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  1. Good day, Sorry for delay with updating this post. My trip was very successful. What a beautiful country that area is. From amazing fishing to berry and mushroom picking. Funny enough - iboating app had most of the lakes charted which helped a lot. Long Point Lake has a lot of pike and bass. Walleyes are in but you have to work for them, same goes with perch. Fishing in general is very good on Long Point lake. Area also is surrounded by many small lakes (some a deep with good trout population). Launching boat might be a challenge - had to try few of those lakes with great success. Biggest issue was to launching my 17 footer Princecraft on those lakes. It was a bit of a challenge. Haven't try couple walleye lakes that locals called best ones. Already planning to go back next year. If someone has any specific questions - please pm and i gladly will reply.
  2. Thank you - got full bunch of tackle ready - from grubs to worm harnesses. Guys at camp have minnows for sale as well. Cant wait really - 2 more days!!!
  3. Thank you Sir. Will report as soon as I am back.
  4. Good day. Looking to get some information from people who fished Long Point Lake. It is fairly close to Elk Lake - Temiskaming Shores. Going to https://www.poplarpointcamp.ca/ Would like to know what to bring for fishing - i got some information online to start but missing information about depths. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. Thank you. Got 2 for my wife and daughter!
  6. Piscifun or kastking. Both are quite solid brands. You can YouTube them - many reviews on both brands
  7. I am pretty sure that subscription is for 1 year. You can buy it in Cabela's as well - it was on sale for $89.99
  8. I was hoping for Dakota as well. But I bet this will work great.
  9. I bought same battery and charger Brian. Reviews seems to be good.
  10. Newbie as well. Had fish salmon for 2 seasons only. For boat I wouldn't go smaller than 17 feet. If you never owned a boat - there is so many things you have to learn - towing, safety, etc. Most of that you can find on YouTube. Also I would recommend to go at least first time with someone who can really help and used to fish before or jump to someone's smaller boat. Charter boats are usually quite bigger. For gear - wait for sales and start buying. Don't forget you can get 2 line per person so 2 downriggers are beneficial but not necessarily required. Many great guys here who can chip in.
  11. I have CAA RV Premium - that one will take care of trailer as well.
  12. It was 2014 when i bought a boat from US. I had to contact trailer manufacturer directly- in my case it was LOAD RITE. Luckily enough guy was able to send me an email saying for trailer with my serial there is no recalls. When i got to the boarder - officer was more interested in trailer than a boat or motor. I paid my taxes on the boarder and went home. Trailer is a subject for RIV program - i had to pay a fee - $125 or so (at Canadian tire upon inspection) and take it to local Canadian tire for inspection. Guys just took my money - no one bothered to come outside to look. I would say very simple process - just go through list of necessary documents and have print out of emails just in case Boarder officers will ask too many questions.
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