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  1. I bet Torts has a bitter taste after that loss to Duclair's hatty lol Even with the third period collapse they had the Sens still found a way to win. Although too much winning would not be a good thing. I think it's safe to say no one......no one .....expected the laffs to only have one more win than the Sens at this point in the season.
  2. What the ?????? Get a freaking room you two......this is the battle of Ontario. The hate between the two sides is reciprocal......🤣😂 There is nothing much to say about the laffs other than they are blowing the chance they have been waiting 53 years for. The Sens are what they are and it's not as bad as expected, which is not good for the tankers. Wow 🙄🙄
  3. The Sens have so much of what the laffs are missing They play a hard fast paced game and will not back down. Fun to watch.
  4. Laff players only excel once they have resurrected their careers after leaving the laffs , that's a fact. Spezza is a has been who is trying to hang on to his career for a few years now. It's apparent he will wind his career down regretting ever wanting to be inflicted with the blue and white disease. As for JT.......Islanders are a better team without him. The laffs are done.....again......the talk about sweeping changes to the upper management speaks for itself. Buffalo is a team to watch, and Tampa is going to have a strong rest of the season. Golf laffs golf
  5. If you look at how the laffs have more games played and more losses than all teams below them I would think panic should be the response right now.
  6. wow, that's actually kinda good....I like it! 😂 I can just imagine the fan base of the laffs when they miss the playoffs this year 😂. This is totally a possibility at this point, look at the downward spiral they have been in since the beginning of November and watching the laffs game last night it appears they are in big trouble and this will only get worse. The coach had Nylander, Marner and Matthews all on the same line which tells me that with no defense and no goaltending the coach is so desperate to put a W up that he is loading one line hoping to overpower the opposition......apparently that isn't going to work either.
  7. The Sens play a disciplined, hard working style of hockey and unlike the laffs...…….quit is not in their vocabulary.
  8. I'm thinking a big loss at the hands of the Oilers tonight. Will be good for the young guys to see pure talent like Draisaitl and McDavid. I can see more than a 7 goal performance by the Oilers.
  9. Kadri is my favorite Avalanche player
  10. A gentle reminder that from Nov 9th to Nov 19th the laffs lost 6 in a row. They have lost 8 of the last 12 games and two of the games were 6-1 blowout losses. All this is bad enough but what you should be worried about is you are not in a wildcard spot, and the Montreal Canadians have a game in hand fighting for the same wildcard spot. Tampa is one point behind the laffs with 4 games in hand. Rangers are one point behind the laffs with 3 games in hand. Other than Ottawa and the Wings, the laffs have the most losses in the Atlantic division. Ottawa was expected to finish last in a rebuild and the laffs were planning a parade 😂🙄 Not good if you are a laffs fan.
  11. Reilly and Matthew's a minus 3 Nylander a minus 4 And you can bet they are going to pretty much do as they please. The new coach is a pawn, he's in a token roll afraid to upset the 4 cap gobblers. This comical version of the laffs is no where near a playoff team.
  12. 53 years of drowning your sorrows and crying in your beer can lead to bad habits, including being a rambling, slurring, yelling, obnoxious laff fan
  13. I went to Cabelas yesterday to check it out. Man is it sweet, base is thick plastic, nothing thin about that. Great looking seats that swivel and can move back and forth. Insulated top looks awesome and the door positions are great. Especially the one on the back. Bar extension mechanisms are solid and easy to use. It's 75" tall which is great to stand up when needed. Lots of room. All for a thousand bucks.
  14. After tow bar and cover, taxes, the Otter is over $2000. A bit more than I'd like to pay
  15. Didn't the laffs just come off a six game losing streak? Too funny! 🤣
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