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New sled purchase booyah

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My decision was made and purchase complete. Skidoo Expedition 900 ace le.

I pick it up the second week of Dec. Now I need to look for a covered trailer.

Pretty happy with my selection, it will be perfect for wifey and me to hit the trails and also fer me to tow my frabill huut out onto the ice.

Cant wait for the first run.


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heard those sleds are fantastic.


Just praying that bombardier came through on it, ive got two ski poos myself had trouble with one and the other has been great.


Cant beat a 4 stroke sled though, should be a lot more reliable.

All accounts are it will be awesome. The 4 stroke is for wifeys enjoyment, I really want to her jump into this for some winter fun.

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I had a 2016, if you are going to use it for trail riding, I would have the dealer set the skis to the wider of the two options. It was easy to tip it with the narrow stance and long track. The 900 Ace is a great motor, really quiet.

Thanks for the input!

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