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  1. We have fished the French years ago, more down towards the lake and did well the first year, but results declined from there and we stopped going. Two of the guys that were with us were there a few weeks back and did very well with the muskie and landing one over 50" ; also catching a few others over 40".
  2. Those tigers are awesome looking. Even the markings of the regular muskie are nice in St. Clair.
  3. Between Hartley Bay Marina and Atwood Resort, whatever that is.
  4. The fishing isn't very good. 8 guys, 4 boats, 3 full days and only a hand full of snot rockets. Not really worth it. Beautiful scenery, but I have seen it many times. We are all considering another option for the next time we get together.
  5. Not giving us much to cheer about when they put out a stinker like that. I have been hearing the Babcock theory quite a bit lately from a friend. He gets pretty worked up about that coach.
  6. Nice looking fish Simon! That lends to my theory that smaller baits out fish the large ones.
  7. I think that if you decide on one, make sure you look it over very good before you buy it, like someone else said. The machine can look great and the engine run well, but there can be stress cracks all over the thing and heavy wear in places that aren't noticeable at first. Bring someone that knows their snow machines with you when checking any out. It can save you some headaches.
  8. I find it tough to watch any of these videos! Social media has sure changed the way people express their opinions. I'll continue to do my little part and hope I don't get taxed to death through expensive initiatives that don't really do anything.
  9. That is one sweet looking ride! Always nice to hear of someone keeping their car from their youth.
  10. It's a tough one, but nice to see people passionate about something. I think the world is upside down right now. Let's feed and house our homeless first here in Canada.
  11. Looks like the northern pike minnow after I googled it when reef runner mentioned it.
  12. Someone posted this picture on facebook and I can't figure out what kind of fish the longer ones are. The others are bass of course. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Those ladyfish are aerial acrobats for sure. Never seen anything jump like them.
  14. My wife just went to the Ganaraska one and said it was very physical, but enjoyed it. I think they are all run by the same company. She was there for over an hour for sure. She said she repeated some of the sections.
  15. Okay, I'm a die hard Leaf fan, but I had to share this.
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