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  1. I don't know. I find the fall walleye fishing on Quinte very hard, so I wouldn`t stand a chance. I went to one of those meet and greets once and there was a total of two walleye caught and by the same angler. LOL
  2. jimmer

    Late Fall Kawartha Crappie & Perch?

    Used to do it on one of the more southern kawartha lakes until it turned into a free for all, basically the area was fished out. I tried it on the lake I live on once and did okay, but could never repeat it. I'm talking crappie. Perch can be found in schools along weed lines, just have to find a nice day to be able to work it properly. Temp is mid to low 50's if not less.
  3. jimmer

    Tomorrows Super

    Nice, clean looking fish!
  4. jimmer

    Steel head smokey jerky

    That looks absolutely amazingly delicious!
  5. jimmer

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    I was trying to remember where I had hooked into one, it was so many years ago. It's been years since I fished over in that area.
  6. The clarity of the water is amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Beautiful looking brookies.
  7. jimmer

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    I think I caught one of those years ago fishing for steelhead and had all the same emotions. It was a great fight though. Might have been in the Nottawasaga or one of those streams around there.
  8. Looks like a great boat to me. I'm sure there will be some real local ringers entered in that Derby! I hope it goes well for them weather wise.
  9. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    They can't win them all and it looked like Murray was lucky on a few of the chances. Go Babcock!
  10. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    No kidding......
  11. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Yes, I meant all athletes!
  12. jimmer

    We are down to 3 seasons here.

    Living the life there Simon!
  13. jimmer

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    Here are a couple of pictures from the ones we caught. One was pretty scarred up by some kind of disease, which wasn't lympho. The side that isn't showing was much worse.
  14. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    We live in a crazy world. It's starting to really bother me about athlete's salaries or their demands. How much money do people need!!!!!!!! There are people starving in our society or people that can't afford housing, then you get someone like Nylander wanting over $8 million after playing in the league for less than two years. I'm not starving or lacking a residence, but I know I can never afford to go see an NHL hockey game because of this. It would probably be cheaper for me to fly to Florida to watch a game there than buy tickets for a Leaf's game.
  15. jimmer

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    A buddy and I did a kawartha lake last Thursday and Sunday. We went 3 for 5 on the Thursday in the last half of the day and only boated one on Sunday. All were small fish and most were caught trolling in shallow water. The largest (35") was caught casting. All on spinnerbaits. The wind sure made it a challenge on both days.