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  1. Wow awsome report G
  2. Real questio is were to find ethanol free gas? Was just informed last week shell and canadain tire will not be offering a ethanol free selection any more. Premium was last month. As for the "cold start" what i used to do is place into foward gear squeeze ball 3/4 times back to natural turn key,fired right up.
  3. Selling my Vex pro pack 18 500.00 Only reason for sale is job does not allow time for ice fishing. (Plow operator) figured i would list here before kijiji. Walkerton area
  4. Think a trolling plate could be added? Surprised a boat called troller was not designed with kicker capability.
  5. Pictures do not show the details, unbelievable work, if your thinking of getting some pull the plug they are well made Thanks
  6. Was just glad I never purchased the new one and keeped the old one. Might just shine it up next week.
  7. Hey looking for a HDS5 power cord for the gen one . Got the boat out of storage, was not working found some bad rubbing marks so figure I will get a new cord and not splice it. Or Looking for the ice fishing kit. Thanks
  8. If "goodyear" is where I think it is the bathrooms would be a couple hundred feet away.... Either way hard lesson for the kids.. My dad lives in the area will see if I can end some tackle their way. Any other info you have wold be great
  9. I run a 91 Sea Nymph 19.5 on Lake Huron and G bay.. No issues running lots of rods and still having the room to move around with three guys. Nice and deep with a full windshield. starcraft/princecraft/lund/seanymph would all be on the top of my list. In another month or two you should see some up for sale. When you seen one that is priced reasonable you need to move on it quick.. Good luck with the search
  10. My son is 4 for the longest time we drill into him sir/ Mr this year he asked why call everyone sir they always tell me their name and it just makes them feel old We try to teach good manners but sometime they say the best things
  11. Parneely has give some of the best information..
  12. I have been out with Steve two years in a row great guy great huts lots of bait We have only used his 4 man huts. He will check on you twice a day and if you need anything he is just a call away.. This year we got a 28`` eye. We have never got huge limits but have always caught fish and had a great time.. We are booking with him again next year.
  13. Looking for any help. What to get what not to get A friend is looking to purchase a under water ice fishing camera. I do not know much about them I was wondering if anyone has any info on what are the better units to get or the ones to stay away from.. He is looking to stay under 300. Looking for the best all round camera Figure you guys would be the ones to ask Thanks a lot for all your help
  14. :clapping: best of luck all year
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