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  1. 50% of white vinegar and 50% of water works well for me to clean hull and motor.
  2. I had 45 inch shaft 55 lb thrust terrova on mine 14 footer Alumacraft
  3. I was in Kapuskasing last Wednesday. It was -15 C and snow. Didn't see anyone fishing - people spend more time snowmobiling i guess. Saw at least 100 snowmobiles. River was open in the town so you might be able to cast if season is open. Good luck
  4. Thank you Brian and Bill, I sold my boat yesterday and did exactly the same - left price fields empty so young fellow who bought it can put whatever numbers he want.
  5. Hi guys, Can someone please advise me if i will need to pay tax on used boat i am planning to buy in Ontario. Last time i brought boat from US and paid tax on the boarder. Now i am planning to buy it here from private seller. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. They are animals. I hope they will get punished badly for this.
  7. Forgot to mention that rapala has outstanding service. I called them twice over 8 years and every time they replace products without asking.
  8. Last year Canadian tire had a clearance. I bought couple. I am very happy with them - sensitive and light. I dont think they worth $199 originally, but i got them pretty cheap. Also i have r-type centerpin. In my opinion it's great.
  9. I used to use Seafoam. Switched to Amsoil stabilizer. Still use seafoam for both my vechiles in fall and spring to cleanup fuel system. I am steong believer in seafoam products and big fan of amsoil.
  10. Doesnt matter how good you can swim, some times this doesnt help depends on circumstances. I knew few guys from my swim team how ended up in grave because they belived they can conquer anything in water. Kevin was amazing person. Its a huge loss for fishing community. I hope family will find a piece.
  11. I would recommend Leatherdale in Orillia Exceptional service and knowledge.
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