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  1. huzzsaba

    NF - Remote Car Starters - Hamilton

    Not sure how picky fords are with their wiring and systems, but make sure whoever does it, can guarantee you don't have any error messages on the dash after installation.
  2. huzzsaba

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    Thanks John, Bill, Grimsby and Chris for your replies. Chris, will definitely take your advice!
  3. huzzsaba

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    thanks for all the replies and clarification. In my mind that's what I thought the rule was.
  4. For the first time I gave river fishing a try last week. I basically fished like the others in deep pool, keeping the hook off the bottom with a roe bag. just cast out and let it sit until get a hit. there were lots of salmon there and had 2 hits both which came off (pretty sure they hooked themselves in the side). the other fishermen (regulars to the same spot for many years) hooked into 2 as well and brought them in, both were hooked in the side. One was released right away and the other given away to an interested couple who just happened to be there at the time. Not sure what the ruling is for if the fish is foul hooked by accident (not deliberately snagged) . can they be kept? or given away? I know port hope is next level craziness lol, but last month I saw the guy next to me bring in 3 fish all hooked in the side, and they were all kept. I tried to look up the rule but was not able to find it. thanks in advance.
  5. huzzsaba

    Town of Parry Sound Fishing

    Planning to just fish oastler lake. Supposedly they stock rainbow trout there. would be nice to catch some of those. weather is cooling down so hopefully the are not down deep.
  6. huzzsaba

    Town of Parry Sound Fishing

    Thanks Akrisoner. Will stick oastler lake with my inflatable boat
  7. huzzsaba

    Town of Parry Sound Fishing

    Thanks BillM. I think I will stick with fishing oastler lake exclusively.
  8. Going camping this weekend at Oastler Lake PP. Last time I was in Parry sound, I noticed a nice long pier at the waterfront. Thinking of fishing off of it this weekend. What can I expect to catch? Do salmon run up that way? thanks
  9. huzzsaba

    Indian Candy

    thanks. will give it a try sometime!
  10. huzzsaba

    Indian Candy

    Looks very tasty! Curious is there any way to make them the same way without a smoker?
  11. Sorry I couldn't answer your question directly, but I find the best platform to send mass messages is whatsapp. Just make the group and send messages and everyone sees it.
  12. huzzsaba


    OI, was out on my friends boat that evening. Water was choppy but not too bad. My estimation is the water was in the mid 60s. Winds were around 10-15 kms from what I recall. Below is a photo of the sunset that day. We remember seeing choppers flying around over the lake. So sad to hear about Kevin. I had been chatting with him recently over facebook about recent fishing closures around port hope. He was a selfless person and was always willing to share information. May he rest in peace. I pray for patience for his family and close ones.
  13. huzzsaba

    Huntsville Help!

    I think most of the lakes up there should hold bass. Probably best time to catch them from shore is an hour before sunset or early mornings when they are within casting distance. red and black Senkos work really good texas rigged. You can also try the lakes in Algonquin.
  14. huzzsaba

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    Thanks for your detailed PM Craig. Was very useful! Thanks to everyone else for their replies. I'm actually staying in Abbotsford but was planning to check out Vancouver. Was hoping there was some type of Pier like they have here along Lake O, but seems its mostly beach fishing. Wish there was some of that here! Would be fun! I think Capilano river (Ambleside beach) is an option I may try if I get a chance. Will surely post back if I catch anything!
  15. huzzsaba

    lake infested with goldfish

    wonder what the ruling would be if you were to catch one. similar to gobies?