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  1. I have been hearing opp and local police are pulling people over and asking their intentions of being out. Anything non essential and there is risk of being fined. Not sure how true this is, but what does this mean for shore fishing?
  2. Did you get rid of the big yellow boat? Was a nice one!
  3. Anyone have any info on where to park there? Is it ok to park all along 2nd line. According to google street view, there are no no parking signs along the north side of 2nd line and none that I can see on Dempsey rd either. Im asking because we are approximately a group 12 cars and dont mind walking a bit as long as parking is allowed along those streets. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the tips. Yes will on getting rid of those sharp edges 👍
  5. Decided to take a group of first timers out for ice fishing along with educating the on the rules and importance of conservation. Didnt expect them to go out and buy equipment so here is my humble attempt at making tip ups with whatever I could find around the house. Stuff used: Wood from old crate stool Paint mix sticks Wire hanger Leftover fishing line Rubber bands The only thing I bought for 6 bucks was the wire steel strapping. Going to test it out this thursday for perch. Should work fine, I hope.
  6. Chris, not sure of model but they do have some heat retain technology or so they claim. Will try some better socks and see if that helps.
  7. Going to keep the foam pads next time. Thanks
  8. What do you guys recommend for socks that will keep feet warm for a day of ice fishing? I have tried 2-3 pairs of socks along with my good quality columbia boots, but feet are still cold. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Can anyone give an update on Lake Couchiching ice conditions. I know it freezes before all other lakes in that area. Thanks
  10. Did you go? If so how was the trip?
  11. heard loud and clear! 😊 might try the river fishing thing lol
  12. Thanks for the replies. Plan was to get out in the second week of December. Hopefully we get some cold weather and some solid ice somewhere close!
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