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  1. huzzsaba

    lake infested with goldfish

    wonder what the ruling would be if you were to catch one. similar to gobies?
  2. huzzsaba

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    Thanks. I read about Capilano river. Will definitely check it out I will try to get in touch with him. thanks
  3. I will be travelling to vancouver area at the end of this month and hopefully would like to do some shore fishing for salmon while there. I know its a long shot, but if anyone can offer advice on where to fish, that would be great. I'm pretty sure some type of salmon would be around the river mouths at that time. Would love to go on a charter, but prices are similar to port credit charters = pricey! Thanks in advance
  4. huzzsaba

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    The bigger question in my opinion is what car are you looking to get? You may be able to sleep in the car if its a bigger size suv or van.
  5. huzzsaba

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    I second that.
  6. huzzsaba

    McCarthy lake in Stratford

    best people to ask are the owners of the motel.
  7. huzzsaba

    What’s up with Belwood lake?

    did you try live bait?
  8. wow! sounds like an amazing trip! Great photos and beautiful fish!
  9. huzzsaba

    Blaming the mayflies

    yup that's what chased me off the pier lol
  10. huzzsaba

    Blaming the mayflies

    Not sure they were mayflies, but I have never seen that many baitifish in the water and seagulls diving at the pier last week. I was sure I was going to have a great day fishing off the pier. I was wrong!! Those flies chased me off the pier. I had to drive home on the highway with windows to make sure whatever was on my clothes flew out. Still brought some home with me in the tackle box
  11. huzzsaba

    Epic day on Lake Simcoe

    looks like a fun day!
  12. huzzsaba

    Week long nipigon trip

    Have a great trip! Looking forward to a report when you get back!
  13. huzzsaba

    Boat trailer dog tracking

    just throwing this out there but its possible the rim is bent?
  14. huzzsaba

    Ontario license plates

    That sucks. Can't she fight it? since its not her fault? I'm guessing this was in Halton. Halton Police are not as forgiving as Peel police. Im guessing if you were in the car, it would have turned out differently. Hope the charges can be dropped
  15. huzzsaba

    advice on glasstop stove. coil not working

    thanks for the reply. I don't have a multi-meter but will see if I can borrow one.