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Wood Chips, Cork Dust, and Epoxy Fumes (Lots of pics - Updated!)


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Hey OFC,


It's been a while!


I'm still reading the forums, but haven't been posting too much.


I have however been busy adding to my already ridiculous collection of custom rods, as well as turning out a few here and there for others.


It might take a while, but I'm going to start uploading pictures to this thread of the last 5 or 6 builds. If there's interest I'll keep posting!


It would be great if any other builders out there wanted to share some pictures & stories as well, so feel free to chime in.


First up:


Blank: Batson Enterprises RX7 Switch 10'6" 8wt

Guides: ATC Titanium frame w/Zirconium Ring

Accent Wood: Custom Stabilized & Turned Birdseye Maple

Hardware: Batson 8.5 Shiny Gunsmoke


The wood came out the stabilizer looking like this:




After some convincing, it turned into this:




And the finished product...











On deck is a 9', 9wt, electric blue theme Atlantic Salmon stick for a fishing buddy!




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Stick #2


Built this one in July for a fishing buddy. He's always on the road for work and it presents him some unique fishing opportunities - in this case Atlantic Salmon on the East Coast.


This rod doesn't fit my personal style - too flashy for me but it isn't my rod, and it's exactly my buddy wanted so I built it to spec.


Blank: Batson XF909 - RX8 9', 9wt Fly

Guides: Batson XLXNZG & XSNG in shiny gunsmoke

Hardware: Batson RA8L2SKC Shiny Gunsmoke

Wood Accents: Custom stabilized and turned Golden Amboyna









I've also linked up with a small fly reel manufacturer who is building some of the best quality reels I've ever used, at prices that are VERY fair. This particular rod went out matched with a reel:





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Can't seem to find the shots of the dropshot rig, will work on that one.


Instead, here's a few that are in process -


I was lucky enough to come across two early 1990's Fenwick glass fly blanks in the spring. A 5wt and a 6wt, both 7'6".


I was even more lucky when they were brand new in original packaging, and available for the price of $10 each!


I don't have great quality pictures of these ones just yet, but I'll get some better ones tonight.


The 5wt is finished:





Matching Handles in process:




Test wraps on the 5wt - notice the guides are from the same vintage, picked up a lifetime supply of those at the same place I found the blanks!






Test Wraps on the 6wt:



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Well done my young friend, you've much to be proud of there. :clapping:


I've been wanting to get a post up for weeks of some work but I just can't seem to find the time, hopefully soon.


A great compliment coming from you - thanks!


Add some pictures into this post, would be great to see a bunch of builders different styles.



Beautiful! Love the bird's eye maple!


Thanks - I wasn't sure until I stabilized it with a very slight dye, and turned it down that it was the right choice. Has a look similar to the golden amboyna but more subdued.


The ability to stabilize my own woods had changed the game for me, what used to cost $50 for one or two rods worth now costs about $5 and the selection is endless.


Nice stuff man.


Can you provide any info on the reel manufacturer? I'm looking for a new reel and good quality at a reasonable price gets my interest.


The manufacturer is called Risen Fly.


Website is here: http://www.risenfly.com/


If you want to PM me, I'd be more than happy to save you a few bucks and bring a reel in for you in my next order.





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The props are well deserved Bud, I wouldn't have said so if it weren't so.


I've been wanting to get up some pictures of recent work and since you're asking to see them here I'll add some to keep a good thread going.

Thanks for allowing me to piggyback on your post and great work.


I won't elaborate too much but it is all recent and why I've been mostly absent.


The reel seat I did with T&T hardware for a T&T spey conversion using Birds Eye Maple..




The finished rod showing wraps and feather inlays.....



Another T&T conversion....
A couple of recent 4 axis chevrons.
The one above in blue was built to compliment a beautiful RSG custom reel with matching wood.
I could go on but I'll end it with one more picture of some recent reel seat work with a new to me finish (CA).


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It's nice to see when things come full circle. Brady is indeed a talented angler and by the looks of it a talented rod builder as well. This truly is a gifted community. And am proud to be part of it.



I've seen most of what Spiel have posted...the pics don't do justice to them....I'm sure Brady's is the same way. I really like the rear wood grip on the first rod that Brady posted.

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