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  1. Glad I could help guys! Good to hear things are running smoothly. Hope you all have a great new year!
  2. Nice fish Bunk man - very cool (especially the musky!)
  3. This is a good show that I attend with my wife and kids every year. Lots of presentations throughout each day - worth a trip across the border to check it out. Salmon School event already sold out but check out other presentations. I'll be there probably on Saturday again this year.
  4. Congrats man πŸ‘ Hard work and perseverance pays off on and off the water...
  5. Really cool stuff - I'm an avid musky angler myself and that is awesome to see in real time. Wonder how Hummingbird and Lowrance will respond...
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  8. Awesome stuff Joe - nice going
  9. Yeah there is also an unsubscribe in email footer if you wish to opt out anytime. It’s a nice non-spam email just to keep members in the know. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for screen shot Smitty - very helpful. It looks like you just have to be logged in and those dots or stars will appear there. Here is what I'm seeing: Clicking on those dots will take you to the first unread post. The key I think is simply that you need to make sure you are logged in otherwise you won't ever see any dots. Thanks again - Chad
  11. Good morning guys - Made a couple updates. I'm not familiar with the icon you are talking about that takes you to the last unread comment but I think I figured out an equivalent solution. I've adjusted the board settings a little here: I've also noticed on the forum page itself, you will see the last page of the thread listed if there are mulitple pages: Hope this helps! Chad
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