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  1. Thanks Wayne (irishfield) I believe you nailed it right on the head. I tried pulling the fuse as mentioned and so far things are working fine, thx and have a great weekend
  2. Hi DanD the abs light on the dash never comes on, the only thing that happens is when u are slowly coming up to a stop sign red light or parking spot always under 10 kilometers per hour the brakes act as if they are on a patch of ice in the winter that sort of surging effect, I can not afford 4 grande could u go over again in a bit more detail what a simple way is to de activate the abs. The rotors are in mint shape as well as pads. This does not occur at higher speeds. Thank you
  3. thank you also OhioFisherman for the video very much appreciated
  4. Thanks ecmilley and smitty I will check the wiring out as well good to know
  5. Thank you ketchenany ecmilley GBW and Old Man for your advice and tips. The sensors are supposedly fine, the dealership says it is some electronic module and they want $4000 to fix it which I think is plain stupid, the truck is in awesome shape with new brake and gas lines new ball joints tie rods etc There must be a cheap way to bypass this as mentioned the rotors and pads are also like new. I have heard some Ford trucks have an over ride switch. however mine does not being a sierra
  6. Hi everyone I have a 2005 sierra 1500 crew cab I had the brakes checked three months ago and pads and rotors are fine . But the abs is acting up and GM up here wants a stupid amount of money to look at it in the thousands. I was told a few years ago that a a friend of the neighbour had the same problem and he simply pulled the abs fuse and it solved the problem. I have looked in the manual but am not clear which one it is. the neighbour has since moved Can someone please help Dan D maybe your reading this. Thank you for your help
  7. Thx Old Man and BillM for your help I appreciate the time you took to respond
  8. Hi there we just bought a 2016 Silverado that came with leather seats seats are super clean but am looking for some advice on a good conditioner for them had a bad experience with mquires on our old truck any help is truly appreciated don't want to have any streaking thx
  9. Great video, way jealous, still trying to get out for the first time☹️ I noticed you are using a battery powered auger, I have always used gas but am quickly leaning toward a unit like yours How do u like it how thick is the ice your going thru how many holes can u drill and how do u think it would perform in the colder temps thx and MERRY CHRISTMAS Miss those Ontario lakes
  10. Thanks for each of you who replied, Your responses actually help me to crack a bit of a smile onto my face, preps are underway for the flight back. And yes she was a very proud Canadian hockey mom, but I think she will be rooting for Winnipeg now
  11. While looking forward to tonights game my thoughts got interupted by a phone call from Woodbridge just five hours ago. My mom just passed away. She was a huge Leaf fan and new as much about the players as most guys would. Wednesday and Saturday nights she was glued to the tube watching the games with snacks she would make for dad herself and I One of my best memories was when she took me over to Young st to a car dealership in north end Toronto to see Jacque Plante who signed my goalie hockey stick. I was in public school at the time The other great memory I have of her was when Eddie Shack would come racing down Clarence st on his dune buggy as he would take a break from being at his golf course. He would walk in the kitchen and say high mom where are the pears. She would get a hug and reply my husband has just picked some they are on the porch A true hockey fan,,,,,,going to miss her but in her own way from Heaven tonite she will be rooting them on along side my dad Go Leafs Go
  12. Thanks for posting Brian a heart warming storey Gives me hope four years I have been my son to spend a couple hours to do a bit of fishing hunting sledding etc. and he lives with us Kinda hurts a whole lot. If any son still has a father but ignores him over something stupid from the past and you know he loves you pick up the phone and call him or better get together. Rejection is very painful. Rebonding rejuvenates the soul I am so happy for you and your son Brian
  13. Glad we were able to help u out today Dave but in my wildest dreams I would never have imagined in the sub arctic we could not have found s spot in the tiny parking area to have put our truck and trailer Many people r getting kick ass wages to do nothing up here with the govt. run for premier after u finish the cabin lol
  14. Dave looks terrific we were going to come out to help u celebrate the installation of the windows but with no where to park except on the so called shoulder of the cowtrail we are stuck at home for the weekend I wish the govt would work as efficient as u have building your cabin, maybe in ten years they will expand the parking lot with more gravel to accomadate all the new cabins being built, lol, Run for Premier Dave :worthy:
  15. X 2, how many protests do you see going on for the Dallas officers that were murdered
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