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  1. I may hit GBay tomorrow and cast some Shadzilla's. Definitely feels unproductive heading out here, but you always have a chance of big one. Struck out on Pigeon the other week.
  2. Be careful with the Garmin Motor, the Force, the 57" shaft is more like a 52". So if you fish windy conditions, not the greatest. Ultrex 60" is also a bad design. If the shaft is deeper than, lets say 54", it cant stow. Always have to re adjust. Not sure who designed these things. Sold mine to get the Ghost but covid delayed that. Im hoping the Ghost 60" turns out to be ok. Its what I am personally waiting for. But I run Lowrance units.
  3. My Mercury group 27 battery constantly had issues when running multiple finders, nmea network, livewell, radio. If i didnt make long enough runs during say an 8 hour fishing trip. The battery towards mid/end of day would always end up dead. Switched to a Northstar Group 31 AGM, have been problem free for years now. Im actually surprised some are running Group 24's with all listed. For reference purposss, i have an Optimax, which requires high CCA and tends to be finicky.
  4. I know all about those explorers, have an 02 exploder. Between me and the original owner, it must have had every imaginable problem. I thought the 4.6L motors were pretty reliable, but I blew one up. Now the transmission is starting to go. Looking to grab a new Ram shortly.
  5. Thanks for the update, was curious how ice was coming along in that area
  6. I just trim up a bit on my impact and then my port side readings are clear. Only using sidescan at low speeds anyways.
  7. Oh, I'm talking about the jigging base addon, lol. I have a jaw jacker unit that was 40. Haven't used it much though.
  8. Didn't want to start a new post, anyone ever get to use one of these? Seen they were on sale at Cabelas this weekend. Now 100, still expensive. Thinking it could be decent for a second line set up... Maybe..
  9. I thought it be cool to use, but I icefish mainly for lakers. Not sure if its even usable that deep, in terms of visibility.
  10. Never attended before, any deals to be had on ice huts?
  11. I think i will just go with rubber/neoprene boots as you stated. Cabelas has some Mucks on sale. They are cheaper than gore tex shoes or hikers. And don't seem to bad in terms of bulkiness. Just not sure if an insulated pair will be too warm for the fall (Oct/Nov fishing). The worst thing is when your feet start to sweat. Or on the durability, seem to be a fair amount of complaints on them.
  12. Add stabil, ive never run anything dry of gas and have had zero issues.
  13. After fishing a few fall days in the rain this year, I'm looking for a recommendation on boots/shoes for the fall/early spring season. I do own a pair of Baffin Titans that I use for the winter but I feel they are way too bulky, and not ideal for controlling the trolling motor on the bow, i always use the pedal. I do use a Bass Pro Pro Qualifier gore tex rain gear set, currently with a pair of running shoes lol. So I almost stay perfectly dry. Debating on whether to go for a pair of Muck boots, or gore tex shoes. I kind of like the idea of the Mucks as they seem to serve a bigger purpose and can be used in a variety of conditions. What does everyone else use?
  14. Agreed. If not out early morning in July and August, it gets hectic.
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