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  1. Also hey AKRISONER what did I say about Tampa Bay? I know I said it’d be Montreal to scare em but I wish I had bet a fishing trip on this one. I would have loved to have seen GBay from your boat. ?
  2. I can’t get over how surprising the playoffs have been this year. My prediction bracket is very much in danger of being ruined
  3. Be interesting to see if they call Chara more if he keeps those plays up.
  4. Anyone want to take bets on who makes the predictable ‘plan the parade route’ post tomorrow? I’m putting odds on Moxie. That’s the one that doesn’t have a favourite team right? It’s so easy to forget which is which.
  5. Holy smokes! Let’s see 20 more minutes of this. ❤️
  6. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2019/04/maybe-this-is-the-year-the-leafs-beat-boston-says-delusional-idiot-who-doesnt-know-crap/ ok thats funny. I feel like a few OFC memebers May have wrote this article.
  7. Sooooo...... was Columbus just content to make the playoffs? Tampa is mopping the floor with them.
  8. You keep saying 2009 as if that year has some significance. Tell me, was that the year you jumped ship? How long until you do it again? Tell me, who is the new ‘flavour of the month?’
  9. I would pay to see that and Mylnyk won’t pay to not see it. Lets see some true fans fill their home arena.
  10. Someone better have a look at hatethelaffs. Their needle seems to be stuck. Get some new material. We can’t hear you from the bottom of the outhouse.
  11. *********************************************** Cute story. I love when kids say this kinda stuff.
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