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  3. Awesome fish man - congrats! πŸ‘
  4. BlueEye

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Awesome stuff Joe - nice going
  5. BlueEye


    Yeah there is also an unsubscribe in email footer if you wish to opt out anytime. It’s a nice non-spam email just to keep members in the know. Thanks again
  6. BlueEye

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Thanks for screen shot Smitty - very helpful. It looks like you just have to be logged in and those dots or stars will appear there. Here is what I'm seeing: Clicking on those dots will take you to the first unread post. The key I think is simply that you need to make sure you are logged in otherwise you won't ever see any dots. Thanks again - Chad
  7. BlueEye

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Good morning guys - Made a couple updates. I'm not familiar with the icon you are talking about that takes you to the last unread comment but I think I figured out an equivalent solution. I've adjusted the board settings a little here: I've also noticed on the forum page itself, you will see the last page of the thread listed if there are mulitple pages: Hope this helps! Chad
  8. BlueEye

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Hahahah.... yeah part of the upgrade was a lot more icons/emojis (for better or worse I guess 🀣
  9. BlueEye

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Happy Father's day guys. I did an upgrade to the site this morning and also installed this as a new default skin on the site. It should be much faster load times and easier to read than previous version. I still got a couple things to do on it but just a quick notice as to what I am working behind the scenes here. Glad to hear you guys like it so far πŸ‘
  10. Awesome fish man - very cool stuff Thanks for sharing.
  11. BlueEye

    Black out cubes on the site

    Thanks for headsup guys on this guys. By any chance do you have a pop-up blocker installed? Have you seen this issue recently (as in the last day or two? Thanks again - Chad
  12. BlueEye


    Wow - that is awesome!!! Nice fish - congrats!
  13. BlueEye

    Spring Fishing Show.

    I had a chance to attend "Musky Sunday" yesterday and had a great time. I thought the presenters (Jim Saric, Gord Pyzer, John Anderson and Jeremy Smith) did a great job and I really enjoyed getting a chance to speak with some of them afterwards. I really liked how the presenters went into deeper musky strategies and environmental factors rather than just another presentation about why you need to do a figure-8 at the boat. It was also nice getting a chance to meet Mike and some other OFC members while I was up there. Bought a couple new Handlebarz for the 2018 season - already looking forward to spring!
  14. BlueEye

    Spring Fishing Show.

    I'm all signed up - thanks for the discount code guys. Looking forward to "Musky Sunday"
  15. BlueEye

    Spring Fishing Show.

    Mike - do they have many musky booths there? Thinking of taking family up on Sunday.