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  1. Have a trip booked to Cuba in the the Veradero area in Feb and want to do some fishing. Either fly fishing of from the shore with a spinning rod, or both. If anyone has any experience in Cuba, specifically this area I would like to hear so I can plan ahead. Thanks
  2. Man you are an angry person Chris. So willing to get physical over a bunch of hockey banter. πŸ˜‚ I'm guessing you don't consider the fact that assault is illegal. Or maybe you don't care, or can't think outside that Neanderthal mentality. Sheese…….go for a beer or something.....relax!
  3. This is exactly what a team in rebuild mode wants. Finish last and get the first pick. If only Detroit didn't suck a little more than the Sens we would be a lock in. By the way, we have 6 picks in the top 50. And next year even more. 😁
  4. I see there are a few teams talking to the laffs about a potential trade for d-men. I think it's unlikely that they will pick up any d-men without losing a roster player. It'll be interesting to see how desperate they are to pick up a d-man or two. Teams know their desperation and this could play in their favor while negotiating. And how will they work it with no cap space?
  5. Cmon guys.....it's a game......not worth getting yourself all worked up. πŸ™„
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/neil-peart-obit-1.5422806 😭
  7. Talk on TSN Radio 1200 this morning was that it is highly probable that CP would be looking for an exit out of Montreal. The were discussing options for retaining salary and breaking contract obligations and it was determined things could be put in place to make it happen. This could start with Cary approaching the management first or visa versa. Either way, CP has given his all to the Habs and the immediate future in Montreal is not going to give CP the opportunity to pursue his ultimate career goal of a Stanley Cup. If I had to guess, this could even happen this year as I have been predicting this for the last 24 months. Until the Canadians ownership and management gets over the francophones only attitude, their future looks bleak!
  8. EK hands down. So glad we got what we did for him. Duchenne is in that discussion as well. Not sure what happened in Montreal, they looked like they were going to do well then the wheels fell off. Julien has to be worried!
  9. ???? That, was actually hard to read. Punctuation Chris, punctuation! 🀣
  10. 5. Nobody's input to this thread has less impact and relevance than Whitespinnerbait
  11. I guess the Ballard years have been forgotten by the laffites πŸ™„πŸ€£
  12. We've had our share of good players no question about that. The battle of Ontario and the hatred was built on us dominating you in the regular season.....we totally dominated the laffs. We just couldn't et a win against the laffs in the playoffs lol. That said, the laffs did absolutely nothing once they got past us.....nothing. Heatly apparently got chased out of town for boinking some high profiles guys wife. He turned and ran from what I hear. Not sure how true that is but I've heard it from a few sources. He was an arrogant di@k anyway. Kinda like Matthews is πŸ˜‰
  13. Hey I never said Matthews wasn't a great player. He's awesome and if he keeps practicing he might be half the player McDavid is some day.
  14. Is that all you got, that "oh nobody cares" is so lame and getting pretty old. πŸ˜‚
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