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  1. Thanks for your post, and I respect your opinion. I am totally for conservation, which is why I always buy a conservation license. I also guide people in my community about fishing ethics and rules etc and conservation. Like I said, in all of 2021, I kept 2 bass from that spot. I'd just like to fellow fisherman to not jump the gun and assume that someone keeping is filling buckets, and by that I mean the guy on the pier 😄. I know some do that, and as long as its legal, I have no issue with it. Like I said before, one should not have to be stressed out when trying to de-stress. Unfortunately, the city of Oakville closed down one of the better fishing spots, and it leaves a tiny spot for those interested in fishing to fish at. Believe me, I try different bodies of water all the time, from Erie to Niagara river, but its cost a lot to go to these places even if not on a regular basis.
  2. Thanks for the additional replies. I agree the best option is to ignore him, but mostlikely I will avoid going to that spot if planning to keep. Although I think I have kept my fair share for this year ( 2 bass lol). There is enough stress in the world these days to be stressed while doing something to de-stress lol.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Really appreciate it. I'm hoping all the salmon fisherman coming up will deter him off the pier for some time. But if I do see him, and he does it again, will do as you all recommend to report him. I'm sure with a lot more people around, he may not even speak out.
  4. Hope everyone is doing well on the board. My go to spot for fishing decent fish, is the only fishable spot on the west end of town I've been skunked there for many years, but finally figured out how to get the bass to bite. This year, Ive caught two so far. First time many years ago, I tried bass, and I know this is a touchy subject, but I personally prefer the taste of bass. The rest of the family doesnt eat fish and cant stand the smell of fish, but surprisingly they will eat bass and cant even tell I brought one home. Anyways, last two times I went to the pier, caught a nice 2-3 lb bass and kept 1 each time. I know I'm within my rights to keep it, and to keep 2 out of such a large body of water in one season is not going to harm anything. There are tons of bass there, just not easy to catch. So there is another fellow fisherman who regularly fishes there, and if he sees that I kept one, makes a big deal about it. Last time I took a friend, and we had a double header. He yells from halfway up the pier to ask if we kept both. We said yes, and he starts swearing and saying you guys suck. Needless to say, a fun experience became a stressfull one, since we had to wait for him to leave before we could leave ourselves as we didnt want any kind of additional harrasment from him. I know simple answer is to ignore and fish on, but fishing should be a relaxing time, and not stressful. God knows, with the price of everything going up, a little extra protein goes a long way, especially when legally caught. I guess the question is, can I report him, or better to leave it?
  5. At first I had green open and yellow close, but it started flowing back out the bottom and not from the green one. I figured then it was the yellow one. I then removed the yellow screw and filled it till the yellow one started flowing out. Hope that made sense. Not sure if the green one is part of the same sump.
  6. Lol!! Let's hope it's as good as your frying pan!!😂
  7. This motor supposedly has its roots from the early Elgin motors made by West bend. Unfortunately only one video on YouTube showing this motor.
  8. Thanks for your help. This doesn't have reverse gear I believe. For reverse, I'm suppose to spin the outboard around 😁
  9. It's a 75 Chrysler 5hp. Has good compression and looks like new which is why I bought it. Did some research and its supposedly a very simple and good motor.I guess I will find out soon! Fisherman, I will take a look again at the green one and see whats under there. It was a short screw with a plastic gasket under it.
  10. found what Im hoping to be a decent deal on a 5 hp outboard motor. Not knowing the service history, I went ahead and drained the lower unit and filled it with 80w90 gear oil. I did some research and bough the proper plunger filler tool and filled the fluid from the bottom until the fluid came out what I think is the vent hole. So, this is where I am a bit confused. There are 3 screw there. Bottom one (biggest) is obviously the drain and fill. The one in the middle is where the fluid came gushing out of when I filled it up, which I am assuming is the vent. Any idea what the third one is? I havent started the motor yet and just want to make sure I did the filling part properly. Thanks
  11. Thank you for your advice. My budget is $500. I know a lot of stuff is overpriced at the moment, but I am sure I will find something sooner or later that will be good. It's going on this boat which is a 10 foot rated at 10 hp
  12. BTW,how are the older Johnsons, Evinrude, and mercury?
  13. Thank you everyone for your replies. So, the motor I was interested in has sold, so unless another one comes up, I am going to look at others. What I did like about the chrysler motor was : 1) it actually looks nice for an old motor 2) It sounds very nice (in videos) compared to other motors of the same size 3) Like Terry mentioned, it seems very powerful as well For now, I am continuing the search and am seeing a lot of 4-6 hp motors. A lot of Mercury, Viking, and some other brand never heard of. Will continue to do my research. I think I want to keep it at a minimum hp of 6 for now, otherwise I wouldnt have bought this inflatable. Need something to make it feel a little bigger and muscular 😁
  14. I recently purchased a 11ft zodiac style inflatable. It's rated for 15hp motor, but I would prefer something lightweight, and don't need too much power. A 4 stroke is out of the question budget wise. I have been looking around and found an older 8hp Chrysler which owner claims runs good. In my research about these Chrysler outboards, I read good and bad. I am not sure of the bad reviews are for the bigger motors, but a smaller 8hp 2 stroke should be ok, no? Looking for some feedback. I have never worked on a boat motor, but I am mechanically inclined, and am confident I can repair/maintain. Have done a head gasket on a V6 car motor if that gives a better idea about my mechanical skills, and do most of my vehicle maintenance and repairs myself. Thanks.
  15. Lol, looks like its not as easy then to register an unregistered homemade trailer. I was thinking of the same thing of trailering it on another trailer. All good deals are out of town so it really makes it not so good of a deal once you factor in everything. Easiest would be to drive it back unplated with bill of sale and register it once its home, but dont want to take a chance with the 1.5 hour drive back down the 401
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