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  1. Ice fishing help

    Great tip. Also 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of pants. Top can be dressed in layers since it gets hot in the upper half of the cabins.
  2. Thanks for reading. I will try once more before the 15th of March. Hopefully the snow clears off the ice so the water isn't so dark next time around
  3. Ice fishing help

    Pretty cool. Never thought of adding an extra hook to the sinker. What size hook l do you recommend for the whities?
  4. Ice fishing help

    Make a few perch rigs like the one in this video. Works great! drop it until the line stops dropping, reel up till you feel tension, which means you weight is on bottom, and you will feel every bite. You can have 1 or 2 rods with that rig on and one with a jig to attract the perch. As far as jigs are concerned, northland buckshot rattle spoon works well, and Canadian tire has a variety of them. Dont need much for perch fishing! 22nd is a weekday. I have done better on weekdays this season, Since its a weekday, they may not be fully booked. If fishing is slow, ask them to move you to another hut. The guides usually know if another hut has been doing better. Wishing you a great day out on the water. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd2xrgAYJHI
  5. question regarding my fishfinder

    Thanks Brian! I figured its a one time investment which should pay off in one or 2 seasons.
  6. question regarding my fishfinder

    It worked fine although I took apart the setup I made. was useless and tipping over as you mentioned. i just dropped the transducer down and tried to get it to sit at a good angle. I think most of my earlier troubles was due to the settings. i was able to fine tune the settings to work just right or close enough I think I will invest in an ice transducer and or slightly higher end sonar with flasher for next season. May also invest in a portable hut and auger. Who knows!
  7. Sorry in advance for the no photo thread Got out twice this weekend, Once on Friday with the family since my girls had PA day from school. I don't work Thursdays and Fridays so that means PA day+Day off work+ice on the lake= family ice fishing day .The second time was Sunday for lakers and whitefish. Friday: We went out with Gilford Yellow huts. As usual arrived late ( 3 ladies getting ready) isn't an easy or quick task . got there around 8am (late by my standards and got settled in the hut. Wayne (the guide) gave us the big hut and it was very nice and spacious. He checked up on us regularly in between his busy schedule of moving the huts to a new location. We got into a dozen before 11 am. Most were small and were released unless deep hooked. Then the usual bite shutdown till 2pm. At 2 pm it was still slow until we got a good hit and it was a nice jumbo. He decided to take a swim around our second line and by the time we got him to the hole, the tangle turned out to be a strategically useful for him since he self released at the hole before we could grab him. My little one cried for a good 5 mins saying "we lost the big one!" Wayne came at 3:30 to check up on us and seeing just 4-5 fish in the bag told us to try another hut which was smaller. The girls decided to play out on the ice and me and the wife started fishing. It was non stop action for the last 45 minutes of our trip. My job was to put the minnows on,and her job was to reel them in. We caught probably 12-15 in that 45 mins! The drive home was another adventure. snow the whole way took 2 hours to get back to Mississauga. All in all a great day and service from Gilford Yellow huts was great! Sunday: First time ever going for Lakers and Whitefish. Took the day off work to accompany a friend who was off Sunday. We went out with Bear Point ice huts and were on the ice by 7:30 am. Service was great and huts were the cleanest we have ever used. My only complaint was not being able to meet the man himself, Donnie, and the fact that nobody came to check up on us until 3pm! Fishing was very slow. hardly marked any fish. bottom of the screen was pretty flat the whole time. Tried all the lures and techniques in the dozens of simcoe laker videos I watched, and nothing worked. Had one line that I jigged and reeled up and down for 7 of the 9 hours lol, and 2 lines with live minnows, one on a homemade rig and another on Donnie's spreader and tip up. If you guessed we got skunked, you guessed correct! Talked to a the guys at the end of the day, and found out only 2 huts caught fish, one was a whitefish and one a laker. another few told me that they only marked 2 fish all day. Slow day for everyone and the water was dark. could not see my lure once past 6-8 feet! Drive back was quiet and we joked that my friend's win of roll up the rim (a coffee) was what made the trip worth it! My friend is on a fishless streak of 3 years now ( He doesnt fish much), but was optimistic the next trip out will be better, Will try again before the huts have to come off on a weekday instead of weekend. Weekdays have been better fishing this year for me. Not because of getting skunked but not sure If I should try Bear Point again, or change it up and try Tim Hales. Maybe Adam Goy ice huts. Positives from the trip was getting a feel for variety of lures and learning how to use use Donnie's custom tip up. Also got better acquainted with my fishfinder. Better luck next time! Thanks for reading!
  8. question regarding my fishfinder

    Thanks. I will try that out.
  9. question regarding my fishfinder

    Thanks. I will send you a pm about it.
  10. Whitie thought it was a laker

    Great Video as usual! Was out yesterday with the family for some perch fishing on cooks bay and the water was brownish color. Wonder if a glow jig or spoon helps in these conditions?
  11. spreader for fishing whitefish/Lakers

    Thanks. Will keep that in mind.
  12. Anyone here drive a BMW 325i?

    Not sure how you feel about Volvos, but have a look at a 2004 C70 t5. A bit hard to find, but their drive-train is bulletproof and very fun to drive. Way cheaper to maintain. Very DIY friendly, and not to mention, very safe! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/oakville-halton-region/2004-volvo-c70-ht/1235836673?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  13. spreader for fishing whitefish/Lakers

    got the vibrato and a williams whitefish half silver half gold jigging spoon. Also have tube jigs and jig heads. Plan to have the spreader as my 2nd line which I will buy from Donny. Also, do you guys tie directly or use a snap swivel with these lures?
  14. question regarding my fishfinder

    I spent some time this morning and came up with this setup. Found all the stuff in the garage,so looks pretty ghetto lol. I think the angles are pretty straight. Hopefully it works for us tomorrow! Going out with Bear point Ice huts. Praying to catch my first Laker and whitefish!
  15. spreader for fishing whitefish/Lakers

    thanks for all the replies guys. I picked one up from CT, but plan on also buying the setup from Don from Bear Point ice huts, since we are renting the hut from him. Will report back when we get out!