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  1. You're fishing too deep brother. I made the same mistakes when I first moved up here. I've caught hundreds of pickerel the last few weeks. Nothing in water deeper than 5 feet. Three learning curve has been steep but im figuring them out.
  2. Not fishing but catching this weekend water temps were 57 to 60. Most pickerel caught in 6 to 8 feet of water with this biggun on a spinnerbait crashing the windblown shoreline.
  3. No closer to gogama still out of control but has been reduced from 6000 to 4000 hectares.
  4. If anyone is traveling between timmins and sudbury check for closures before you leave. There is a fire burning close to the highway and it's been closed and reopened a couple times already.
  5. Weather in north eastern ontario is finally starting to warm up. So is the fishing. Been seeing temperatures around the mid to high 40s with some warmer weather coming. Spring is finally here. Get after them.
  6. There's lots of fishing to be had water that isn't ice is high so be careful. I'll shoot you a PM cause I heard the fishing isn't very good and I don't wanna give up my spots....
  7. Wicked bars on that one fish looks like a giant perch. Nice fish.
  8. If you want contact info for a great charter in marathon shoot me a PM. They are always on something I've got him on my Facebook. Not the best time for tarpon or mahis right now though. Thanks dude I've been lucky to find a lady that enjoys it as much as I do. So most of our vacations are epic fishing trips. I really need to explore some more waters around Canada. Here's a couple more beauties.
  9. I've been lucky to scratch that itch a few times now. Those pics are of one jump look at the transport on the bridge in both shots. Florida keys is the spot for bucket list fish been a couple times now and can't wait to go back. The next bucket list one I want is a rooster fish.
  10. Yep shoot me a message I'll help if I can
  11. Got out last weekend for the opener. Water temps were cold from 48 to 54. We caught fish but had to work for them. Here's a couple pics. They were alot deeper than I would've expected for the time of year and temps. All were caught in 15 to 20 feet of water on a jig and minnow.
  12. While we were out there freezing the missus was in the hut taking pike selfies. Good to meet you man we'll have to get out when the weather is more bearable.
  13. Drew 19 13 16 11 18 13 13 Ad 24 13 10 10 9 9 Rhena 19 24 14 Final scores in inches for the day pike perch and pickerel.
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