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  1. jimmer

    Moving North? Things to consider

    We heat strictly with wood unless we are away for more than a day. We have baseboards as the heat source for those times, so that's why I recommend a high efficiency propane furnace an top of a wood stove. I definitely wish we had propane now that I am getting older. Might be happening in the near future.
  2. jimmer

    Moving North? Things to consider

    The well is a big issue. You have to make sure you have good capacity throughout the year. Nothing worse than having the well going dry. There should be a record of this somewhere. Probably need like 7 gallons/min output. There shouldn't be a huge cost to keep it going if you have a good quality pump and pressure tank. Septic systems vary, so make sure it has weeping tiles and not just a holding tank. otherwise you will be paying to have that pumped regularly. Low maintenance cost unless the weeping bed gets plugged and you have to redo it. Have the septic tank pumped every 5 years. That's my opinion on pumping. You probably won't have gas lines. I would recommend a good wood stove/pellet and a high efficiency propane furnace. Some insurance companies won't cover you if you have a wood stove as your main heat source, so you will have to look into that. Taxes are different in every municipality, so you should definitely check that before even looking at a house. Who wants to pay $10,000/year for taxes. Mine in the Kawarthas is around $2,800/year. Lots of toys to deal with snow and outdoor stuff. lol You can expect a much quieter life.
  3. Low and behold, a Bell technician came out yesterday and solved our problem by replacing a few external components that had aged over the years.
  4. I am reading everyone's pain. I live 15 minutes from Lindsay and can't get high speed through our phone line. Dial up only and that doesn't work half the time. Our phone keeps kicking in and out, can receive calls, but can't call out. I have eliminated all our phone lines in the house and have one phone hooked up to where the line comes in the house trying to figure out the problem. Have had Bell out about a year ago and they didn't solve the problem. Have them coming again tomorrow and hopefully they find the problem this time. We have contacted numerous wireless companies and all want $1000 to put in a tower, not happening without guarantees, which they won't give. My neighbors have xplornet and they say it stinks most of the time. We are getting ripped off in Canada.
  5. jimmer

    Deer Bones

    Don't use the deer bones, yuck. Lots of beef bones around.
  6. I blew my chance by waiting until the end of my vacation. I did see various spots around the island that are accessible by shore, but I would rent a car if you're comfortable with driving in that country. The taxis are a little expensive to say the least. I saw one spot around the Jolly Beach Resort that looked promising, lined with mangroves, right near the public beach just south of the resort.
  7. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    The tough part is who to keep and who to let go. I would keep Muzzin over Gardner any day. However, it's those fringe players that have to be decided on. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Chicago is going through some tough times with some real good players.
  8. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Kadri is at 4.5 mil. He is a good third line center and I think Babcock likes him.
  9. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Not sure how they sign Gardiner, with Marner still pending. Gardiner will want over 5 mil.
  10. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Kind of tough to fill out a roster when you have 4 or 5 guys taking half the cap and the rest wanting to make a few mil.
  11. jimmer

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    These contract demands from young athletes are getting tiring. Football, basketball or hockey, they're all the same. I love watching sports, but this is tipping the scales for me.
  12. I will be impressed if you can pull one of those out from around those piers!
  13. Not saying there isn't snook there, but those fish I saw had a single dorsal fin. Yeah, the waitress told me they were snook also, but we googled and determined they were tarpon.
  14. I do believe that it is a public beach. They are also shutting the resort down in April from what I hear to complete renovations. It's pretty quiet in the evening there, but don't go on Tuesday nights, no lights. The spot for the lady fish was on the road between the salt pond and the ocean just before Runaway Beach. There is an old pump that I was standing on.