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  1. Joeytier

    my brother's pb speckled laker

    Those are some fine splake Chris
  2. Joeytier

    Wheres the report

    5 weeks into the season now, ice and snow is set up nicely in the north. Had mainly beautiful conditions thus far but it seems like some real winter conditions are knocking on the door.
  3. Joeytier

    Good Day On The Ice.

    Awesome vid Simon.
  4. Joeytier

    what song are you listening to right now???

    I love Triptykon almost as much as the last Frost album, Monotheist. Brilliant stuff!
  5. Joeytier

    Splakefest on ice

    Had a crazy day of early winter splake fishing the other day, and was lucky enough to get it all on camera. No big ones, but some wild action out of ultra shallow water!
  6. Joeytier

    I just love a good fishing story!

    Wow...36" is wild!
  7. Joeytier

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Where's the expedition?
  8. Joeytier

    Ice season is open in Haliburton

    8-9" on most backlakes, great for sled travel and the snow conditions on the trails are great! It's been a great start to the season for conditions so far this winter, in stark contrast to the awful fall we had.
  9. Joeytier

    Guided Moose Hunting Recommendations

    I would look into outfitters operating anywhere between Cochrane and Nipigon along the hwy 11 corridor. Still plenty of tags to be had up that way. I can't speak for any particular outfitters, but i know there are a few, and there's plenty of moose.
  10. Joeytier

    Lake Nipissing

    Plenty of people are fishing around NB on smaller lakes. Walleye is open, just not on Nipissing.
  11. Joeytier

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    Callander bay does not have much for rental huts, it's primarily personal huts. Any reason why you want Cbay in particular? Tons of great operators on the south shore with generally better fishing.
  12. Joeytier


    Nipissing(*) was great then, and it's great now.
  13. Joeytier

    Shortest fall season ever

    Nothing but cold and wind. Went on my yearly splake/bow trip in FMZ 8 late October and had to break ice and camp in a few inches of snow and subzero temps. Tomorrow will be the earliest I'll have ever gone ice fishing, so I'll take the good with the bad I suppose.
  14. Joeytier

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    Awesome speck! The larger ones can be a tough nut to crack late in the fall, but they dont come much prettier than that. Heres a little smaller one from a week back. When you get lucky with a warm sun and calm winds in late fall you can end up having a bit of a feeding frenzy.
  15. Joeytier

    [Fishing Report] Lower Twin Lakes Lodge Nakina

    Great job! Some stellar trout fishing around there, would love to spend a week up there.