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  1. huzzsaba

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    Just checked out the rates for tama kwa, which seems to be pretty high, however, it seems like they are one of the better ones on the lake so it should be worth. Again I understand it can be hit or miss, but generally speaking, is the action pretty consistent, or is it the usual slow from 10 am to 3pm like Ive experienced on simcoe?
  2. huzzsaba

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    You're right about the overnight fishing experience. Ive never done it, but can imagine it being really fun. For now, baby steps. get my friends hooked to some day fishing, hopefully I can drag them out for an overnight fishing experience thereafter lol.
  3. huzzsaba

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    Thanks Andrew. Will check it out!
  4. huzzsaba

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    MY bad, I thought callander bay was the closest access point from GTA. Ill go wherever its good.
  5. Hopefully there should be some good ice by the first week of January. A group of friends are planning to go for ice fishing (some for the first time). Any recommendation for day huts with good fishing on callander bay? I understanding, there can be bad days, but in general an operator that knows the lake well and puts you on fish. Thanks
  6. huzzsaba

    Braided line fluro leader

    what weight fluoro leader do you use for lakers?
  7. huzzsaba

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    catch a simcoe lake trout this winter. that will be a first for me!
  8. entertaining video of swedish marine police chasing down drunk boater! I wonder if our local marine police boats can go that fast! incredible acceleration, speed and power! PS: looks like the video in the first link has been sped up, but entertaining nevertheless 😂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gcG7G03m48 original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3nka4bToW4&t=693s
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Got a decent quote from coseco insurance.
  10. My current insurance is a month away from renewing but I'm thinking of switching since they keep raising my insurance for no obvious reason other than the same " there have been more than normal claims in your area" excuse. Was cheaper when I live in oakville, but since moving to mississauga, has gone up every year. I'm with Belair for the last 7-8 years but thinking of switching to something else. Any recommendations? What is your guys advice on using a broker? Thanks
  11. huzzsaba

    NF - Remote Car Starters - Hamilton

    Not sure how picky fords are with their wiring and systems, but make sure whoever does it, can guarantee you don't have any error messages on the dash after installation.
  12. huzzsaba

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    Thanks John, Bill, Grimsby and Chris for your replies. Chris, will definitely take your advice!
  13. huzzsaba

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    thanks for all the replies and clarification. In my mind that's what I thought the rule was.
  14. For the first time I gave river fishing a try last week. I basically fished like the others in deep pool, keeping the hook off the bottom with a roe bag. just cast out and let it sit until get a hit. there were lots of salmon there and had 2 hits both which came off (pretty sure they hooked themselves in the side). the other fishermen (regulars to the same spot for many years) hooked into 2 as well and brought them in, both were hooked in the side. One was released right away and the other given away to an interested couple who just happened to be there at the time. Not sure what the ruling is for if the fish is foul hooked by accident (not deliberately snagged) . can they be kept? or given away? I know port hope is next level craziness lol, but last month I saw the guy next to me bring in 3 fish all hooked in the side, and they were all kept. I tried to look up the rule but was not able to find it. thanks in advance.
  15. huzzsaba

    Town of Parry Sound Fishing

    Planning to just fish oastler lake. Supposedly they stock rainbow trout there. would be nice to catch some of those. weather is cooling down so hopefully the are not down deep.