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  1. jimmer

    Heart attack

    Well said and we should all follow that direction you have given us. Glad you have a second chance!
  2. jimmer

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Sounds like you lucked out with finding a working one and now have a back up peddle! Nice.
  3. jimmer

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Not sure about the wiring, but if you live close to me, you can drop by and plug that foot peddle into my motor to see if it works.
  4. That Head lake is not a lake to mess with. You must see all kinds of interesting incidents.
  5. jimmer


    I bought a pair of Birkenstock all plastic sandals and they are great. A little more expensive than the knock off crocs though.
  6. jimmer

    Harvest starting early

    That's quite the harvest already. I'm envious and the darn red squirrels are going to effect my yield. :-(
  7. jimmer

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Times are a changing!
  8. jimmer

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    I lost a lot of respect for Minn Kota when they discontinued making parts for older electrics. Haven't used your old one yet Kris, still humping along with mine. Nice to have a backup though
  9. jimmer

    Bronzeback Cup Tournament Recap

    I would love to see all the bass tournaments move to larger bodies of water. Bigger fish and more space, with less impact on the lake. Just my opinion.
  10. jimmer

    HUGE muskie

    I used to be a taxidermist and the largest muskie I mounted was a 57" fish that weighed in the 40's. Out of the St. Lawrence. Anglers love to exaggerate. LOL That is not close to a record.
  11. jimmer

    HUGE muskie

    Are they a great lakes fish in Nippissing? I know they are in the French, but are they same?
  12. jimmer

    In the market for a rainsuit.

    Yeah, check out Frog Toggs
  13. jimmer

    HUGE muskie

    It doesn't look much bigger than Lew's fish considering it's a great lakes fish (unless Lew's is a great lakes also, lol). I don't think the fish will die..
  14. jimmer

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    What he said, unless you can find someone with a good foot peddle lying around.
  15. jimmer

    2135 Cub Cadet Cutting Deck

    LOL, thanks for the offer Dan. I don't know if I will ever get to London though....