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  1. I think i will just go with rubber/neoprene boots as you stated. Cabelas has some Mucks on sale. They are cheaper than gore tex shoes or hikers. And don't seem to bad in terms of bulkiness. Just not sure if an insulated pair will be too warm for the fall (Oct/Nov fishing). The worst thing is when your feet start to sweat. Or on the durability, seem to be a fair amount of complaints on them.
  2. Add stabil, ive never run anything dry of gas and have had zero issues.
  3. After fishing a few fall days in the rain this year, I'm looking for a recommendation on boots/shoes for the fall/early spring season. I do own a pair of Baffin Titans that I use for the winter but I feel they are way too bulky, and not ideal for controlling the trolling motor on the bow, i always use the pedal. I do use a Bass Pro Pro Qualifier gore tex rain gear set, currently with a pair of running shoes lol. So I almost stay perfectly dry. Debating on whether to go for a pair of Muck boots, or gore tex shoes. I kind of like the idea of the Mucks as they seem to serve a bigger purpose and can be used in a variety of conditions. What does everyone else use?
  4. Agreed. If not out early morning in July and August, it gets hectic.
  5. I am a fan of 2500/3000 size reels. Less line twist issues. And in most cases on the rods I am using, have better balance and feel. I always recommend the Daiwa BG to friends, they love them. And so far have held up. Although, this reel doesn't have that nice air bail. Need to move up a model. Shimano makes great reels, i have a few Vanquish C3000's. I am a fan of Daiwa's though as i love the airbail. Not a fan of the thin bails, for whatever reason lol. But if you don't mind em, the Stradic is a great reel. A bit over your budget though. The pflueger president is a good option on a budget. That's what I buy for my Dad, he doesn't take care of any gear and most are almost ten years old and still kicking.
  6. I like the look of the Lowrance Ghost, no 60" shaft though at release. My Ultrex will have to do for now. But it will be great to finally have a motor (not motorguide) that pairs with my Lowrance finders.
  7. I was out on Sunday, didnt see any bass on nests still. Was a tough day as well to
  8. I wouldn't target walleye on the pool. Not many in there, ive never caught one and im there multiple times a year. Pike I do well on. Although i was skunked on May 24, only made it out for a few hours that weekend. Everything was so behind then (weed growth, water temps..)
  9. My friends were there May 24, in South Bay, different lodge and had a tough time. High water levels and everything so far behind. Only had one keeper. When I was there last year, ironically enough, the very bay your in, we managed many keepers on hard jerkbaits. I couldnt believe it as it was probably the last place id be in.
  10. Not gbay, but has anyone been on gpool yet? Ill be trying my luck there this weekend instead of trailing across to HH.
  11. Ill have to power mine up today and see if the GPS still works on my Gen 2. Thanks for the heads up! Would of been pissed if i went out to Gbay for the opener and it didnt work. Remember seeing the issue on bbcboards. But forgot about it until now.
  12. Yep, just need the damn winds to go away.
  13. I was fishing mid lake humps with green weeds. Out in 20 ft deep, casting shallower. The big smallies came off dropshot, fish were hugging the bottom. Caught a nice largie and a few smaller but great size fish off a chatterbait rigged with a swimbait.
  14. Smallies for sure. Not simcoe, but hit gbay a week and a half ago, and couldnt believe the amount of 4-6lbs we caught.
  15. Sweet, thats what most have told me. Not perfect but good. I may try a pair. I seen on their instagram that they are releasing a new pair, probably the reason why theirs no sizing on their website.
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