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  1. Looks like you're still running Kodi 15 Isengard .. From the picture you posted , not the Kodi one , main screen ... settings .. more settings ... apps .. top left will tell you which version it is .. also ... did you try clearing the Cache and cleared the DATA instead ?? Send me a PM Brian .. I'll get you going .
  2. I have our units running as good as our cable provider , live Tv at the same time as the cable provider , most streams in HD , infinite hunting and fishing add ons , LIVE SPORTS even blacked out hockey games and free UFC events , I'll be one of the first to admit that it's not as user friendly as cable or satellite TV , there is a learning curve , but once you've straightened out the curve , it's as easy as pie , we still have cable , mainly because we'd only save 12$/mo by removing it from our bundle , but I haven't watched it in weeks. No quality live sports is Bull , no 11o'clock news is Bull , no Jeopardy or Judge Judy is Bull .. DONT PAY MORE THAN 150$$ ... Message me before you buy one please , wish I were closer , I'd hook you up for about 90$ Randy
  3. Walleye fishing on Tomiko is VERY good in June , especially in the evening , as for Perch , don't count on any big size or numbers , you'll get a whole lot of Rock Bass and Smallies , when you catch a Pike it's usually a decent 5lb or more specimen . Jig / worm / Dace / leech is all you need , although trolling a deep diving crankbait is also quite productive , just stay out of the Tomiko River as it's a sanctuary until July 15th. Randy .
  4. Letterkenny , filmed in Sudbury . Sorta like , Corner Gas meets Trailer Park Boys .. LMAO !! I watch everything on an Android box , I've learned to tune them up and get them running like a new Ferrari .. I mostly watch Dox on Uk Turks in KODI ...
  5. I'll miss seeing you driving through Sturgeon !
  6. Woo Hoo !! WTG Big Cliff !!! Hats off to you !
  7. Fellatio !! **** That was supposed to say FELICITATIONS !!!! en Francais .
  8. HOLAY crap !! Glad you're ok ! Material items , although costly , are replaceable .
  9. Apparently the gremlins were killed off in 2011
  10. Nice sled Joey ! We'll need to plan something while winter is here !
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