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  1. Exactly she sits down on plane allot quicker but has lost a few mph wide open. I run a deep wide Lund so going stupid fast was never really an option. Way too much drag for the 90.
  2. I have one on the boat now 90hp merc. I fish alot of uncharted northern waters and it's saved me multiple times now. Being able to lift the motor to swap out a broken blade is way more important to me than a bit of performance. I guess it depends on how you use your rig. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for durability and not performance.
  3. So jealous man we're getting close to the in between stage. Still safe ice in certain areas but it's leaving quick. So glad there's 500 lakes within a half hour drive and I bet I wouldn't see another soul on 499 of them.
  4. I'm hoping that I don't end up in this situation with daytime temps in the pluses as far as I can see. Good thing is there's still 2ft. of ice for now.
  5. I've fished it from my boat in the summer but again access isn't the best and it's a really dangerous lake. There are no markers and rocky shoals everywhere that are impossible to see until it's too late. Because the water always has very low visibility. Definitely gonna put in some more time this soft water season and make my own charts. It really is a huge lake. Bigger than nipissing and simcoe.
  6. There isn't alot of work from the ontario side to maintain an operation. But man that is some good fishing .
  7. Fished abitibi again yesterday what an amazing fishery. Released a ton of smalls saugers and mooneye. Brought home a good fry for today. Still on over 2 feet of ice and not too slushy if you stay on the trails.
  8. Yep lots of action lots of smalls went back
  9. Went out to the popular lake today. Did some groceries.
  10. A few fish from the last couple weeks. Conditions have been far from ideal lots of slush. Timmins area.
  11. Here's my girl. If money was no issue I would still buy this same boat. Tough as hell, handles big water and still gets into most of the smaller lakes I fish.
  12. You're fishing too deep brother. I made the same mistakes when I first moved up here. I've caught hundreds of pickerel the last few weeks. Nothing in water deeper than 5 feet. Three learning curve has been steep but im figuring them out.
  13. Not fishing but catching this weekend water temps were 57 to 60. Most pickerel caught in 6 to 8 feet of water with this biggun on a spinnerbait crashing the windblown shoreline.
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