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  1. FISH PICTURES! Thanks for sharing, it looks like you had a blast.
  2. jimmer

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I'll bet many people suffering from mental illness are glad you are not working in that field.
  3. jimmer

    1625 Lund classic for sale

    Amazing, wish I was in the market.
  4. jimmer

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I had a buddy do that same thing at 19. He was in university, but felt the pressures. I never thought he would go that far as to take his life back then (1976). I saw him the night before and he was talking about his planned trip to Florida.
  5. jimmer

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    1 in 3 suffer from some form of mental health issues. Hard to stop someone from committing suicide if they have their mind set on it. You can offer help, an ear or a referral, (which we should all do if we know of someone thinking about it) but it ultimately comes down to the individual. He was a celebrity, so how much did we really know about him.
  6. jimmer

    Tried my hand at guiding this morning

    You just jinxed yourself. I have seen people get skunked fishing for bass. That includes me....I guess I am really really really bad.....LOL There are no guarantees on the water.
  7. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    Thanks Art.
  8. jimmer


    They tear me apart, so when they are in season I am always wearing long pants, socks and shoes out in the boat. I have no idea how guys can be out fishing in shorts and sandals when they are around. I guess covering up is the best option. The dog might not like that though.
  9. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    I can't figure out why; there is a good demand for marine products in this country. I guess I will try Nautalis, the HP that amsoil sells is for injection motors and I was told that injection oil doesn't always stay suspended in a pre-mixed tank.
  10. jimmer


    The best thing is to keep them away from deerflies. I honestly don't think deet works on those guys or they will find the little spot that doesn't have deet. This is better than the dog licking that stuff and burning its insides.
  11. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    I don't really like the yamalube, smokes like a bugger when I use it.
  12. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    Thanks for all the tips guys. I guess I just don't like change and was hoping there was another oil out there that I didn't know about that was specific for 100:1 mixtures in the marine world.
  13. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    Been doing the smaller engines for a couple of years now, with no problems. I run the ice auger hard too. However, I hear you and I was nervous at first, but I got over it. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. lol
  14. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    I have been running mine at 100:1 since 2003 and never had a problem. Many hours were put on my motor during that time. I have even started running my old Jiffy ice auger and Weed Trimmer at 100:1 for a couple of years with Amsoil and have no problems. Tried it in a Chainsaw that was originally 26:1 mixture and it didn't like it.
  15. jimmer

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    That's it and I was getting straight from the Amsoil distributor in our area. He says it's not available anymore.