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  1. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    That's it 100%.
  2. licencing small aluminum boat

    Buy 9.9 stickers for your 'bigger' motor, et voila
  3. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    If there was any concrete evidence of the Eastern Wolf being a legitimate subspecies of wolf, instead of just being a simple coyote/wolf hybrid (something which is already very widespread across most of Ontario and elsewhere), then these limitations would have more support from sportsmen. Instead, they politicized the issue by throwing 'Algonquin' in the name and it has since become a poster child for emotional anti-hunting/trapping rhetoric. Do you believe that trappers take wolves 'simply to kill'? That's a dangerously slippery slope to walk on as a sportsman. Do you fish just to hurt fish then release them?
  4. Haliburton outfitters

    Gorgeous big blue walleye!
  5. the Nipissing experience

    My unit is the first generation, I just looked...no CHIRP. Having said that, I've never hooked a fish I didn't mark first. Incredible detail...I can only imagine the new ones.
  6. the Nipissing experience

    As far as I know, every Helix uses CHIRP technology. These shoals are full of herring, so we see tons of marks in the upper half of the water column. I keep a split screen on my unit, one zoomed in on bottom few feet. Usually won't mark intended quarry up high but somedays you have to work them way up the water column to get a strike.
  7. the Nipissing experience

    If we're marking fish without commitments, sometimes a good rip around in the truck or sled definitely wakes them up. I just can't believe that a walleye is affected by clumsy footsteps in a hut on top of 31" of ice, 32 feet down LOL
  8. the Nipissing experience

    Someone usually gets one substantially larger than that one every season. I'm sure there's a record in there somewhere.
  9. the Nipissing experience

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=423eByYS8fo&t=3s I spent a couple days with good friends out in the middle of lake Nipissing chasing just about anything that swims, and my editor-in-chief (lol) put together another fun video of our travels.
  10. Eye of Quebec trip

    My kinda trip! Looks like an amazing place, holy snow! Just googled where you were, the big crater lake!
  11. Dismembered my minn kota

    I initially read the thread title as 'dismembered BY minn kota'
  12. Working stream fed flats

    I enjoyed that! Never stop learning...
  13. Night burbot help?

    Youre overthinking it Jer. Whatever you were using for walleye before sundown, just keep it down there. They're super aggressive and predatorial. Glow spoons like buckshots tipped with a minnow arr probably the best, but they're not picky.
  14. Catching big trout on small twigs

    I live up north, and drive even further north for da brookies.