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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying and thanking for the replies. Havent been getting a chance to visit OFC as of late. I must be extra busy with work lol. Kevers, Walleye would be a bonus, but any fish on the end of the line is great! thanks for your reply. David Chong, will definitely pay attention to the area close to the island. Thanks!
  2. learn something new every day!! Didn't know of the full sport limit. Always though it was the limit of person with license.
  3. Anyone been to Mikisew provincial park? I was a little late booking sites for camping this season and Mikisew seemed to be the only decent choice remaining for August long weekend. My main concern is mosquitoes but hopefully by the mosquitoes should be less??? Asking because we are camping with 2 families with small children and want to be prepared just in case. Any other tips regarding this park would be appreciated. Same for fishing related tips or advice. Thanks
  4. I figured lol. I know one very popular access point, but with the steep incline/decline, was wondering if there was an easier way to get down. I guess will try that one first 😁
  5. so just wanted to update, I returned the hut as I quickly realized that my type of fishing is to be mobile. would have been a pain to keep moving it after having anchored it down. I set it up once and ended up spending 5 mins inside and the rest of the day outside chasing the biting fish from one hole to the other. Pretty fun and keeps you warm lol. The auger on the other hand has been super and is here to stay. went out twice and did good with numbers for perch, but nothing size-worthy. Hoping to get out for some whitefish and lake trout. Any recommendations to easy access on to Simcoe for some lakers and whities? Will be hut less, but that is ok.
  6. I do have a lowrance fishhunter wifi sonar which works pretty good. I can run split screen with half graph and half flasher. I currently run it on an old LG phone.lasts for a good 4-5 hours on single charge.
  7. thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate it! I actually have most of the stuff you guys mentioned ( bungee cord, ratchet straps etc) so will keep those with me. Definitely not a fan of the guy cords that are supplied with any tent. I will see how the supplied anchors do. They look to be of good quality, but time will tell. I also got myself a little propane stove/heater so heating is taken care. Will make sure to open the vents when using the heater of course! Last question, if the bite is slow for perch, do you guys just wait, or try deeper water? I was out with luckys Sons on cooks, and literally only caught 8 dinky perch all day using live bait and spoons. I asked to move to another hut which was deeper, so went from 11 feet to 15 feet and results were the same. Any advice on that?
  8. thanks Chris. I'm seriously tempted by your offer. Will be in touch!
  9. My first post in a while... Really excited since I FINALLY bought my first ever portable ice hut. Bought a 4 person Woods arctic toaster on sale and it has good reviews. Hope it lives up to its name of toaster. Already set it up in the house and seems to be of very good quality and material is nice and thick and well insulated. It is on the heavier side, but it comes with a nice backpack type carrier and 8 nice ice anchors. First time ever using a portable hut let alone buying one. Will try it without a heater to see how it goes. Already spent too much for this winter season 😯. Will try it out on cooks bay this thursday. Hopefully ice is still decent with this spring like weather last 2 days. I also purchased a manual ice auger at a good price, and likewise, never used one before 😅. So far haven't had much luck with quality fish this season in the one outing on couchiching and one on simcoe. only small size perch. Hoping this portable provides better results since of course it's portable! here is a video from youtube of the same hut I bought... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeEdPCfcdhE
  10. 15 celcius degrees today in Mississauga 😑. Hope it doesn't effect ice conditions on Simcoe!
  11. anyone ice fish Halls lake in Haliburton? heard mixed reports about this lake. Mostly small lake trout from what I hear.
  12. going to head up to Nosbonsing first week of Jan. Will post something then.
  13. so do you fish from the comfort and heat of the truck?🐟 Nice truck btw
  14. Just checked out the rates for tama kwa, which seems to be pretty high, however, it seems like they are one of the better ones on the lake so it should be worth. Again I understand it can be hit or miss, but generally speaking, is the action pretty consistent, or is it the usual slow from 10 am to 3pm like Ive experienced on simcoe?
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