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  1. Get plugs (the ones the manual calls for) and lubricants from outside the dealer, but stick with getting motor parts from the dealer. The shift cable might be available after market at a cheaper price. This might explain the difference in the plugs you're talking about. https://forums.iboats.com/forum/engine-repair-and-maintenance/yamaha-suzuki-outboards/277650-spark-plugs-ngk-b7hs-ngk-b7hs-10
  2. So, are they compatible with the older power drives? I don't think they are.
  3. I wonder how many good electric motors are going into the trash because Minn Kota decided not to support those models anymore? This throw away society gets to me sometimes.
  4. I second this and anywhere south of the zoo on the river. There are some nice spots to set up.
  5. I'm holding out as long as I can after shopping around. You're right about the ouch!
  6. Another update. So after driving myself crazy for what seems like years, I finally changed the engine and everything is great. The original engine was just tired and worn out and finally on its last legs. I appreciate all the input from everyone on this post/issue. Changing the engine was cheaper than replacing the truck.
  7. That makes it easy, I hope those pedals are a step up from the older ones. It sounds like it. Happy fishing! However, I was kind of hoping to find someone that made the new foot pedal work on one of the older power drives.
  8. Did you have to change your connector from the flat one to the round one?
  9. I didn't mean to be mean spirited, but when a customer is told that something like Lew was going through is normal, someone should be responsible. How many people might keep driving their vehicle when told it is normal, then blow the engine and be responsible for the repair themselves. I don't think most mechanics could bring themselves to say something like an engine knocking is normal to a customer, so I guess someone higher up should be responsible.
  10. Well, that must be nice. That's exactly what I need, just a little dear for me.
  11. Depends if I have to use the bow mount. I find I use it less now that I'm getting older. I tend to like to drift around with my feet up, so I would sit in the stern.
  12. I would try throwing a senko to see if there are fish around that just aren't in the mood for chasing. Is it possible your spot gets hit hard by others since it's a shore spot? That might have an impact on your success.
  13. jimmer


    I like that you stood up for your principles about the screening of the education. It is the way it's going though, which can result in missing some very good candidates.
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