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  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing your memorable trip with all of us!
  2. The first mistake was changing the opening to a week earlier a few years back. Maybe the crappy weather will provide some relief. However, bass seem to be resilient to the pressure for now. I also understand akaShag's point of view. No resource is endless.
  3. That is a tough way to end a holiday, I hope he is okay. Fishing can be tough and most of us learn that there are those disappointing trips on occasion. Next year can be a completely different outcome.
  4. I think everyone was thinking the same thing, but then again it's the GSW's they're playing.
  5. I was disappointed when they moved the bass opening up one week, specifically because of years like this one. They should never have an early catch and release season here. That just sets precedence for having a catch and release for every species, including trout. There are plenty of species to target before bass opens.
  6. That is a dilemma, because many people do use smaller baits for muskie. I find they like the smaller baits in the early season, but it's also easy to say they're fishing for muskie when fishing for bass. No way to prove anything there, unfortunately. It really comes down to the integrity of the angler.
  7. Seen way too many doing this.
  8. Jeez, the bass are still on the beds. It was 65 on the surface on Sunday.
  9. I actually think they affected the bite on opening walleye too.
  10. I have never seen a cross between a largie and smallie in all the years I have been fishing. I do believe that I have seen some crosses between a bluegill and pumpkinseed though.
  11. Population seems good, have been getting incidentals while fishing for the walleye.
  12. Unfortunately those spots dry up fast, but then it's on to bass and muskie once they open.
  13. Sometimes you just happen to hit one of those special days. Was out on Sunday with a buddy and we probably caught 25 walleye along with a number of incidental bass, muskie and crappie. Kept one of the smaller walleye for dinner.
  14. I got out last night after work for a quick fish. Just got out on the water and were welcomed by a monsoon. Filled the boat half full of water, but we stuck it out because those darn fish were going to be biting! Then we battled the wind. We did boat 12 walleye in the couple of hours we were out. Thank god the sun showed up after the down pour. Caught all but one trolling.
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