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  1. Its definitely nice not having to worry about sucking crap into the impeller housing in shallow water!
  2. Don't expect them to do anything for horseflies and the like, but they work excellent on mosquitos.
  3. A lot of the big deep clear Temagami lakes just don't seem to naturally support large numbers of walleye, in general, so the ones that are there have plenty chance to grow large. I can think of many many examples of oligotrophic waters like Gull that are known for trophy walleye, but good luck catching keepers consistently.
  4. If you don't mind a real manual footshift, Suzuki and Honda both still offer true manual 500 cc bikes (Kingquad and Foreman) if you wanted the ultimate manitenance free machine. Lots of people buy Polaris and Cat's and have reasonably good luck with them if you dont ride much and maintain them well, but I don't think many will recommend them as a whole. Sticking with a Kodiak 450, Foreman 500, or Kingquad 500 would be the safest longterm bet. Kawasaki makes a nice bike but do they make a 500 class or just the 650?
  5. Snowfall only surprises me from mid-June to mid-September lol
  6. We are behind schedule yet again for ice out, but the forecast looks very promising for things to change quickly. I'm happy to be putting my sled to bed. My guess is that we will be about a week ahead of last year, somewhere in the first week of May.
  7. Go on fish online and find some splake and bow lakes that you can access by foot. The ice will be on the way out out but likely fishable. I was drilling thru 30" and sledding on 2.5 feet of snow today, and I'm well south of kap.
  8. I'm just hoping I can be in my boat before 2nd week of May (like last year). 3 feet of snow still in the bush made for a fun snowmobile ride, but was also a little discouraging.
  9. I used to have one. I sold it for 2 main reasons....it's farrrrr noisier than any watercooled outboard and the centrifugal clutch is a pain for trolling and I did not like not having a neutral gear. Purely as a utilitarian motor, they are great, but the 3.5 watercooled merc I have now with a traditional Forward-Neutral gearcase is far better for fishing imo
  10. Amazing gator. After todays 12-hour skunk, I'm not sure if I enjoyed seeing that or not.
  11. Just read the regulations, it's all there in plain English, and you remove any doubt of innacurate info.
  12. Looks like an awesome adventure! My kinda style
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