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  1. spinnerdoc

    Esnagami River Brook Trout Report

    Damn Chris that is a hell of a trip. Would love to fish that river with a float reel ☺
  2. Wow. Love the glasses Mike! It was an awesome Thursday lunch break read. Thanks for sharing. How long was the whole adventure?
  3. spinnerdoc

    [DEAL] Plano Boxes model 3750 $3 at Dollarama

    Again? Cool. I stocked up from last time. Very good quality. Thanks again for posting.
  4. spinnerdoc

    A walk along the creek...really cool sighting!

    That's nice Cliff I've come across quite a few of them over the years in my home river. Beatiful animals. One memorable on was when on my way back to the car while in the bush I came across a deer, it onlyhad one antler and quite small at that. We.kinda stared at each other and after a while I turned around to continue onmy way but not 20' in front of my was a huge buck, ut starred at me And started stomping his front hooves, scared the crap out of me, needless to say I was running the other way in no time flat, me and the other deer were running like crazy ☺
  5. Looks like another great trip Mike. Drove by the French river twice when we drove around Georgian bay. That duck dinner sure looks mouth watering. Thellodge looks awesome.
  6. I just skimmed thru and man the pictures alone tell an amazing tale. Awesome bunk!
  7. spinnerdoc

    Game Changer

    The owner I heard is very careful of his gear so we need not worry of scratches ☺Stellar as always my friend ?
  8. spinnerdoc

    Kind Of A Big Personal Announcement

    Awesome Mike. You got a subscriber here as well ☺
  9. I just read and enjoy your reports Mike. I don't say much and what I have to say has already been said... which is awesome write up and what a great trip, thanks for sharing .... see I told you
  10. spinnerdoc

    Mini Rant - I'm in a mood...

    it's these reports I eagerly await, year after year
  11. spinnerdoc

    Mini Rant - I'm in a mood...

    Well, your posts opened up a lot of doors for me and yours are what kept me coming back to ofc. Your adventures are what really got me into fishing. If you do end up making any money, good for you! You put a lot of work into it. Your one of the more generous and helpful guys I know So what's this guys name again?
  12. spinnerdoc

    Video Of A Giant Pike

    Big fish!!!! Mike, can't wait for the report. You sure know how to hunt 'em down sir
  13. spinnerdoc

    To the rod builders on board

    Your in good hands with Speil, NES
  14. spinnerdoc

    Please chime in pinheads

    Great prize. I'd slime those up in a heartbeat! Ron is a great guy, and even better reel maker
  15. One day Mike, I'll hopefully make one of these trips. Better be this lifetime, though ☺ We thank you for sharing these experiences with us. The time putting these reports must take a lot of time. Brendan is extremely lucky☺