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  1. Looks like it Art--happy to learn this special place on the net--doesn't change much FISH ON Paul
  2. Me as well-sure looks like Lake Okanogan-will we ever know?-jk Paul
  3. Funny Stuff--good to learn you haven't lost your edge Tight Lines Man Paul
  4. Pretty Much CP-trust in journalism--pick a media you like-- is at an all time low--lots of spin--short on facts is the new norm
  5. Dogs are huge part of my life as they are yours or you probably wouldn't be reading this thread Stop on Command for sure-Start There--a life saving message Thanks for initiating this thread Erich-you're an excellent dude Not everyone is built to live in harmony with a dog(s)-or has the time and commitment Dog Parks-Off Leash-am all for socializing your pooch--any Lugan--thank you for the correct spelling BB- can adopt/buy a canine these days--It is a big responsibility to teach your pooch Invest in a leash--no need for a dog to be killed by a car Peace
  6. Fascinating thread-not my wheelhouse but -one of the reasons i love this place--learn lots
  7. Am so very sorry to learn of your loss here Paul. Admired Joey's photography and told her as much. When i met her at a Fishing for Tyler event-Joey caught the winning fish that year as i recall- could see she was a very special lady My deepest condolences to your family's and friends Paul
  8. Thanks for posting--did not know that--topic is always -well--- a hot topic
  9. WOW-Worlds of Wonder--Stellar performance you two==glad to learn Steve you did not fall on your ass--investigating that Fresh Water Cod Your bud Seabass-Smells like an a aquarium--LMAO--Mr Fish Monger Zehrs--Can i clean that scale for yah--Class Act Enjoy a record -breaking success you two Paul www.perchinforms.com
  10. Hey Chris-- a whole week--just kidding -Scat is DNA--am with Shag here i think My best guess as a layman--There are cougars in Ontario--in addition to the Barfly variety-:-) Paul
  11. Yes-- definitely Bubbles-- 10 stars-- exceptional customer care and local waters knowledge---trust that young Hungarian Vizsla dog-was a gift from a customer i believe--- they had bouncing around a few years back became a ' ice dog' and fit into their family well Have a terrific hardwater season Paul
  12. Now that's Clever Stuff LR--Yes--did visit this sacred place a while back and got the distinct impression NO political fighting among members-Thanks for the Laugh Dude--Well done-If you ever get bored with Fishing--Maybe Stand Up Comedy is in your future Paul www.perchin4ms.com
  13. For sure-son tymes are special--Hear wonderful things about Rob Hyatt---booking a trip in that area mid Feb-let you know where we stayed and how me made out-we require a-- well-trained dog friendly-- environment never been an issue It's an Adventure for sure--have FUN Cliff and All--report back please Paul
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