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  1. I had the same problem with 1997 25hp Johnson. The ends of the fuel lines were plastic and after a while didn't seem to want to let gas through. I would just replace the hose and worked like a charm.
  2. Most homeowner policies will limit coverage for a trailer ($1000 etc). Liability extends from the towing vehicle, and to cover the trailer for comp and collision should cost $50-80 depending on the value of it.
  3. I picked up the Montana 610 based on reviews about it. Haven't used it much yet, but will be putting it on the sled today. I have a glove box extension to get the unit facing you, and it's still protected behind the windshield.
  4. I had a 2016, if you are going to use it for trail riding, I would have the dealer set the skis to the wider of the two options. It was easy to tip it with the narrow stance and long track. The 900 Ace is a great motor, really quiet.
  5. The UVIP will show if there is a lien on the vehicle. You can get it at the MTO with the VIN for the atv.
  6. I use one of the chimneys you load with charcoal, a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom and light it up. It probably takes 10-15 minutes to get the charcoal glowing, and another 10 minutes or so to get it ready for cooking. I use it all year at home, also have one at the cottage.
  7. Didn't get a chance to fish much more than an hour, and didn't get anything, so I'm going back this weekend. Anybody know where to get worms this time of year? Tried a couple of bait shops and they don't keep them in the winter.
  8. How about a couple of beers? Thanks for the information, will post results after the weekend!
  9. There are a number of small stocked lakes near our cottage, and this weekend I'm going to get out and try for them through the ice. I've never ice fished for them - any tips on what to use would be appreciated. I do have tip ups, ice rods etc so not new to ice fishing, just brookies. Also, what's your favourite way to cook them?
  10. A friend of mine lost the cover for his motor on the way home last week. Price from the dealer to replace it is over $700 for a new one when you add in all the handles, gaskets etc. Anyone know of an alternative? Have checked Kijiji etc. already.
  11. They can't deny a claim because you don't have snows on, the worst they could do is remove the discount. In most cases it's just a guideline, and this year common sense may be to have them off earlier.
  12. This knife has easily the best warranty: send it back for any reason,any time. I've had one for 20+ years, been sent back twice. https://www.cutco.ca/products/product.jsp?item=fishermans-solution#sm.00001su708l46kcvztb48xs3nuvgm
  13. I would recommend that you get one with a rechargeable battery. We had two labs that hardly ever wore their collars and stayed put, and now have two terrier crosses that live on the edge of the boundary (the squirrels and rabbits seem to know where the line is). We have the Petsafe unit, and the batteries were getting pretty expensive, so we went and got the rechargeable collars. The other nice thing is they flash green, yellow or red so you know the condition of the battery. A charge lasts 2-3weeks.
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