line or any other fish swimming higher up.
  7. was thinking about a boat today, but gotta get my boating license first. Cant seem to get the answers to the questions right 😝. for now the inflatable is working in smaller lakes. would be fun to reel in a 20 lb salmon from an inflatable. not sure who would be reeling who 😂🤣
  8. Nooo lol. Ive only ever caught there chucking spoons. tried the roe bags, but we all know how that turns out, usually end up side hooking the fish. Interested in the pier fishing.
  9. As title mentions, any changes to port hope area fishing rules this year? Planning to go do some spoon chucking at night in the next few weeks for salmon. Also want to know if the east side pier is easy to get to considering there is a lot of walking over boulders etc. Thanks
  10. can you explain this technique some more? Id love to save some lures since this technique is effective.
  11. Couldnt not believe it when I caught this jumbo off lake ontario pier last week using the same setup I mentioned above. Works really well!
  12. try mikisew provincial park. its a nice small quiet park and the fishing is pretty good! just got back from there a few days ago and got into a few decent bass in 1 hour of fishing.
  13. Last trip out, trolling in 1-130 feet, one of our lines (braided line on downrigger) was accumulating this gooey type of yellow stinky stuff. it was very tough to get off and it was mostly in the top 20 feet of line. I'm glad we didn't hook into a fish on that line because there was no way I could have reeled it in. Never happened before in the last dozen or so trips. Wondering if the water was just very dirty that day, or I should switch the type of line. had 2 other lines out, one with mono (downrigger) and the other with braid (flatlining), and they were both fine. Any ideas what happened? any tips or suggestions? Id like to keep the same reel which is a 4000 series shimano, so to get a lot of line on there, I would like to stick to braid. thanks
  14. Id say get a pickeral rig and put on some nice 3 inch minnows. should catch something! good luck!
  15. In my opinion, anywhere within mississauga and lake ontario pier fishing is tough fishing and really teaches you patience. I often wonder if there actually are fish after many outings of not catching anything. Anywhere on the shores of Lake Ontario, fishing with a worm will get you gobies galore, small catfish, or the odd bass. Anything significant means you really have to work hard at trying to catch them. Off the piers,live minnows are best but you have to be patient.timing is also important . Early morning or an hour before sunset is best in my opinion. Lakes outside the gta would probably be easier fishing and having an inflatable is a great advantage. Ive finally taken out my inflatable boat for the first time and tried it on a smaller lake close by and did pretty ok. Good luck and dont give up trying!
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