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  1. The media guys just love over analyzing the Leafs. Kind of get sick listening to them and their all knowing attitude. They would be running or coaching a team if they knew what they were talking about. We all know how well Burke did when he was here. LOL Did MacLean ever win anything when he was GM? Oh and then there is Kypreos. It will be interesting to see what changes are made for next year though.
  2. No killer instinct when they had the chance. Andersen held them in most games, they couldn't finish their scoring chances, while Boston capitalized on their theirs. Focus on fishing now! After work and weekends!
  3. Looks like you had great weather and great fishing. Can't beat that!
  4. I watched a bit of the Dallas/Nashville game last night. The refs were brutal in that one too, especially in the third period. It went both ways, but how are the players supposed to know what's acceptable or not. It's all a crap shoot, so they should just stick to how they call the games throughout the year.
  5. Most people wouldn't post their spot on a forum anyway. Best to just go out and check out the usual spots until they show up.
  6. Pretty tough to find any parts for these motors.
  7. We have used a glass top for a number of years now and the only thing that has bothered me is the scratching, which I can look past. We do canning on ours (probably where the scratches came from), but the weight issue is a thought that I didn't necessarily consider. Hmm.
  8. Probably enjoying walleye spawn. Too early for them to spawn.
  9. Walked down there again today and didn't see one walleye. The water is higher and more stained than last week. However, the carp are in!
  10. jimmer


    I think the introduction of those species sure impacted the shad, then the smelts. I did hear that the zebra mussels impacted them also by basically eating all the food that the fry would feed on.
  11. I like the passion that Moore plays with, it will be good for the team.
  12. This is one of things that drives me crazy about the playoffs, clutching, hooking and grabbing is a penalty and should be called in the playoffs as well. This goes for any player.
  13. They didn't know I was there, I was hiding behind a tree. 😁😉
  14. Come on guys. Keep this thread going. Listen to aplumma!
  15. and none of them are working properly. 😞
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