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  1. A great show that I have been too many years in a row now. Also a supporting show of OFC! Encourage all OFC members to make short trip over border for this one.
  2. Awesome post man - congrats and thanks for sharing! Great Musky!
  3. Just left show for the day. Huge turnout. Had great time and spent way too much!
  4. I'm looking forward to this show. Enjoy attending each year.
  5. Glad I could help guys! Good to hear things are running smoothly. Hope you all have a great new year!
  6. Nice fish Bunk man - very cool (especially the musky!)
  7. This is a good show that I attend with my wife and kids every year. Lots of presentations throughout each day - worth a trip across the border to check it out. Salmon School event already sold out but check out other presentations. I'll be there probably on Saturday again this year.
  8. Congrats man ? Hard work and perseverance pays off on and off the water...
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