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  1. Joeytier

    Tamagami grouse/rabbit hunting

    Not too many deer hunters once you get up north of Temagami, since that is getting to be near their northern range. Find the food find the birds. There are many thousands of km's of gravel logging roads with good grouse potential, but plenty of people hunting them too.
  2. Joeytier

    Wipers in the Great Lakes

  3. Joeytier

    gordon lake quebec temiskaming area info needed

    Pm me. 5 mins from my house, know it well.
  4. Joeytier

    Some Nipissing Musky

    I don't know enough to say whether they will be or not, but I do know the days are getting short and the single digit over night lows are getting common. Water temps are getting cooler and the fish will be thinking about fall.
  5. Joeytier

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Me and a friend made a short little video of a musky trip we made on Nipissing a couple weeks ago. Lots of musky guys around here (something I am not) so i figured I'd share.
  6. Joeytier

    Nip/Upper French Report

    Great fishing. Nip rocks, but you seem to have figured that out already.
  7. Joeytier

    Summer Brook Trout Tips !!

    Nice squaretails...itchin to get back at it again.
  8. I carry a selection of keel weights. Start light (1 oz) and go heavier as needed (usually don't need more than 2) like curt said, I've never had to go deeper than 20 feet down for summer brookies. I also try to only fish cooler darker windier days.
  9. Awesome video, Curt. I agree summer brookies are a lot a easier than what a lot of people seem to think. Do you just run a pinched worm behind that small gang troll?
  10. Joeytier

    Ontario fires

    It absolutely poured rain off and on allll day and again just now so hopefully, I'd be shocked if it didn't put a serious dent in the fires.
  11. Joeytier

    Nosbonsing 2018

    Nos is a verrry busy lake, you'll be wanting to be on the water early to avoid pleasure boaters if the weather is nice.
  12. Joeytier

    Guess Im getting to famous out there

    They frigged off and you bagged a nice one...I'd call that a success
  13. Joeytier

    Quebec Zec forums?

    And you can just call the office of whatever one you're interested in, they will likely be able to help you.
  14. Joeytier

    Quebec Zec forums?

    There are no forums designated for the zec's in english or french that I'm aware of. However, every zec website is in both english and french.
  15. Joeytier

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    Lakes are all in excess of 75-76 degrees on the surface now, ive seen 79-80 in some spots last week. I wouldn't trout fish for a few weeks.