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  1. Nice going Brian, Thank you for details about your setup - definitely very helpful.
  2. Nice machine Terry, congrats! Brand new?
  3. James, i dont mind to buy a few if this is possible.
  4. James, i dont mind to buy a few if this is possible.
  5. If you can - go with SI. This will allow you to read bottom better and find sweet spots.
  6. I went that route as well. Ammo box + transducer and extra power cable. Works fantastic for me. Definitely recommend.
  7. Sir. You can come by to my place and check it out.
  8. Its DI\SI Terry. I have a same one. Pretty good unit.
  9. Used to fish Dokis down the dam. For walleye worm harnesses produced best results. jigging with live bait is great as well but you have to find eyes in numbers. For bass - senkos or any swimbaits. You are correct - rocks are everywhere. Go with trolling motor or slow speed until you feel comfortable.
  10. Wow - sad news, i was very happy with my 2014 30 HP Etec.
  11. Thank you sir, This is last year picture taken same day i brought it home. This year i made already few things to get to big water - tracks, downriggers, fishfinder on the bow.
  12. This is my boat. Bought it last year. Had to drive twice to Kapuskasing to get her. i am very happy with it - my wife and daughters love it.
  13. SmartOut - best app - has all regulation for Ontario - both fishing and hunting. I think member of ofc has developed it. available for android and apple
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