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  1. Sudbury area Ice Out?

    That area will be wide open by the weekend, mostly open now. North of 17, there will be remnants of ice on many lakes on the long weekend, but most should be navigable. Small lakes should be mostly open by the end of this weekend. Big lakes like Temagami and Kipawa are still pretty tight, Nipissing should be wide open in 4-5 days.
  2. Melting fast

    I went snowmobiling and ice fishing yesterday, and we got about 5 inches of snow today. I am beyond ready to be sitting in a boat....
  3. Late Spring

    Snowmobile trails are still awesome and lakes haven't lost an inch of ice yet, with 20 to 30 cm of fresh white stuff expected over the weekend. I won't complain about an extended spring ice fishing season. At this rate, I may be able to walk on water in the month of May.
  4. I think you should spend a night pouring over maps of some of the quieter areas of Northeastern Ontario, tons of great spots within 6-8 hours of you that will provide nice camping and tons of walleye. From Matheson, to Shining Tree, to Foleyet and everywhere in between there are a million good spots to set up for a week with the family and hammer fish. I can point you in the direction of a couple specific spots if you are interested.
  5. Still awesome sledding to be done.

    Well the trails are still great north of 17 if you're still interested lol...another 3-4 weeks of sledding and hardwater here.
  6. Holy Smokes I caught a Lake Trout

    Holy smokes! Amazing walleye. You've never iced a trout before???
  7. First attempt at Lakers

    Mono is fine, don't overthink it. The longest ice rod you have is probably the best for maintaining a loaded rod during big headshakes (anything 30+ inches is fine), medium action at least, MH is ideal. Most muskokas lake have a fairly small average size of trout in them so if you want to maximize numbers of fish caught then stick to 3-4" white tubes or white grubs. Lipless cranks are also very popular. There's a million other things that work well but I think if you stick with those and run and gun with electronics you'll get bit.
  8. set up for early season brook trout?

    Leave the ultralight at home. Big brookies fight way over their weight class, especially in fast current. Late May can be quite early that far north, so water will be very high. You will figure out pretty quick if they will be willing to chase down and hit hardware, or if you will have to slow down. As mentioned, a worm under a slip float is kinda tough to beat, although if they're crushing spoons, that is the ultimate way to catch them, and will result in less deep hooked fish.
  9. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    My thoughts pertaining to the original issue at hand: As far as I can see it, the race has already been lost when it comes to sustaining a genetically pure strain of Eastern Wolf in Ontario. Most in the know seem to agree that hybridization has already been widespread for many generations, and since it is impossible to distinguish between the two based on appearance alone, it is a difficult thing to quantify. Regardless of whether or not humans harvest any of these dogs, the eastern coyote will continue to thrive in these areas and interbreed with the eastern wolf, so how long will it take until there are no true eastern wolves left? And if there is still a strong population of apex predator dogs in its place, will the ecosystem as a whole suffer at all? My guess is no.
  10. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    And what demographic of people do you think contribute most to Ducks Unlimited? I would bet that hunters are at the top of the list. "The whole argument that "wolf populations are doing great" is pretty Bull because when was the last time you saw a wolf in the GTA? " Not sure what evidence you're willing to put forward on that, but the Grey Wolf and Eastern Coyote, and any genetic hybrid thereof, are both officially listed as 'Not at Risk' in both Ontario and in Canada. 66% of Ontario is forested land, not sure why the GTA is even being brought up, since it contains approximately zero suitable habitat for wolves. Don't like trapping and hunting wolves? Then don't trap or hunt wolves. I don't participate in either myself (not particularly interested), but do you not see the hypocrisy as a sportsman to insult those that do?
  11. Sled trip before the rain

    Trails aren't shutting down any time soon north of 17. Very nice sled, I have really been eyeing down basically the same sled as yours, really fallen in love with the 900 ACE after seeing a few in action. I am interested in the sport version with the 16" wide track, yours is the 20" model?
  12. Ice Fishing North Bay

    Hyatt is apparently done at the end of this month, and the new owner will be taking it over for the start of next season. I wouldn't except any change in the quality of the operation.
  13. Long overdue fishing session

    I laughed at that too. Good job Jeremy
  14. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    Yeah, trapping wolves and yote is definitely nowhere near being financially lucrative (at least in comparison to the past). The people I know that do it take a few every year to help out the moose and share the pelt with friends and family, and to keep their trap line active. I think a lot of people have a misconception that there's hordes of people out in the bush chasing after every wolf in sight. To try and infringe on a sportsman's right to sustainably trap and hunt predator animals simply because you don't like it is seriously off, in my opinion. I'm sure if we cancelled every bass and walleye tournament in Ontario, you would see a notable increase in fishing quality on many popular cottage lakes in a few short years, but I am not about to tell a tournament angler that he/she is wrong in doing so.
  15. Are Wolves the new Bears? From MNR Watch

    That's it 100%.