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  1. Buying and older boat

    Send a message to FreshTrax on this forum. I'm sure he can give you a few tips. He has a bigger size boat and does the work on it himself I believe.
  2. 2 newbies and a speedboat Part 2

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it on to him. Any good cost effective lowrance units out there?
  3. 2 newbies and a speedboat Part 2

    Thank you!
  4. 2 newbies and a speedboat Part 2

    You're absolutely right that we need to invest in a few items.we did have GPS and all other safety equipment and stayed within sight of where we launched. We used the navionics app to check the depth we were in and kept adjusting the depth we were fishing to avoid snagging the bottom with the cannonball. I am pushing for him to get a sonar unit more so for the safety reasons you mentioned. I may just give him mine since I plan to buy a new one for ice fishing.
  5. 2 newbies and a speedboat Part 2

    Thats what I thought as well that its a salmon after noticing the color of the mouth. was not light color like the rainbows/steelhead I caught last year. thinking its a coho. doesn't look as mean looking as the kings look lol Here are a few photos of the head
  6. So I got a text from my friend with the speedboat asking if I wanted to go out to the big Lake (Lake O) to try our luck at catching anything, so I agreed. We set out this morning. Plan was to start by 6:30am but was 7:30am by the time we left the ramp. if you read my report last year, you will remember that we tried this last year with no sonar, no down-riggers, no real experience and were rewarded with 3 nice steelhead. This time, we had manual down-riggers, but still no sonar. We used the navionics app and it was somewhat useful. Anyways, we setup 2 rods, one at 40 feet deep with a gold Williams wabbler spoon, and I set mine at probably 20 feet deep (no line counter on my side down-rigger) with a Williams whitefish spoon I bought for ice fishing. As usual nothing for the first hour and then my rod starts bouncing. I grabbed the rod and struggled to get it unclipped from the clip, but finally got it released and reeled in a beautiful salmon. Not big at all, probably 3-4 lbs but a fish nonetheless. We trolled for another 2 hours but no luck after that. All in all, a great morning on the calm waters of Lake O. By the way I need you guys to confirm it is a salmon or steelhead since the inside of the mouth was blackish including the tongue. the steelhead I caught last year had white color mouth.
  7. wheatley area advice

    Need to get away for a day or two so planning to go camping at wheatley with the family this weekend. Thinking of wheatley because of the warmer weather down south ( our canadian south ), and also I heard its a nice park and area and want to check it out. Might also check out point pelee since I'm close by anyways. Looks like best place to wet a line would be at the wheatley harbour. What should I expect to catch at this time of the year? What bait should I use? minnows? I know worms are the easiest but not sure of the goby situation on erie and would hate to weed out through a bunch of gobies. Not planning to cast and retrieve, rather just simple split shot and hook off the bottom. Peaceful fishing in other words . Also is the south pier better or the north pier? Praying the rain holds off for this weekend Thanks
  8. Wet line today and caught a Fish!!!

    Love it when you go out not expecting anything and catch a big one. Sharp hooks are a must! Last time I was on the port maitland pier, I hooked into something big, but as you described, it was like a ton of bricks and we couldn't get it to budge off the bottom until the line snapped. Thanks for the offer! Would love to get out and experience the Grand!
  9. Me and George

    good stuff!

    Drove from Montreal back to Mississauga yesterday. Most of the drive was just managing stay in my lane! This was with a brand spanking new rental chrysler pacifica with 6 passengers in it. Another guy I know was driving his semi from Quebec to Mississauga and had to stop in Kingston to rest cause his shoulders were hurting from fighting to keep the truck in control At one point we had to dodge pylons that were scattered all over the 401 causing major traffic jam eastbound near kingston. Came home to find out gazebo canopy all mangled up and other stuff thrown around. Weather has been pretty crazy in 2018.
  11. 55,00 € what is this

    the other day I went to dollarama and the cashier accidentally gave a 2 euro coin instead of a toonie. I noticed it many days later. I was surprised how similar it looks to the toonie. slightly smaller size but identical color with gold center
  12. Great day yesterday

    I was going to try fishing from the pier but the water was too muddy. No boat yet
  13. My trout opener

    Nice! hopefully will get out soon as well. I guess you will now be spending more time in your backyard lol. did you just use roe bag and split shot?
  14. Great day yesterday

    Very nice! Lake O was flat yesterday morning ! great day to be out on the boat.
  15. Tied some roe for the opener