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  1. I agree completely with the technique specific rods and reel, designed to catch fisherman not fish. I buy good mid $$ range gear mostly because it's generally more durable than cheaper stuff. Two things I think that provide a huge advantage today are electronics and information (mostly the internet). Internet forms, side scanning sonar, GPS mapping chips, etc, make it so much easier to find new sports, learn new water and techniques. Nowadays if you want to fish a lake you've never seen before think of all the info you can get beforehand. I wasn't fishing 30 years ago but I suspect you had to put in a lot more effort to figure out what's taken for granted today.
  2. If an established guide or pro tourney guy caught a record fish, for a prized species, they could likely turn that into some $$$ in the form of sponsorships and appearances. However I doubt your average fisherman would receive the same treatment and I'm not sure how much $$$ there would be for a record fish, even a musky.
  3. Rainbow (or steelhead if you prefer).
  4. I've had simms waders and they wear just like every other brand i've owned. I agree with Sinker, any pair of waders will leak. How you treat them is far more important than what brand they are. Make sure you hang them to dry when you're done, don't just pack them up. What I do is find a pair that fits good. Make sure you've got a bit of extra room for moving around, too tight and you'll leak on the seams eventually. Too loose and it's easier to snag on stuff as you walk by. If I get 2 years out of waders I'm happy with that.
  5. I believe there is a dock, small launch area on the opposite side of the river that you could try.
  6. Maybe before you clean them take pictures of each guy holding his fish he caught that day. I'm sure you bring a camera and probably take pictures anyway. Would at least provide some evidence that you weren't the only one fishing. But I would be pretty surprised if they didn't understand that were just helping by cleaning everyones fish. What happens if a guide takes multiple guys on a charter and then cleans all the fish at the end of the day?
  7. timmeh

    So Sad

    This has been tried on other forums. It leads to guys signing up and replying "nice fish" 50 times.
  8. That is an awesome fish. Not necessarily messing with nature, they do occur naturally in areas where both spawn. Though I guess it's still messing with nature since brookies and browns aren't native to the same waters.
  9. Bad Santa, though it's not a movie for everyone.
  10. You mentioned staying in Canada, but if you expand that to the US there is some incredible saltwater fishing. A place like the Florida Keys you could find nice, safe places to stay and familair food (nothing to exotic if that's what you want to avoid). There are many different trips to take to target things like marlin, giant grouper, sharks, cuda, tarpon, stuff you can't find anywhere near home. Maybe it's not what you're looking for but thought I'd mention it.
  11. And this is the most valid arguement in this thread. Unfortunately in todays information age those who speak the loudest often get more creditabitlity whether it's deserved or not. I don't believe Suzuki is a scam, he's raised a lot of issues on the environmental side that don't get the publicity they need and I think he's done a lot to benefit our environment. I think many in the corporate world would prefer these issues stay under the rug. However at the same time he's much more of a politician than scientist at this point, and sometimes he may propose senarios that are more on the extreme end. Unfortunately it seems that extreme scenarios are often what it takes to get most of society to take notice on environmental issues. Consider the great lakes, all most people are concerned about our asian carp, we have several threads a year here. However they are many issues facing the lakes today including one that I believe to be the greatest threat of all, that being water sharing and taking agreements (this is a far biggger threat than any carp but few realize it yet).
  12. License - See the link: http://myfwc.com/license/recreational/faqs/#fresh_or_salt
  13. First off that's great . But in all honesty I think while obviously not good if they get in, I doubt it'll be the abolute disaster people are predicting. Zebra mussles and gobies and cormorants were supposed to destroy the great lakes. And with all these invasives our fisheries are still strong. Sure there have been impacts, but our native species have adapted. Part of the reason I suspect they won't overtake the lakes is lack of food. Their primary food is phtyoplankton and while certain areas are bad and would become hotspots (western Erie), as a whole plankton populations in the lakes are low, and have been dropping. You can thank the mussels and gobies for that - they're concentrating production in the benthos where it wouldn't be available to filterfeeding carp. Maybe the mussles and gobies are excatly what'll keep them down? Also what do you think the odds are they found the first and only ones in a population. They've likely already been around for years, most invasives have been before they're recognized.
  14. I've got that exact kayak at home here and rent one when I go down to Florida to fish the intercostal waters and mangrove creeks. So ya I really like them, stable, easy to paddle, room to take a reasonable amount of gear. I've added a rod holder, anchor, and created a rod/tackle holder out of a milk cart for my yak here. I'm also in the process of adding a fish finder for next year. On a side note I rented a hobie last year and didn't like it. I forget which model, but it didn't track well, felt more unstable then I'm used to. But maybe it was the particular model I used , everyone else I've met seems to love them.
  15. Any inflows into the ponds? Particularly man made inflows tend to have higher water temps.
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