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  1. It also means less paperwork for them, and avoids effort confiscating gear, and time stuck in a courtroom giving evidence. Smart way to do it.
  2. You say that like I know how to... THANKS!
  3. Since I officially became an old fart I no longer need to keep up on license requirements, so this current policy is probably new to me. We will be having 2 guests with us on our vacation, (starts Saturday) and they need to purchase fishing licenses before we go. It used to be straightforward; pay your fee, get a piece of paper to prove it, go fishing, wait for Outdoors Card in mail. Well, looks like they've changed that. I'm reading that you pay your fee, and then have to wait until the card comes before you can fish. WHAT?! If they have the money, why should a person have to wait? Am I misreading what is on the government (spit) web site, or is that really the procedure?
  4. Over a year later I'll reply. (procrastination is my strong suit) If you want a legal photographic record, have a video set up, and start recording before you get the fish to you. Alternatively, when you notify a buddy with 'fish on!', they can start snapping pictures or video of the process. As long as you're not holding it up for the classic shot, I don't see how this could be challenged. Might add that I agree with the law, and would follow it.
  5. Sorry about the late reply, life sometimes gets in the way. Can't speak for others, but I just shoot with the camera and do everything else once I upload them to the computer. I tend to be a bit forgetful [/understatement] and forget to change things back to normal, resulting in gettijg things like B&W pictures when I thought it was in colour. You can change colour to B&W or sepia or whatever on the computer, but you can't change B&W to colour.
  6. Biggest freshwater fish
  7. Filters should be banned. The health benefits are questionable, but the environmental impact is undeniable.
  8. Sorry about the late reply, I've been out of sorts lately. Here is a portion of the post, with photos. The plastic had hardened and really messed up the fish. The poster didn't even recognise them as plastics. "Hello angler friends I caught this a lake trout just outside of the park today and it had these 2 hard formations in it's stomach. Fish was 24 inches Flesh was pale and soft(mushy) It was also very skinny and didn't fight Did not eat it Have no idea what was wrong with it Thanks"
  9. So cold that I went outside to take a leak and had to back away from the icicle. Heard that on the CBC about 50 years ago, I think they were interviewing an old logger. Almost crapped my self laughing.
  10. The link below is on the Algonquin Park facebook page, and has me seriously rethinking my use of plastic baits. Worms are the only live bait allowed in provincial parks, and I may switch to them. I think it may be time for artificial baits that are biodegradable, perhaps a gelatin based material. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2222572231/permalink/10159697105577232/
  11. Finally splurged on something better than my Fuji CrappyCam. Read good reviews on the Canon EOS M50 MkII, so I picked one up. Then got a Sigma 18-300mm to go along with it, it's made for a full-frame Canon but and adapter makes it fit. Going at this slowly and gently to reduce the amount of swearing, so haven't taken a lot of pictures yet. 10 days camping in Algonquin afforded some measure of practise, and I'm pleased with the set-up, any screwups are probably mine alone.
  12. Title tells all, can't find any. Trying to get completely away from lead if possible.
  13. Thanks. Hang on to them for now, you ain't done yet! But I'll keep it in mind.
  14. Just off the shore or the pier. I thought that saltwater required special gear that could stand up to the corrosion. As far as what fish, I'm bad enough at targeting fresh water species, so I'll probably just chuck something in the water and hang on.
  15. I realise that the term might be self-contradictory, but I really don't want to blow too much money. Our son lives in Shediac, New Brunswick, and I would mind getting some fishing done whenever we get out there. Any suggestions?
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