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  1. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I think he has moved on to some other activity. I sure would if it was the Leaf team that was losing. I do hope the Canadian teams can turn it around.
  2. Bridgenorth Causway

    Just smarter Lew. LOL I have lived on both sides of #7 and I seemed to get smarter when I moved north. Moving north was the first thing that seemed like a smarter idea. All kidding aside, I hate to see our so called free country start to ban things from the public..
  3. Rubber Boots - NF

    I think much depends on whether you have a problem with cold feet or not. I went to the Titans and don't have that problem anymore, all other brands in the price range never did it for me.
  4. Bridgenorth Causway

    They even call the cops when they hear the gun shots during the first duck season they move here. It's just too foreign to them.
  5. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    His father played with an edge also. Tough to change those behaviours so suspensions are the way to go. That incident (spear) wasn't that bad last night, but you can't let him get away with it or next time he might hurt someone. He could have easily caught Martin in the gonads.
  6. Rubber Boots - NF

    TSC usually has the Titans on sale at some point throughout the year. http://www.tscstores.com/Rubber-Boots-C1450.aspx
  7. Rubber Boots - NF

    Titans all the way also. The Kamiks just don't cut it for me in the frigid temps. Just make sure you get a snug fit, which is better for walking.
  8. Bridgenorth Causway

    Yep, I am feeling more and more like moving from the area lately. Those stories are regular if you live on Pigeon Lake, I rarely go out on the weekends anymore because of these examples. However, littering is an issue for everyone to be mindful of. The road I clean up is not a main road and usually only used by locals. I am always disgusted after the road cleanup.
  9. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Someone will get him. Another great game of goaltending and a lucky 2 points for the Leafs. Better than a loss, I say.
  10. Bridgenorth Causway

    I'm just trying to say that this happens on many roadways, whether it's littering or people walking out on the road while not looking. I see this all the time in Lindsay and would hit someone once a week if I wasn't watching or I'm picking up some kind of garbage. It's the same in most communities. Is it right? No, it's disrespectful. Banning is the easy way out, but they don't mind throwing $27000 at enforcement of the ban. The garbage will just end up somewhere else until all access is banned. See Lake Simcoe as an example of where this can head.
  11. Shoot I just posted something about this also. Sorry about that.
  12. Bridgenorth Causway

    I just read an article that says a bylaw was passed that will no longer allow fishing from the causeway in Bridgenorth. Anyone stepping over the guardrail will be charged with trespassing. They will be hiring security to enforce the bylaw and provide education at a cost of $27,000 in the first year. Those that aren't aware of this ongoing issue should know that it has to do with littering. I think the people that passed the bylaw should walk through every ditch in Selwyn Township and see how much garbage is thrown out of cars. Are they going to ban cars from the roads? I just hate to see shore fishing spots lost.https://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/7983427-fishing-banned-along-selwyn-township-s-james-a-gifford-causeway/
  13. I guess it's one of the easiest things to hit and make it look like they are doing something for the environment.
  14. I'm not happy about that. That crap makes a mess of my tank and boat.

    First I heard of this. He could be very funny.