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  1. FloatnFly

    Duplicate accounts ruling

    I have 2 Facebook accounts, one is my personal use one for friends and family, the other is for any games I play. Same reason I, and most other people have 2 or 3 email addresses
  2. FloatnFly

    Reluctant PSA

    That's her, she was a good person. We hadnt seen her for few years, and I guess that was why.
  3. get yourself a set of NEOs, they are fantastic, waterproof, and spikes are replaceable. slide right over your normal footwear. they fit small though, i wear a size 12 work boot, and need a size 15 neo to fit over them. http://www.neosovershoescanada.com/ they are standard winter wear at the rail yards for anti slip
  4. FloatnFly

    Reluctant PSA

    was this just within the last month? my g/f cousin just passed from an od and this sounds very very familiar to her circumstances
  5. FloatnFly

    Reluctant PSA

    i know the area you speak of, i do not venture south of a certain spot, its too quiet and closed in, when i go there, i fish the spots that are frequented by many passer by.
  6. FloatnFly

    Assinaboin river

    Thanks, I'm bringing a fly rod with me, my hotel is a couple blocks from the river
  7. FloatnFly

    Shes a Natural

    This girl loves to go fishing, took her out targeting pan fish with a little ultralight rod, a small fly, and even smaller chunk of worm, and she got a very nice surprise.
  8. FloatnFly

    Assinaboin river

    Anyone have any experience fishing in Winnipeg? Headed there today for 7 weeks of job training
  9. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    Haha no, not chad The smoker was my dad's for 20years before he gave it to me He used stainless because it won't rot out in the elements. Pork belly burnt ends, salt them over night, cube them up, smoker for 4 to 5 hours, then bbq for an hour and a half in a mixture of your favourite bbq sauce, little bit of honey, and butter. It's like pork candy0
  10. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    Have these yummy morsels simmering in the sauce mix right now
  11. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    1 inch insulation wrapped with a sheet metal exterior. You can see the base little smoker inside
  12. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    Currently doing pork belly burnt ends on mine. Also, someone mentioned temperature of these units, mine is insulated with 1inch insulation all the around, took a temp reading at the very top just under the lid, it's sitting at 195 degrees F
  13. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    If you boil your ribs, you're making soup and dumping all your flavour down the drain
  14. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    I absolutely have used mine for ribs, and pork belly and smoked burgers. It can't be used as a cold smoke, because of the heating element being in the unit. Cold smoking requires smoke only. These are the ribs I did in mine last week. I cook them in a bbq sauce mixture with butter and honey on the bbq after words to make them sticky and delicious
  15. FloatnFly

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    I've got that same smoker, my dad gave it to me when he upgraded, it's over 20 years old, but works like a champ. Mine has been modified to hold the heat better, has a 1 inch layer of insulation wrapped in another layer of sheet metal.