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  1. My suggestion is to find a place that has you stay in a cottage with all the amenities, then have them take you out to your hut for the day. Much more comfortable after a long day of fishing, more room to spread out and you can even have a shower. I don't find night fishing that great through the ice.
  2. Nothing will change with the Leafs until the philosophy changes and there are only two ways to do that. Dubas and Babs have to go (Chris already said it). It's the same thing every game.
  3. Nice fish! I should get back into taxidermy if that's what people are willing to pay now. It must have made a beautiful mount.
  4. Thanks singingdog. It is a very enjoyable area to fish in the fall.
  5. https://scugoglakestewards.com/ There are still walleye in that lake. I believe any lake that is within 2 hours of Toronto is fished heavily and has an impact on fish populations. Yes, people will say it's the introduction of Crappie or global warming, etc, but the lakes are definitely busier these days. I haven't heard much about the muskie lately. Just my opinion.
  6. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for them?
  7. We stayed at Bear's Den. The walleye wouldn't cooperate either. That's fishing though!
  8. Thanks Cliff, I will. The weird thing is one of the guys has a couple of cottages on a nice lake east of Parry Sound and we were joking that we would have did better there. However, there are no muskie in the lake.
  9. None taken Ohio. I even mentioned to the guys before the trip that the fishing probably won't be what they expect and maybe we will have better success in another location. The response was that it's not always about the fishing. I agreed and joined them. The potential for one of those giant muskie is what drew us there. I have fished for muskie many years and have had many skunks and many exceptional days, it's just the way it is. It is a long drive though when traveling alone.
  10. Hey Ohio - This has happened a number of times for me years ago and I stopped going. Just couldn't resist the invite to get away.
  11. We have fished the French years ago, more down towards the lake and did well the first year, but results declined from there and we stopped going. Two of the guys that were with us were there a few weeks back and did very well with the muskie and landing one over 50" ; also catching a few others over 40".
  12. Those tigers are awesome looking. Even the markings of the regular muskie are nice in St. Clair.
  13. Between Hartley Bay Marina and Atwood Resort, whatever that is.
  14. The fishing isn't very good. 8 guys, 4 boats, 3 full days and only a hand full of snot rockets. Not really worth it. Beautiful scenery, but I have seen it many times. We are all considering another option for the next time we get together.
  15. Not giving us much to cheer about when they put out a stinker like that. I have been hearing the Babcock theory quite a bit lately from a friend. He gets pretty worked up about that coach.
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